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  1. Do we need Rinse?

    If I apply 1:5 ratio OPC:water to my external paint and internal dashboard+leather, do I need to rinse? What happen if didn't rinse? Will full strength OPC remove paint coating opticoatPro? Tq
  2. How thick is the coating?

    I sent my car, Honda HRV for opti coat pro by professional detailer. I noticed there are still a lot in the syringe, only very very little been applied. But I m not sure how much the cc or ml been applied. May I know, should the detailer apply opti coat to my car until the syringe finished? Tq
  3. Hi, my Honda HRV was just coated with Optimum Coating Pro (OCP) by the professional detailer. The OCP was applied to my car with just a very very little liquid from the OCP syringe. May I know, should the detailer finish all volume of the liquid from the syringe, to apply to my car. Or actually he just need a little?