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  1. Mike_T

    optiglass clean and protect

    Any update on shelf life?
  2. Mike_T

    Use Distilled Water To Dilute Opti-Clean?

    I found myself that using tap water reduces shelf life of diluted products. Especially ONR in QD strength deteriorates fast. Not only it looses its colour, it even rottens (smells badly) fast. I always use RO or destilled water when diluting products.
  3. Mike_T

    Optimum Poli Seal after claying

    This is what did Poli-Seal with green LC pad on FLEX XC 3401 VRG for me. Quite impressive, isn't it? Have to admit that the paint was rather soft and prone to clay marring... Cheers Mike
  4. Hello everybody, I just noticed that there is a new version of Opti-Seal. I just wonder what exactly has been improved... Thanks Mike