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  1. Opti seal as topper

    Yes of course you can...Opti seal is a excelent topper. Ive had Gyeon cancoat bead like mad after 8 months because I used ONR and opti seal to wash&seal every time.
  2. 2 week old Black F-150

    Forgot to answer...yes...its better to clay the car before you seal or wax it.
  3. Yvan talked about using OPC as a pre soak solution before the wash...meaning you pre soak your towels in a bucket of water and OPC for as long as you want. That will help break down dirt&grime before you toss it into the washing machine. As for a detergent...any liquid detergent without added scent or color will be fine. Typically look for the ones that are for sensitive skin. Dont use fabric softener...instead use vinegar.
  4. 2 week old Black F-150

    Oh sorry...I automatically assumed it was coated...my bad.
  5. 2 week old Black F-150

    With a coated car you should be concerning yourself less and not more All you need now are maintanance washes to remove dust, dirt off the car. I suggest you do the following: Every 7-14 days: - Wash with ONR and BRS. - Dry with MF towel. You can use opti seal or car wax as a drying aid. - Spray Power clean (dilluted 1:3) on the wheels and tyres and brush & rinse them...Wash them with whatever ONR is left from the wash and then dry. Use OPT Optibond or Tyre shine on tyres. Every 6 months (before winter and before summer): - Wash with ONR and BRS. - Dry with MF towel. - Spray Ferrex on paint...let it dwell for about 3-5 min and rinse well. You can do the same with the wheels. - Clay using Opticlay and use either ONR or OCW as a clay lubricant...If you used OCW as a lubricant you can just dry and move to another panel (you have just clayed and waxed in one step). If you used ONR then just spray opti seal or OCW on the panel and dry. Thats about it. Enjoy your coating.
  6. New Opti Product Suggestion

    There is a product out there called The Beadmaker...this what you have here is called The Swirlmaker PW it then drive on to the parking lot and give it a rinseless wash using a gallon (or less) of distilled water and about 5 mf towels in a small bucket (check out the Garry Dean wash method on Youtube). Throw it all into your car and drive home with a clean car.
  7. onr w&w followed with opti seal is a great combo offering high gloss with good durability on all sufraces (even interior). You can not go wrong with it.
  8. New member from MN

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Great podcast...Ive just listened to it...I havent listened to the podcast in a while now and I really enjoyed yours. I dont know if I will call you Steven from now on or Leanjackson Detail Groove was a good shoutout...he talks a lot about organization and custumer care and custumer expectations. Its always interesting to look at his videos. You can learn a lot from his as well as from Darren Priest from a business point of view and efficiency at work. Yes Im from Europe (Slovenia to be exact)...I dare you to find it on a map without using google . I still use the black waffle sponge. Not from serious performance but from a local supplier (Im guessing its the same or a very similar sponge). I actually use 2 of them in my bucket now...one for the initial pass and the other for the second pass before a spritz of opti-seal to help me dry a panel or two at a time. Ive used noodle mitts and MF towels in the past...they work OK but the mitt gets very dirty really fast and therefore I dont like using it often and the MF towels (using the Garry Dean method) is fine on its own and may be the safest aproach but you really need quite a lot of towels which can be expensive and you have to wash them afterwards and I try to avoid that as much as I can. Sometime soon Ill probably buy&try the Flexipads blue waffle sponge (similar to the OPT blue waffle sponge IMO) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flexipads-Professional-Grade-Waffle-Sponge/dp/B01EVTZO5Q or the Soft 99 egg sponge which is very soft to the touch https://www.amazon.co.uk/SOFT99-516-Smooth-Creamy-Soft-Sponge-Pieces/dp/B00BUFE7HG Both are IMO good options for rinseless washing.
  10. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Remember when people asked if they can apply a second layer of coating and we said yes...
  11. Alternative methods

    Depends on what you are using. Pre wash with apc (power clean) and a wash with car wash should remove most polishing oils. Lots of people did APC washes after polishing back in the day when there were no wipe down products.
  12. Detailing Newbie

    Welcome to the forum
  13. BRS Storage and Care

    Some aparantly had issues with bacteria forming...I personaly never had an issue. If you use distilled water you are not gonna have that problem. I ussualy just empty my buckets and keep my sponge stored on a grit guard inside the bucket.
  14. Alternative methods

    you could use 15-30% ipa mix. You could get IPA everywhere and also distilled water. you could also use a non abrasive paint cleanser from other manufacturers to remove polishing oils. But stick to the first option...its cheaper.
  15. Onr in washer fluid

    Tried it...it didn't work well...ONR isn't really a degreaser so its not potent enough to be used that way...it just smeared up my windscreen. Look elsewhere Im afraid.