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  1. Alternative methods

    Depends on what you are using. Pre wash with apc (power clean) and a wash with car wash should remove most polishing oils. Lots of people did APC washes after polishing back in the day when there were no wipe down products.
  2. Detailing Newbie

    Welcome to the forum
  3. BRS Storage and Care

    Some aparantly had issues with bacteria forming...I personaly never had an issue. If you use distilled water you are not gonna have that problem. I ussualy just empty my buckets and keep my sponge stored on a grit guard inside the bucket.
  4. Alternative methods

    you could use 15-30% ipa mix. You could get IPA everywhere and also distilled water. you could also use a non abrasive paint cleanser from other manufacturers to remove polishing oils. But stick to the first option...its cheaper.
  5. Onr in washer fluid

    Tried it...it didn't work well...ONR isn't really a degreaser so its not potent enough to be used that way...it just smeared up my windscreen. Look elsewhere Im afraid.
  6. Optiseal

    I think they meant rubber tyres
  7. Whats it from? Try ONR or APC at a weak mix (somewhere between 1:15 and 1:20).
  8. Long time user, first time member

    welcome to the forum 😁
  9. HPCS without ONR

    Nope Opti clean can streak and yes it does contain a slight sealant inside similar to ONR just stronger.
  10. HPCS without ONR

    Dont know but OID would be cheaper.
  11. HPCS without ONR

    ...or buy ONR and thank me later
  12. Opti-Clean

    With a clay bar. Fair to say it was old and used before. It was one of those cheap chinese 3m fakes you get of aliexpress. Also I was working on a black soft bmw paint. Opti clean felt like its lubricated but the clay bar left horrible marring behind.
  13. Opti-Clean

    Opti clean is a versitile cleaner and waterless wash...unfortunatelly its not a good clay lubricant. I had to find out the hard way a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately for me I sanded and polished the paint afterwards.
  14. Thats a resurection of an really old thread there buddy...I dont think cptzippy is still around.
  15. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    What exactly are you using and what are you so happy about?