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    Opti Glass streaking / film...ugg

    "Sprayway" glass cleaner; not "Wax". http://www.autogeek.net/sprayway-glass.html
  2. Any suggestions on opti glass clean and protect application? My first time using. I cleaned first with spray way and razer blade. (My typical clean) and got glass looking great. Mixed up the opti-glass @ 1/2 oz for a 32 oz spray bottle per instructions. I was expecting something similar (actually better) than Rainx, but ended up w lots of streaking and film/haze using mf glass towel. Ended up going back over w spray way to clear it up. Suggestions? Rick
  3. rickd972

    Pads for OPT Products

  4. I've asked a few questions here and other forums as to "the best" or "what do you recommend" and...as I should have known..received the multitude of response spanning the gamut of product, choices, etc... That said, let me try my question this way. I had purchased a GG 6" DA along with some of their orange (cut/polish) and red (finish/wax) foam pads. I don't have any issues with the GG pads and was able to clean up my daily drivers very well, though I've never used any other pads. I also used some of their polish and wax but was not overly impressed and I've now bought into the Optimum line primarily for ONR, wash, OPC...but when placing my order went ahead and got polish, finish (I have a dark burgandy dd that will probably benefit from the finish before Opti-Seal), opti-seal; and even poli-seal as I will probably one-step my kids cars My two questions are: 1. I feel I've cleaned the pads well (actually have one of each unused); do I need to be concerned with any cross-contamination having already used the pads with the other polish/wax products? 2. Given my technique (be that good, bad, or average) will not change regardless of what pads I use ;is there any value in my considering different pads for Opt products? If I did change; I would likely go the easy route and order up either the Opt waffle pads or the MF pads. I would think the MF pads work/act/feel much different than foam, but perhaps not. It seems from a post or two on here that they may be "easier to learn" than foam. Not sure if that meant "less likely to make a mistake" or just easier to accommodate heavier cutting with a compound down to finer polishing with a polish with the same cutting pad? I'm fine with the 6"; though I understand the benefits (and drawbacks) of a 5" BP....may go that route as well; but this question is centered more on the pads themselves. Thanks in advance. Rick
  5. rickd972

    Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    Thanks for the feedback...preparing a significant opti order as I move away from tunnel washes to doing my own care. Maybe I'll get one of the BRSs as well as a MF covered sponge. I think Setec is indicating a non-loop variety so that dirt/debris is not so easily "lodged" into the material. Thanks, Rick
  6. Anyone use the big red sponge for rindless washing? I don't know the history, but Optimum may have recently taken over distribution from SoCal detail supply? Or Yvans? Curious as to this vs one or more mf towels? I've read concerns of mf towels collecting dirt/debris which can be hard to remove.
  7. rickd972

    Where to purchase?

    any recommendations on where to purchase other than AGO or other detailing site? any independents here? Rick
  8. rickd972

    Old vs New (Hyper vs II)

    think I just figured out my error; hypers being the spray type and compound II / Polish II being the traditional liquid?
  9. Is there a difference between hyper compound and compound II? Hyper Polish and Polish II? the "II" would lead me to believer version 2; but other forum posts lead me to believe the Hypers are newer? Assume they would be redundant of each other from a compound (if needed), polish, seal perspective? Thanks, Rick
  10. rickd972


    Here to learn and share of Optimum products (new potential user myself). Question on purchasing: Where do you all generally acquire your Optimum product from? I see some, but not all, of the products @ amazon (prime specifically) showing "OPT" as the vendor. Assume those are coming direct from mfr? At any rate, that would be my preference as I receive free 2 day shipping...but many items; opti-seal certainly; do not appear as Prime options. For me, just a hobbyist who enjoys keeping his cars clean (kids cars are a different challenge) and looking to move up from traditional vendors and waxes.