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  1. froze_r

    acrylic glaze with opti seal?

    lolz mostly because greedy me want the finishing of acrylic glaze, but the protection of opti-seal... been using klasse aio all these while, topped with ocw can gain nice reflections even on bright silver paint, but opti seal is new join in my car care box simply fall for its protection & easy to use
  2. Hi guys, wanted to ask is opti-seal works well with acrylic glaze? if so, should apply the glaze first or the opti seal first? plan to grab a klasse sealant glaze soon; any comment? also, what if i using klasse AIO, should i wipe down with IPA first before opti seal? or i can just continue with opti seal without doing anything? p/s: personally im not concern about durability as long as they can last more than 1 week, i dont mind re-apply opti seal twice a week since its so easy to works with
  3. Hi all, newbie from malaysia with an old old car & still giving care to it as best as i can my car & the opt products i have just badly addicted to opt