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  1. Thanks for the replies. I found front end damage that the paint shop tried to cover it by painting it. I am OCD when it comes to my car so i know i had no frint end damage.I'm so pissed & at this point I don't want that paint shop to touch my car. I'm gonna give them hell & ask they compensate me by lowering their cost that they charged me. If not the I'll just call my credit card bank to dispute the charges. I'm gonna get the detailer who did my opticoat to clay my car.
  2. I got overspray on my car. I have opticoat pro on my car. The auto paint shop is gonna remove the overspray next week but I'm concerned if it will remove opticoat pro. I'm assuming the paint shop will clay my car to remove it. Hoping they won't have to wet sand or leave marring. My car got keyed last month & the trunk got repainted. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  3. The car was done last year when I bought my new 2015 car which was only 3 weeks old. I do have the 5 yr warranty. I believe the installer is a honest business person. The car did not have much paint correction since it was brand new. Surprisely the dealer didn't cause any marring on the paint after they washed and detailed my car. We all know it's the labor cost of prepping the car before Opti Coat Pro is applied on car. I had another installer quote me $1200.00 for Cquartz which I declined since it only has a 2 yr warranty. I don't know anything about Optimum's minimums for their authorized installers/dealers. I can say that I'm satisfied with Opti Coat Pro and all the other Optimum products that I use. Hahaha! don't bother asking me who the installer was because I won't say.
  4. Hi I had Opti Coat Pro installed by a professional. He did the whole car including, windshields, windows, headlights & tailights. He also applied Opti Seal after Opti Coat Pro. Total cost was $395.00 because my car was brand new with only a smudge of fine swirls on small area of my hood. Not much paint correction was needed.
  5. Optimum Fanatic thanks for the advice. I believe the dust is from dew/condensation since it's been unusually cold in Honolulu. What you said makes sense because the day after I wash n used OID I had dust. To be on the safe side I'll just wash my car again and use OID. I haven't used OCW yet as I was not sure if it was safe to use on Opticoat Pro and Optiseal.
  6. I washed my car and used OID 5 days ago but my car's hood has a fine mist of dust. Is it ok to just use a microfiber towel and spray OID to remove dust? Or is it better to wash the entire car again? I have Opticoat Pro on the car & also Optiseal. I had a professional detailer apply it on my car back in Nov. 2014. The detailer is a authorized installer for Optimum. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
  7. 1geek4u

    OCP / GC vs. Clear Bra

    So it's better to have the Xpel clear bra first. Then Opti-Coat Pro on top of it?
  8. 1geek4u

    Howzit! From Hawaii

    I have Opti Coat Pro and Opti-Seal applied to my car. I'd like to know if it's okay to use Optimum Instant Detailer and/or Optimum No Rinse Carwash over the Opti Coat Pro and Opti-Seal. Thanks in advance!