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    Gloss coat shelf life

    Gloss coat will last a very long time (years) if sealed properly. It comes in a sealed syringe with the screw top. It reacts with moisture so if you use it make sure to remove the exxes air out before you screw the top on (check the 9min mark in the video shown bellow). More tips in this video If by any chance the product turnes into a gel form after use then its no longer usable (air wasnt released properly and the coating started reacting and solidified inside). To answer your second question...both are good. I preper opti seal because I mainly use it as a drying aid and in that regard its fantastic, but you get better water behaviour from Car wax. Durability with both is about the same (6 - 8 weeks).
  2. Yes...ceramic tub at 3:1 and you can dillute it further for tiles.
  3. A&J

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    Can you share the tips?
  4. You might send me another steamer just to compare with Lowes results 😁
  5. Fair enough. As far as I know the rumor started when Yvan talked about it in one of the early Optimum synergy podcasts. I believe it was about ONR. He did say you could use 1-2ml max inside a steamer. I did try this once (put ONR in my steamer). It didn't damage the steamer but I also didn't notice any significant benefit in using it. Thanks for the notice OPTIMA STEAMER.
  6. Im sure youll be fine with Bead maker.
  7. Good to know...thanks for the info!
  8. Good to know it was your fault 🀭
  9. A&J

    Optimum Compound Hazing

    The compounds job is to cut and cut fast through imperfactions! Its job isnt too look great afterwards...Thats why you have to polish after using a compound (and yes some compounds can be used as 1-step products which cuts and finishes well but depending the paint you are working on (soft, hard, dark, light), your pad choice (hard cutting or soft polishing) and speed at certain situations you are just going to get compound hazing! Test a bit...try the compound with a hard pad for 2 section passes on one area then switch to a polishing pad for 2 section passes on another area and compare which combo removed more swirls and which combo gives you better finish/ reflection / shine.
  10. A&J

    Clear Coat Restorer

    The ship might self-combust πŸ€ͺ
  11. Undiluted opti bond does offer more durability. The tire has to be dry...not moist or wet and I do suggest you do 2 layers. Ive had it now on for 3 weeks and it still looks like just aplied.
  12. A&J

    Clear Coat Restorer

    I was thinking...wouid it be better to sand the panel with 3000grit before applying CCR instead of compounding?
  13. A&J

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Just some videos I found about the product
  14. I have stumbled upon this thread on Autopia.org forum that I have found very interesting to read infact so much so I have decided to post it here for anyone interested in it. The post is from Yvan Lacroix describing the Hyper paint correction system. "Optimum Polymer Technologies Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS) is a simple system designed to give superior results in less time while using less product. It’s a complete system designed to be simple to use and efficient without creating dust, or the need to tape off plastic mouldings. Consisting of 2 machines, 1 Compound, 2 polishes and 4 pads the Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS) gives you everything you need for correction and shine in one or 2 steps. The machines designed to work with the Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS) The Zentool 21E is a 900W random orbital polisher with a 21mm offset stroke. Unique in the industry with an easy to grip surface, the Zentool 21E is simple to use and will get swirl free professional results with very minimal effort and time. Important to the Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS) the Zentool 21E was designed with a backing plate to promote in pad cooling reducing heat because of the airflow possible only through Optimum Waffle pads. Able to use both 5 and 6 inch pads the Zentool 21E is a formidable correction tool. The Zentool mini is a 3 inch random orbital polisher that allows you to get into tighter areas. With it’s 12mm offset stroke it combines both polishing and correction abilities in a easy to handle and manoeuver package. The pads of the Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS) listed in order of cut from fast cutting to fine polishing. Hyper Foam/ wool pad. Exclusive to Optimum this pad combines a short nap foamed wool face, with a soft foam interface to follow surface contours. This pad combined with Hyper Compound will quickly correct 1500G sanding marks, and provide a surface that just requires a final polishing prior to coating or wax application. Optimums Waffle pads have some specific design elements that allow them to work efficiently as an integral part of the Hyper Paint Correction System (HPCS). A unique Velcro backing allows air to flow through it for optimal pad cooling. The waffle surface allows for air to circulate between the pad and paint. The waffle surface also eliminates pressure points and excessive drag caused by flat pads, allowing for more efficient pad rotation. The Orange waffle pad combines cut with good polishing abilities. The orange pad can be used with Hyper Compound for light to moderate defect removal, with Hyper Intensive Polish for a one step polish that has good correction and high gloss. When minimal correction is required Hyper polish will finish down LSP ready while providing correction. The Black Waffle pad is for use with your choice of Hyper Intensive Polish or Hyper Polish. Used as the final step following correction with Hyper compound it will quickly refine the surface left by Hyper Compound. Using the Black Waffle pad will give high gloss and provide minimal correction. The Blue Waffle pad is to be used with Hyper Polish as a refinement step when dealing with difficult to correct paints. The Hyper Paint Correction System is based around the synergy of the Hyper trio and the complete Optimum line. The Hyper trio are characterised by their ease of use, efficiency and how user friendly they are. Non staining, no taping of mouldings is required, non-dusting when used according to instructions, and using inter compatible nano abrasives the trio save time and effort. No need to wipe off the residue between steps as the synergy of the HPCS allows you to refine the surface without risking towel marring and wasting time removing the minimal residue. Hyper Compound is a cutting compound that easily removes 1500G sanding marks, while providing an easy to refine surface. Used with either the Hyper Wool/foam pad or the Orange waffle pad Hyper Compound provides both cut and gloss, without dust or hazing. For very heavy correction the Optimum Double Sided Wool pad can be used effectively with Hyper Compound. Hyper Intensive Polish is a cutting polish, providing a gloss finish and moderate cutting abilities its primary use is as a one-step polish. Used with the Orange or Black waffle pad, cut and finish can be adjusted. Hyper Polish is used in conjunction with the waffle pads to refine the surface after compound, or to provide exceptional gloss on paints that do not require correction. The synergy of the complete Optimum line is highlighted with the HPCS, and the time saving realized by using this synergy are evident. For a full correction detail utilizing the Optimum line, and how it saves you time follow these simple steps. Wash the vehicle with Optimum No Rinse(ONR). Decontaminate the paint using an Optimum Clay Towel and the ONR on the surface from the wash as lubrication. Determine the level of correction required and start with your first correction step over the ONR dampened surface, no need to dry or tape off the vehicle. Dampen your chosen pad with ONR wash solution (preferably in a pad washer) and simply spray 1 shot of Hyper Compound on the pad, no need to prime the pad, nor use a large amount of product. Not over using the product is a very important aspect and requires some adaptation for most experienced polishers. It’s imperative that you use a damp pad, and that no more than 1 spray of Hyper Compound of polish be used per section. With the Hyper Paint Correction System do not prime your pads, an clean and dampen your pads after every section. Using the Zentool move it slowly over the surface with a tool speed only as high as needed to allow the backing plate to turn (2-3 on the speed dial). Excessive speed is counterproductive as it creates heat. Pressure should be avoided, just the weight of the tool is sufficient. Again this is different than with most polishing products, just like more product does not mean more results, the same goes with speed and pressure, more will potentially reduce cut and finish. Allow the Hyper Paint Correction System to do the work, not you. The pad should be cleaned of excessive product and paint residue after every section and kept clean and damp with an ONR filled pad cleaner. Once the correction step is complete on the whole vehicle, proceed to the polishing step, there is no need to wipe off the minimal Hyper Compound residue. Doing a test spot will determine if you require Hyper Intensive Polish or Hyper Polish to refine the surface to make it ready for Opti-Seal, Optimum Gloss Coat or Opti-Coat Pro(For Opti-Coat Pro the included Primer Polish should be used instead of Hyper Polish). The Polishing step should require minimal time and passes, as any correction should be done in the first step. Using the pad/polish combination of your choice refine the surface while keeping your pad clean and damp. As with Hyper Compound only one spray of product on the pad is needed. If your paint is very difficult to finish, using a clean blue waffle pad dampened in ONR without any polish will aid in removing the polish residue, working in small sections at low speed To prepare the surface for application of an Optimum coating, remove the polish residue using a Micro-Fibre Towel dampened with ONR to soften and remove the polish residue safely , then apply a mist of Optimum Paint Prep on the panel and dry off both the ONR and Paint Prep.. The ONR will easily remove the polish residue and the Optimum Paint Prep will leave the surface ready for the coating. The Paint Prep Solution has many advantages over IPA when preparing for a coating. It has higher lubricity, allowing the coating to flow out and self-level better , reducing high spots. Optimum Paint Prep also removes all traces of wax and polishing oils leaving the surface as pure as possible for the Opti-Seal, Gloss-Coat or Opti-Coat Pro to bond."
  15. Depends on the paint...I suggest you do a test spot. Use the softer pad first and see if you get the correction you want...if its not switch to the courser pad. Hyper polish will in any case give you enough gloss.
  16. If you have a polisher try poli-seal topped with opti seal!!! Great combo with lots of gloss!
  17. A&J

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    Jesus Christ...Move closer to the equator.
  18. A&J

    ONR with more "bite"?

    I dont know how I didnt think of this before but you can use opti clean to pre soak before onr wash. That will be stronger then onr alone.
  19. A&J

    ONR with more "bite"?

    Worx hydro shot perhaps?
  20. A&J

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    Alaska apparently...or Finland? (about the same) 😁
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    New Member from PHX, AZ

    Welcome to the forum πŸ––
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    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    In high heat its better to do a panel at a time (wash & dry) but in a wash bay or garage where temps are steady you can wash one entire side of the car and dry that entire side and then move to the other side and do the same so you can wash a larger section of the car before you dry. Thats what I do now in winter and colder days...wash the entire driver side from top to bottom, move to the front, wash the passenger side and lastly do the back of the car. It saves me a lot of time.
  23. A&J

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    Not far off...Slovenia 🀠
  24. A&J

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    This never happened to me and I store it in the garage at even -10C. I always thought ONR was unable to freeze πŸ˜ƒ so this leaves me a bit suprised.