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  1. Can i use Powerclean to remove road grime, mud, bugs and etc on the lower half car sides on a car which has no protection like wax or sealant ? And also In what ratio is it safe to use over opti coat 2.0 ?
  2. Hi guys, I am planning to get opti coat 2.0 or opti gloss if available in my country onto my car next month. My question is what product to use in order to maintenance and make the finish as shine as possible after each wash ? For the moment i have Optimum Instant Detailer which i use and it's great !!!!!!! How about Optimum Car Wax or Autoglym Aqua Wax ? thanks
  3. To use power clean to remove brake dust on alloy wheels should i diluted to 3:1 or use directly from the spay bottle ?
  4. Hi guys, i just bought Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner 17 oz. (the one that is ready for use) in order to clean the inner part of my Jag XF alloy wheels ( and wheel wells. Do i need to dilute or use straight on ? Thanks in advance.