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  1. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    Guys....I am speechless now 🙊 Thank you I just like helping out and dont expect anything in return. These kind words are enough for me!
  2. A&J

    Optimum car soap with ONR

    You can always do a 1 bucket wash even with soap. All you have to do is use multiple wash mitts or microfiber towels to wash your car. Use once and dont throw it back into the bucket so you dont dirty up the water-soap solution. You need about 5-8 cheap mitts or about 4 plush mf towels.
  3. A&J

    Rinseless prep wash for Polish?

    Just skip the power clean and ferrex step if you cant use free flowing water and just ONR the vehicle and move to clay towel. Then use paint prep prior to polishing. A good 1step is Intensive polish on a light cutting pad. Obviously it depends on the type of paint or color and the ammount of bonded contaminants but you can skip a lot by just doing a ONR wash and clay before you go polish the paint!
  4. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    Thats brilliant Ron! Great info!
  5. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    BOOM ..... And ohh...I forgot to talk about the dirt capturing and releasing properties that ONR has...I dont know for sure if Opti-clean has them too so its a small possibility that the wash media might get more and more soiled over time...that can be by-passed by using mf towels to wash the car instead of mitts or sponges.
  6. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    OPTI CLEAN AS A RINSELESS WASH I actually did it and tried to use Opti-clean in a bucket of water like I do use ONR and long story short its not that bad...but lets start this at the beginning shall we! THE SETUP: I used a 1 bucket and 2 gallons (7,4L) of water for each wash. Each bucket had a grit guard and a sponge...same exact sponge (one is just older and more used up then the other one), later I also tried to use a microfiber noodle wash mitt. As for pre-spray I used the mix in the buckets. So ONR was diluted at its standard 1:256 so 30ml in 2 gallons and with Opti clean I varied. I started with 15ml then tested it, then added another 15ml, tested it and another 15ml so total 45ml. I also emptied the pre-spray bottle and filled up accordingly to what was mixed in the buckets. THE CAR: I used it on my Renault Grand Scenic which being my car is very well maintained as you can imagine. It gets its no-rinse wash almost every week. It wasn’t dirty but the rain from the last couple of days got it lightly soiled. I also partially washed my wifes car which is a Renault Clio which gets washed and waxed about once a month. It too was lightly soiled from the rain…both cars got washed at the same time (4 days ago) its just my wife driver further to get to her job then I do. RESULTS: Using Opti clean as a rinseless wash: - At 15ml the mixed solution feels like washing with water or similar to ONR. I did pre spray the solution on the panel and then used the wash solution soaked sponge to clean the panel. I used those cheap short nap mf towel to dry and check for dirt but I didn’t find any. o + it cleaned well with no apparent dirt left behind o – it doesn’t feel lubricated - At 30ml the mixed solution feels kinda still the same and not overly lubricated but it is similar to ONR now (now even ONR isn’t the most lubricated product to begin with compared to other companies rinseless washes like Feynlab pure rinseless or Carpro Echo for example). I did wash a part of my wifes car which was on the sun and found it left behind some sort of hazing (see picture bellow) which was later removed with the ONR solution. Note that that hazing was very minor and hard to notice. I did however notice the paint felt very slick once I washed the residue with ONR so clearly the polymers from Opti clean were left behind. That’s awesome. BTW I did not notice any residue or smearing on my car so maybe it was just left on my wifes car (to tell you the truth that paint is finicky and hard to finish perfectly without something showing behind like wax residue, polish or something else…) o + slick and protected finish o – still not lubricated enough. o – may leave behind some residue but probably only on finicky paint - At 45 ml the mixed solution instantly feels slick slick under the sponge. The polymers quickly disperse water on the protected paint and washing with it feels really satisfying and safe. The after washed panels actually look shiny and very clean and I cannot say anything bad with this mix. The only difference now is that we need to use 50% more product then with ONR. The paint afterwards feels quite slick to the touch. I also think that if I sprayed water on it it would sheet much faster due to the leftover polymers. I didn’t notice any major streaking even on my wifes car. o + it feels very lubricated and safe while washing o + it leaves behind a slick and protected surface due to the leftover polymers o + it leaves behind a glossy surface o – you use 50% more product to get these awesome results compared to say ONRWW - And at the end I just dumped all that 45ml leftover mixed solution to the ONR mix and washed the rest and that was the most lubricated and slick feel till now (duh…obviously). Everything (polymers) just added up and the wash really felt super and slick and lubricated and safe and awesome and all those superlatives we love to hear… FINAL VERDICT Can Opti-clean be used as a rinseless wash??? I say YES without a doubt. It works OK at 1:256 ratio but its great at 1:165. It feels really slick and safe to use and I wouldn’t mind using it that way. But cost wise it is more expensive to use Opti clean that way since both products (950ml bottles of ONR and Opti-clean at the Rag company) are similarly priced. If nothing else you could use Opti-clean at a 1:165 mix for a pre-spray and then do a ONR wash. That way you get a stronger pre-spray for more soiled cars while still not using up too much product and still a cheaper ONR wash. Dry with opti-seal and the car will be beading like crazy.
  7. A&J

    Opti-clean as a rinseless wash?

    I might give this test a go. My ussual wash consists of 2 gallons of water and 30ml (2 caps) of ONR...so I might compare Opti clean to ONR. Ill compare Opti clean mixed at: - 15ml (1cap) in 2 gallons of water - 30ml (2 caps) in 2 gallons of water - 45ml (3 caps) in 2 gallons of water... ...and see how effective it is! Ill report here! BTW Ron if OPT needs a man to do some crazy testing I wouldnt mind a new job and employer 😉
  8. A&J

    Power Clean Testing

    yeah exactly...its like 55 euros of the gallon size product cost + 20 eur shipping 😲 For that money I can get like 4 gallons of other products
  9. A&J

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    Its not really an issue in performence. Its just a visual thing. Lime i said a onr wet towel will remove those spots. Another option of application is to apply it it on a onr wet panel with a onr wet mf applicator. Spray ocw on the applicator and spread it on the wetvpanel. Once you spread it wipe it dry.
  10. A&J

    Power Clean Testing

    Surfex is caustic and if you get in on your hands you feel a slight burn on the skin. The only reason i said i bought surfex was coz its cheaper in a gallon and more cost effective. Its a great versatile degreaser that can be diluted down to 4% for paintwork or stronger for wharever else. Through my short experience i still feel opc is a better cleaning product but I just cant get it anymore in my country. I would love to but i cant. Thats why i have to settle for other products.
  11. A&J

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    yeah I had an old bottle of OCW as well back then
  12. A&J

    Power Clean Testing

    Nice test and thanks for your findings...Ive used Power clean in the past and its a awesome product but its very limited here where I am...plus its too expensive to buy and use on a regular basis...I rather use Bilt hamber surfex (bought a gallon for like 20 euros). A good alternative was also Britemax Grime out but that too was used up too fast and its not on stock here anymore. Infact I had to import a gallon ammount of ONR just to have it for myself for a years worth of washing. I waited like 4 months for my local dealer to re-supply...After that Ill have to probably order from The rag company EU directly. LOL...I derailed the topic way off track 😂
  13. A&J

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    ehm...I have a new bottle of OCW and I spray it on a mf applicator and spread it like I would a wax and buff off immediately. I dont have those spot issues this time...maybe this helps...I dont know Shake the bottle and dont apply it on a hot panel...keep it cool!
  14. A&J

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    Ive had the same issue before...I look at it as carnauba build up spots...they can get wiped off if you wipe them with a ONR wet towel