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  1. A&J

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    Im sorry Ill never get to use Finish polish but I do get it...the Hyper line is the future and Hyper polish is a good enough finishing polish and for whatever reason its not then there is still Poli-seal available that finishes brilliantly on whatever finicky paint! My wifes car has soft finicky paint and Ive found poli-seal to be the go-for polish for it!
  2. A&J

    New kid on the block

    Welcome to the forum
  3. A&J

    Anybody still alive?

    I am one of the lucky or smart or just dont-give-a-crap people who dont use facebook so I wouldnt know...but truth be told...OPT forum has always been quiet...probably due to only discussing one brand and most one brand forums are quiet.
  4. A&J

    Clay Mitt with T.A.R. bad news

    😂 maybe that would be a good idea
  5. A&J

    Clay Mitt with T.A.R. bad news

    Ive tried similar (with other manufacturer products) with a clay bar...yeah...bad idea...rinse it well and check it for damage but most likely the mitt is gone!
  6. A&J

    Anybody still alive?

    I was just trolling the new guy!
  7. A&J

    Anybody still alive?

    emmm....hello...anybody still alive here???
  8. A&J

    Anybody still alive?

    Hey Rik...welcome to the forum. Its nice to have some new blood here. I also wish this forum was more active but it is what it is. A few things to remember about OPT products: - they are all multipurpose - they are all easy to use - they all give great results Now you asked about ONR and Power clean. Lets start with ONR. ONR is a polymer based multipurpose cleaner, mostly made to replace traditional car soaps. Its advantage is that you dont have to rinse after washing and you can skip to drying the car. It also can be used as a QD and clay lube at 1:64 mix, and a interior & leather cleaner for mild dirty surfaces. For outside of the car use a 1:256 mix on mild to moderate dirty cars. If they are very dirty use a pre-wash or pre-rinse, preferebly with Power clean at 1:3 mix. Power clean is a multipurpose de-greaser made for de-greasing tires, plastics, paint, interior, leather...its a strong product so watch out for dilution ratios. Its generally 1:3 for tires (it could also be used neat or 1:1 for very soiled tires) and same for paint as a pre-wash. Just DONT SPRAY IT ON GLASS and DONT LET IT DRY. Now, since you ask on how to quickly wash a neglected soiled car I also presume you dont care for safe washing much. A quick wash with these 2 products would look like this: - power wash the car to remove most crap off the car - pre spray with Power clean at 1:3 on the paint and tires (also agitate tires with a brush) - power wash it off - use ONR (1:256 mix) in 1 bucket with a noodle mitt and wash from top to bottom in straight lines. - dry the car with a MF towel (If you get opti-seal you can also dry&seal at the same time) you could wash a car like this in 20min and get great results. I hope this helps.
  9. Happy New year to everyone here 🎆✨🎈
  10. yeah...maybe that is whats going on. Thanks Ron
  11. Nope...I got wash & shine....lol Ive been using ONR for years now Setec...I know what W&W & W&S looks like 😉 😂 I will upload a pic of it tomorrow...today is too late.
  12. Note that I know OPT does tweek their formula from time to time, so Im just asking if this is what ONR looks like now?
  13. I bought a gallon of ONR from TRC EU via a local trader recently and its different then what Im used to...It doesnt color the water as much and its also more green-ish (cyan) then I remember it to be which was blue. The performance of it is about the same. Did the formula formula change recently or am I tripping or what?
  14. A&J

    Pro+ and touchless washes?

    Thats what I do in winter time...After work i go to a near by coin op car wash...I blast off the majority of crap....drive home and do a ONR wash.
  15. A&J

    Pro+ and touchless washes?

    If you have a garage you can do a safe rinseless hand wash with Optimum no rinse.