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  1. Just Had Opt-Coat Pro Applied - Have Questions/Need help!

    Those swirls should NOT be there, especially when you're dropping $1k on a coating service. Hopefully, the installer will make it right AND you don't have any problems with the coating down the road because of it.
  2. Matte wheels

    Opti-Seal would work great.
  3. ONR and OID -- Petroleum distillates?

    I can't speak to the formulations of any of the products, but ONR and OID are both 100% safe to use on your car. Not only are they both safe for the Xpel film, they are safe and recommended for Opti-Coat Pro maintenance. In our studio, we install XPEL Ultimate film and Opti-Coat Pro often and we always recommend ONR & other Optimum products for maintenance.
  4. New and Reformulated Optimum Products

    Great, thanks!
  5. New and Reformulated Optimum Products

    Does the Zentool 21 come with a 5" backing plate in addition to the 6", or can it be purchased separately?
  6. New Formula Gloss-Coat

    Hard to imagine how Gloss-Coat could be any better, so this is awesome news.
  7. It's finally here!

    Ok, thanks for the update.
  8. It's finally here!

    Ron, Someone said on another forum said there's supposed to be a 3" Zentool machine at some point. Can you confirm or deny this? And if you can confirm it, do you have a date of release? I'd like to buy a 3" machine, but I'll wait a bit if I know you guys will have one. Thanks!
  9. ONR vs MEG's D114

    That explains the suds with D114. Good to know.
  10. 5-month old OCP critique

    Ron can correct me if I'm wrong... You can put clear bra over OCP, but not Gloss-Coat or OCP+ as the latter two are a slick finish. You can also put OCP on top of Xpel clear bra film, which they actually recommend. In a dream world, you would put OCP on the paint, lay down Xpel, and then coat Expel with OCP/OCP+. That way, if the film ever has to be removed, OCP is still protecting the paint, like the rest of the car. Make sense? From what I've been told, OCP needs to cure for 7 days before film can be installed over it though.
  11. 5-month old OCP critique

    Ditto what Ron said. Now, enjoy all the benefits of OCP!
  12. Intensive Polish - New or Reformulated Hyper Compound

    Great info, thank you Ron!
  13. Intensive Polish - New or Reformulated Hyper Compound

    Ron or Yvan, Without being able to come up with a 1-10 "cut scale", could you give an idea of how cut levels compare between GPS, Primer Polish & Hyper Polish? One of your testers posted on another forum recently that Primer & Hyper Polish have the same cut level, only difference is that Primer has some sort of activator for OCP. Is this true? Also, if GPS is used exactly the same way and in the same conditions as Hyper Polish, what kind of correction should one expect from GPS? 25% of HP, 50%, etc.?
  14. ONR vs MEG's D114

    I don't work for OPT, but having tried Meg's D114 on a few vehicles recently, I still reach for ONR by default. Nothing against D114, but ONR just flat out works and it seems to dry easier than D114.
  15. Intensive Polish - New or Reformulated Hyper Compound

    Ron, Since the current line-up of formulations is new, could you give us the cut level of each on a 1-10 scale (1 = lowest / 10 = highest)? GPS Primer Hyper Polish Intensive Hyper Compound I realize cut is also determined by the pad, but I (and I'm sure others) would like to know the cut level of the liquids themselves. Thanks!