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  1. mack4000

    Opti-Clean Impression Request

    Awesome review CEE DOG. Thank you for posting such an informative review. I am looking forward to using OOC!
  2. mack4000

    Opti-Clean Impression Request

    Good news. I am going to order some. It's funny how Dr. G always remains a step ahead of everyone else.
  3. AG, OPT, and ADS all now have it in stock. May I ask those involved in the testing for their impressions? As always, I am very interested in trying out Dr. G's latest. Thanks in advance.
  4. mack4000

    Optimum Hyper Compound

    I'm ordering some now, but I want to buy the foam and wool pad with the adapter. Anyone know where I can get the whole system?
  5. mack4000

    Optimum Coating on Wheels

    Holy sh#t!! That is awesome. Can't wait for the coating.
  6. mack4000

    New Labels

    Saw the new look packaging at Detailed Image. Looks pretty good. I received a bottle of OP II from Kleen Car that doesn't look like this. I haven't seen the metal polish sold online anywhere either. Check it out here It's really time that the OPT site updates it's store. It's tough to know where to get the very latest OPT stuff. Looking forward to the re-opening of Anthony's store!
  7. mack4000

    Carpet Cleaning Question...Grouse?

    Thanks Anthony. Time to budget for an extractor.
  8. I am close to ordering either Pro-Chem or Biokleen TLC, but I don't have an extractor yet. Are there still benefits to using a Dry Rinse agent mixed with hot water and extracted via shop vac? Grouse? Anyone? I know I should have a dedicated extractor, but I can't wait anymore...want to start using what the pros use.
  9. mack4000

    Polishing with Optimum Polish video

    These videos are awesome, Anthony. I'm enjoying the multiple responses on Autopia from the ONR videos. I thought that you used a Dewalt. When did you start using a Metabo?
  10. mack4000

    New ONR and OPti-Seal videos coming soon

    Great Anthony, can't wait! I know how busy you are and appreciate your efforts to improve the store while maintaining your business and spending time with your family. It will pay off!