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  1. Bead maker seems to really re-juvinates coatings and makes them just better!
  2. A&J

    Emblem install & Gloss Coat

    You dont have to remove it! Just stick the emblem on!
  3. A&J


    Im guessing its just apply more gelcoat restorer.
  4. A&J

    My (mostly) Optimum Day (s)

    Nicely done! Good job 👍
  5. A&J

    Gloss coat shelf life

    Gloss coat will last a very long time (years) if sealed properly. It comes in a sealed syringe with the screw top. It reacts with moisture so if you use it make sure to remove the exxes air out before you screw the top on (check the 9min mark in the video shown bellow). More tips in this video If by any chance the product turnes into a gel form after use then its no longer usable (air wasnt released properly and the coating started reacting and solidified inside). To answer your second question...both are good. I preper opti seal because I mainly use it as a drying aid and in that regard its fantastic, but you get better water behaviour from Car wax. Durability with both is about the same (6 - 8 weeks).
  6. Yes...ceramic tub at 3:1 and you can dillute it further for tiles.
  7. A&J

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    Can you share the tips?
  8. You might send me another steamer just to compare with Lowes results 😁
  9. Fair enough. As far as I know the rumor started when Yvan talked about it in one of the early Optimum synergy podcasts. I believe it was about ONR. He did say you could use 1-2ml max inside a steamer. I did try this once (put ONR in my steamer). It didn't damage the steamer but I also didn't notice any significant benefit in using it. Thanks for the notice OPTIMA STEAMER.
  10. Im sure youll be fine with Bead maker.
  11. Good to know...thanks for the info!
  12. Good to know it was your fault 🤭
  13. A&J

    Optimum Compound Hazing

    The compounds job is to cut and cut fast through imperfactions! Its job isnt too look great afterwards...Thats why you have to polish after using a compound (and yes some compounds can be used as 1-step products which cuts and finishes well but depending the paint you are working on (soft, hard, dark, light), your pad choice (hard cutting or soft polishing) and speed at certain situations you are just going to get compound hazing! Test a bit...try the compound with a hard pad for 2 section passes on one area then switch to a polishing pad for 2 section passes on another area and compare which combo removed more swirls and which combo gives you better finish/ reflection / shine.
  14. A&J

    Clear Coat Restorer

    The ship might self-combust 🤪
  15. Undiluted opti bond does offer more durability. The tire has to be dry...not moist or wet and I do suggest you do 2 layers. Ive had it now on for 3 weeks and it still looks like just aplied.