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  1. JaniH

    What does Opti Seal look like?

    In video´s car there is Opti-seal in side-part of bonnet and rest of bonnet where water stands have nothing to shield it.
  2. That´s the problem, Opti Car Wash and alkohol (i think that you use IPA?) can't remove all the oils what 101 leaves. When you polish you car you should wash it with strong APC or even a solvant (i use solvants after polishin) and then wipe with alcohol couple times. after wipe you should wait about 15-30 minutes that alcohol ooze away and then you can coat a car.
  3. JaniH

    What does Opti Seal look like?

    Opti-Seal on top of 2 sets of a Opti-Coat look like that when it gettin wet: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10204652391977914&l=5204701653868973837 I think that anyone seems where aren't paintwork shield... Sorry about my bad english, i'm from finland
  4. Hello, i'm a shine-holist from Finland. I used to make detailings to my work but i stopped that and now i'm just a hobby-detailer. Maybe i make new Detailing Workshop someday but not in here where i live now
  5. JaniH

    New version of Opticoat?

    How long time Opti-Seal last on the Opti-Coat?
  6. Hey! Can i put Opti-Coat 2.0 to my car outside? I live in Finland and there are now in summer outside temperature about 25-30 celsius at the daytime and night about 10-17 celsius. I can't get my car in the garage...