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  1. Yep...OPT has 1 spray wax and 2 spray sealants... Car wax lasts around 6 weeks Opti seal lasts around 2-3 months and Hyper seal...I dont know...but it should beat opti seal.
  2. Optimum MDR

    Habs I think your keyboard is not working properly
  3. Learn something new every day.
  4. Then go for it...its suppose to be opti-seal on steroids so its a no-brainer
  5. Daily Driver gets some shine

    So far so good
  6. Thanks for the final update. I agree with your final conclusion. Its a coating that is dead easy to apply and remove. It adds a lot of gloss to the paint and some nice water behaviour. In my experience it can last 1 year + but really 1 year is the mark you want to remove it and apply something fresh. I wish it lasted longer (at least 24-36 months). Price point is a bit high (compared to other coatings) but you can use it for multiple layers or on at least a couple of cars as I did (coated 2 cars + a full set of rims). Again thanks for the full update
  7. I mean if you can get your hands on Hyper seal go for it
  8. Maintenance Products

    You were talking about ONR W&S and not OID right? Coz yes ONR is great on all interior surfaces for a general wipedown.
  9. Ive had OPT things frozen a few times over the years...what Ive noticed is frost wont hurt ONR but it will affect Car wash a bit but not much after it deffrosts and after you shake it up. Car wash really does freeze fast but it will still foam (just maybe a bit less then before) and clean so thats that. Ive had to move my detailing stuff to a part of the house thats got at least 50 deg F so they will survive the winter.
  10. Opti seal over wax ?

    Similar to what NoSoap answered: 1. You can layer Opti seal if you want. 2 layers are enough to cover the entire car so there are no missed spots. Opti seal does not have any solvents in it so you could apply the second layer right after the first one. The car was usually glossy enough after the first layer for me so the second layer might enhance it a bit. 2. Yes. Opti seal is a great rinse aid. I use it to dry the car after I washed it with either ONR or Car wash. 3. Which one is the ANY WAX? Joke...You can use any wax you like on top of opti seal. Give it an hour before you do so. 4. Dont really know but I would do 2 layers of Opti seal (one after another) and after 1h a layer of wax or OPT Car wax...whichever you prefer. A nice oily wax would enhance the finish even further. Of course polishing before sealing would be the best option for glossy paint.
  11. Opti Coat Pro + after washing

    Then opti bond would be perfect for you. It leaves a dark matt like look.
  12. Opti Coat Pro + after washing

    Nice indeed...but it could use some opti-bond gel on the tyres
  13. Daily Driver gets some shine

    I found Megs Ultimate polish to be very hard to wipe off the surface so I dont use it at all...try Hyper polish some day...youll love it.
  14. Daily Driver gets some shine

    Nice work...the car looks great. Love the RagCompany sticker. What polish did you use?