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  1. Hey Lowejackson. Thanks a lot!
  2. For my production express mobile car wash business, the least time spent on a car the better. I've been trying to understand WHY should I presoak the car prior to the rinseless wash. I'm not yet convinced that it's necessary. Can you help me?
  3. Can Optimum Protection Plus be diluted? Which ratio (for interior dressing)? Thanks! the main reason I`m looking to dilute is because I'm from Brazil and products are much more expensive than what you guys are used to - so even 1:1 will help me ALOT. Second reason, I'll be providing production/wholesale detailing mobile services, so costs need to stay under control.
  4. Hey guys, tried a Synthetic Chamois and the results were awful... it doesnt dry perfectly, it leaves lots of micro water drops (streaks).. I decided to order some plush MF from the rag company.
  5. I became very interesting on them due to Synthetic Chamois absorbing capabilities. Are they fine/safe to use for drying ONR? Thank you