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  1. A&J

    Clear Coat Restorer

    This thread is uselles without pictures!
  2. It dries very quickly (visualy evaporates) on hot panels so i would have to say NO. In this case its better to use ONR as a rinseless wash and dry as you go (work in small sections, wash&dry).
  3. A&J

    Driveway Staining Help

    That looks like dirt that came off the wheels & tires. I assume you used Power clean on them... I would try Power clean on the stains with some agitation and PW rinse if it will help but I really have no idea what else you could do!!!
  4. A&J

    Hyper Polish Sprayer Issue

    I always got that black Car wax sprayer when I bought polishes and they mostly do the same...spray in a stream and clog up after some time...especially on the Compound not so much for the Hyper polish. I tried switching them but ultimately ended in destroying like 3-4 sprayer heads before i gave up and now I just pour it onto the pad in pea sized dropes. BTW there is way too much un-necessery color in these polishes...they really do stain pads (Im talking about Hyper polish & Intensive polish).
  5. A&J

    Instant detailer

    Straight away is fine...it wont hurt anything.
  6. A&J

    General Questions

    Ron I think you are 7 months late to the party 😃
  7. A&J

    Instant detailer

    OID is not same as the car wax. OID is a light cleaner / gloss enhancer with very minimal protection. My experience with it very good as its a very easy to use product...Ive used it speringly and liberally and it always flashed off nicely and produced great results with no smears or any other signs. But...as with every OPT products less is more.
  8. A&J

    Headlight Rejuvination

    I did actually but it did no major difference to the overall finish! Then I did a wipedown with Paint prep and gave them 2 coats of Gyeon cancoat.
  9. I just wanted to post my headlight rejuvenation using OPT Hyper Compound and a DA with a 3inch pad... The headlights are not perfect as I just removed the yellowing (plastic oxidation) but the compound saved me a lot of time that I would spend sanding. It did however create a lot more clarity in the headlights. Great stuff!
  10. 1:256 will be just fine for cleaning most light dirt & accumulated dust!
  11. A&J

    How can I clean pump sprayer?

    Opti seal dried 🤔 Thats a first...Ive had a 5 year old bottle of opti seal and it worked flawlessly. Do what Ron suggested or replace the sprayer.
  12. If you have ONR at home you can use that and clean the car with it. If you dont wait too long it should hopefully remove all water spots.
  13. ONR for cleaning and Protectant plus for UV protection will be perfectly safe both for the user and the things used on (all surfaces)!