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    Bed Liner here: Bedliner Sema

    Gold Sponge is covered in this video Sema Day 2
  3. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Is this Pro only items? I haven't had time to listen to the Podcast. (minus the white pad)
  4. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    I agree a tweaked ONR should be on-deck. I still have ONR (blue and green) but reach for others sometimes due to the staining issue. I would also like to see them release Primer Polish to consumers for those who use Gloss Coat. Similar to the primer base of Essence for C-Quartz.
  5. I've never really measured, but I bet I use less than 1oz per car. A little goes a long way.
  6. Optimum Synergy Podcast

    The guys at Optimum started a Podcast. As a longtime OPT fan, I was intrigued. Since I didn't see any other postings out here about it, I figured I'd start one. There are 3 episodes so far. I think they're off to a great start. Show your support and give it a try. You can find them on Itunes and Libsyn , and Google Play. Check them out !
  7. Optimum FerreX

    Ron - would Ferrex harm the integrity of Gloss Coat v1?
  8. No Activity

    There is a group on Facebook called "optimum car care" gets some posts and some good info...
  9. i have some

    Great results ! Mine is on the way. Can't wait to try it.
  10. ONR as tire dressing?

    Good points. I'm a faithful Opti-Bond user and now plans of changing that. That said I do have some IUDJ on order just because I'm curious. And the recommended dilution ratios seem really too good to be true.
  11. I've noticed Garry Deans IUDJ can be used straight as a tire dressing. Anyone ever try ONR straight as a dressing? Or interior dressing?
  12. MDR Mineral Deposit Remover

    Thanks Ron. Luckily the boat has Opti-Coat v2 on it. I was using Vinegar mixed 50/50 with water, then doing a ONRWW wash after every use. Was a PIA. Where we waterski/board the water is hard and leaves a spot immediately. So at the ramp after I pull it out, I wipe off any excess water with MF, then spray down with Speedgloss and go over it again with a clean MF....comes out perfect. Not spots, nice gloss. Regardless I'm ordering MDR because i'll try just about anything Optimum puts out. I'll report back my findings when I get her out of storage !
  13. MDR Mineral Deposit Remover

    Ron - any knowledge of how this will work on boat waterspots? I'm using something else on my boat from Boatcandy called Speed Gloss and it works great. Spray on and wipe off. Does it need to be wiped on instead of sprayed on and let it dwell?
  14. MDR and Ferrex

    Ron - I appreciate your effort trying to bring the forum back. It seems that OPT is trying to get Facebook going too. I appreciate any new information when it's available. Being a OPT guy for about 8 years I've noticed "the company" (not pointing at you) is poor at releasing any news on new products or new versions/formulations, for example : I didn't know there was a clay towel until i saw it on autogeek a while ago. I would just use my post and Setec's posts as feedback, not pointing fingers are starting fires.