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  1. A&J

    Swirls prevention

    What he said... + you gringos have some of the softest paint on the market. I dont know why that is, maybe enviromental legislation, but compared to paint from EU manufacturers its soft as butter. No wonder the seign is "I just looked at it funny and it swirled up". And yes...black paint shows EVERYTHING...its something you will have to live with.
  2. I meant we had sprayer clogging issues...but I did use a seperate pop up bottle cap (from a Chemical guys bottle) and Hyper polish does leak from the neck screws when i shake it up...and yes its really annoying.
  3. A&J

    Swirls prevention

    It could be the way you wash, the way you dry, the state of your MF towels, normal daily driving, paint, paint softness etc...what car and paint color do you have?
  4. We all had that problem and its an issue for the entire Hyper line...Sprayers are fine for detailer shops who polish all the time but if you leave it for a longer period of time it either clogs up or dies on you (this basically happened to all my sprayers). Also I found out hyper polish is very thin and hyper compound is very thick and both have issues with sprayers.
  5. A&J

    What is Paint Guard™ made of?

    Is it then similar to Gloss coat in terms of durability and performance?
  6. Maybe you have been living under a rock for this entire time😂 Hyper seal is a part of Opti-coat line of products as a spray SiO2 sealant. Its suppose to be a bit harder (streakier) to apply due to SiO2 but lasts longer and gives better water beading then opti seal. Unfortunately thats all I know...I would love to buy it but the opti coat line is not available here in my country so others will have to share some insight.
  7. ONR W&W is to me a little more lubricated and it leaves a short lasting form of protection behind that lasts about 7-14 days in my world. It beads nice after wash but it fades away quickly. I personaly would just use ONR blue and opti-seal (as a drying aid) or Car wax which would offer much more protection then just ONR W&W... If the products were at the same price then w&w would have an advantage but since its slightly more expensive I dont see any reason to buy it instead of regular ONR.
  8. A&J

    Yvan Retiring?

    Well good for him 👍 Ill get there soon...only 33 years left for me 😂
  9. you can water the plants with whatever is left in the bucket
  10. Trade secret...and yes its a chemical.
  11. A&J

    OCW Gallon

    If you have ONR (optimum no rinse) you can dampen a mf towel with it and wipe the paint with it, then dry. That should remove some hazing if not all of it.
  12. Opti seal - easiest to use out of the bunch, it may streak if overapplied but it just requires a quick buf with a soft mf towel, its a brilliant drying aid, gives a lovely mirror like finish, slick finish but not as good as Beadmaker, the protection part never lasted long for me (mostly 2 months out of the 8 advertised), water behaviour is OK but what I have noticed over the years is that if the car gets wet for some reason it always dries spot clean instead of leaving water spots or rain dirt spots (I have no idea why) Car wax - easy to use if the conditions are right, it streaks if you use too much or if you use it on hot panels which is a minus, leaves a nice warm carnauba glow and the best water behaviour out of the bunch, durability is its weak point (it only lasts 6-8 weeks max) Beadmaker - easy to use in any conditions, it may streak a bit on certain paints, the gloss it leaves behind is amazing, the instant slickness it leaves behind is amazing and it does hold up for about a week or two, water behaviour is OK I dont have a favorite, they all work for me but I treat them as top up products instead of stand alone LSPs!
  13. A&J

    Minimalist Approach

    Ive used both ONR W&S and ONR W&W with opti seal and both were good. Opti seal is used as a drying aid so it really doesnt take all that much time to use it. But if you spend another 5min after you washed and dried the car and you apply opti seal with a applicator you will just stand back and be amazed at how mirror like your paint will end up looking!