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  1. Washing microfiber full of ONRWW residue?

    Thanks, I just wrung them out but now I'm wondering if the washing machine might smell like ONR or if it will in any way leave a coating in the machine. I washed on cold setting.
  2. Guys, after doing my first ONR wash, I noticed (this is obvious) that there are still small pieces if dry tree lead/seed debris stuck between the windows, runner seals etc. What would one do to remove this? Vacuum?
  3. I hope I didn't mess up my paint by not first rinsing the pollen off... I looked carefully and can't see swirls though.
  4. Is it safe for my washer to wash microfiber towels that is still full of ONR Wash@Wax residue? Also, can microfiber towels suffer any ill effects from lying wet in a bucket after use all night?
  5. Thanks Ron. So, simply wipe without pressure and buff? Or pre-soak with sprayer? Would opticlean and a 10oz/1 gal ONR be the same cleaner? Or is Opti-Clean still safer/better for waterless?
  6. Thanks guys. Did my first wash, but didn't rinse the pollen off first. I was told by several detailers that presoaking it with ONR from a spray bottle should be enough to encapsulate it. Car seems swirl free....
  7. Hello guys, I did my first ever ONR(WW) wash on my 2 week old car last night. Looks great, and I'm pretty happy with the first result. However, since it's spring, even after just a vfew hours, there is a small amount of pollen on the paintwork again. I am aware that pollen can be abrasive and that it also needs to be removed after not too long, but it is simply not practical to go re-wash the car ever couple of days. I am leaving for a 5 day trip tomorrow and wanted the car to be clean at least for the outbound trip but with packing and work, I can't do the wash again. So, my question - is there a way to remove a very small amount of pollen today without doing a whole new wash? I have OCW too by the way. Thanks! VW
  8. Hi fellow retailers, I just recently got a brand new car and plan to do a much better job keeping it shiny than our previous car which was only kept clean. I have ordered Optimum products and will be asking questions here. Looks like a great place to learn about this fine line of products.
  9. Hi guys, I've ordered my first ONRWW for my 2 week old (pollen and dust covered) car and will be trying it out this week when all the supplies arrive. I have two unanswered lingering questions though: 1) what if there's sand or mud stuck on lower areas such as bumpers, wheel wells, and the strips under the doors. I would be very afraid the rinseless wash method would cause these to scratch the paint. Suggestions? 2) what about all the spots that one will be skipping such as the painted channels around the trunk and hood which are only see when it's opened. These are at least rinsed out during a regular hose wash. Or should one simply perform the rinseless wash to those too? Thanks!