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  1. That always confused the heck out of me. Sometimes Yvan says ONR leaves polymers behind for added lubrication and protection, other times he says it doesnt. ONR probably is paint shop safe because its not silicone based but still... IT DOES or IT DOES NOT are two very different statements. OPT will have to pick one and stick with it.
  2. cleaning A pillar fabric

    Use the Carpet & fabric cleaner. Spray on the smudge and scrub well. Wipe away with a damp towel. If it doesnt budge use OPC at 1:3 dillution and wipe away with a ONR damp towel.
  3. If I remember correctly I had a leaking Paint prep sprayer. Its the same as the IDGE one.
  4. Hyper spray on spot pads

    Also forgot to add my shirt, pants and shoes...
  5. Hyper spray on spot pads

    I think you opened a great topic no one thought about till now. OPT made the sprayer to work with 5 inch pads but is 1 spray on smaller pads enough or too much product...good question!
  6. You need about 2 sprays. Each spray will give you less product.
  7. Ill answer what I experienced. If you leave it inside the sprayer head it can harden over time and clog it a bit (nothing serious). What I like to do is turn the bottle upside down before I finish polishing (usually for my final panel) to clear the sprayer head.
  8. Hyper spray on spot pads

    The logical answer would be to use less. Spray closer to the pad so you dont get overspray (Dont ask why my polisher is all white) and dont pull the trigger all the way. If it just "spits" onto the pad spread that polish with your finger through the entire pad. In case of iBrids you can "spit" some polish on your finger and spread it onto the tiny pad.
  9. Its Garry Dean not Jerry Dean Car looks nice
  10. ONR Drying

    There you go...this guy knows what he is talking about
  11. ONR Drying

    I sometime go over the same panel 3-4 times before Im confident enough to dry the surface. Beading is my indicator. If the ONR lies flat on the surface after 1 pass that tells me there is still dirt present and that another or more passes are required. Once the surface starts beading its clean enough to dry.
  12. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    Hyper polish is more of a medium cut polish that finishes very well. Ive corrected an entire car (several actually) in combination with CG orange hex logic pad. If you combine it with a softer pad it has less cut and can be used as a finishing polish. Did you use Paint prep or other IPA cleaners after polishing?
  13. Opti Coat No Rinse

    Sorry... I diddnt read that right. You are asking for the new "opti coat no rinse"...In my head it read the standard ONRWW. Sorry...I dont know the answer. Ron will have to answer this one.
  14. ONR Drying

    Do a couple of passes. Also use 2 buckets. I find that if you use 1 bucket the water gets dirty and that you transfer dirt back to the paint which you dry afterwards so your towel is dirty.