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  1. Thats a resurection of an really old thread there buddy...I dont think cptzippy is still around.
  2. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    What exactly are you using and what are you so happy about?
  3. I mixed Opti seal with various OPT cleaning products just to see how they perform together. I mixed: - 50% OPT car wax & 50% opti-seal - 90% ONR at 1:34 mix ratio (180ml water and 5 ml ONR) & 10% opti-seal (20ml) - 90% OID & 10% opti seal - 90% Opti-clean & 10% opti seal After wash I tested them as rinse aids. In short they all work fine but I would add some observations: - Opti seal tends to seperate after time so be sure to shake the mix before use. Opti seal actually floates on top (especcially ontop of OCW). Once you shake it up its OK. - Added Opti seal makes the water bead down the panel giving it a waterfall efect. - Mixing ONR and opti seal is pointless if you are washing the car with ONR. It doesnt save time and IMO it just dillutes opti seal. The drying process feels nicely lubricated though. - Mixing OID and opti seal is great. You get the benefits of gloss enhancers from OID with extra protection from opti seal. Drying seems easier with added opti seal. - Mixing Opti clean and opti seal is also great. Now this is a time saver as you are cleaning and protecting in one go so it saves you one step. The downside is the streakiness from both products which just needs to be buffed off better. - Mixing OCW and opti seal isnt any different from using one or the other product. I diddnt notice any more slickness then normal. The panel wiped off pretty much streak free. I havent tested durability or anything. These are just my observations from one use...perhaps using them over a longer period of time would give more observations / answers. More in the video bellow. I would love to see someone test OCW the same or similar way and post their findings. OCW is sold out in my country so thats something I cant do at the moment. Comment below and thanks for watching!
  4. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    @Setec Astronomy Do you think topping it with OCW would help with the longevity?
  5. Great report Lowe. Ive used the OC & Optiseal mix to remove a bird bomb off my car yesterday. It worked great and left a super slick surface behind.
  6. Give it a go and report back on what you think!
  7. New From Ohio

    Try loading pics to Imgur and copy url to here.
  8. Thats great Lowe. Im eager to see your results.
  9. New From Ohio

    welcome to the forum... ...pics...pics...pics please
  10. I think this quote from opti-coat.com store holds the answer to my question: "With regular use, the added fluoropolymers will repel airborne heavy metal pollution and maintain the coated surface free of bonded contamination..." Once every 6-8 weeks should be reasonable.
  11. Dont know the benefits from M-wash over Car wash but if you can get 32oz of Car wash for less money than 16 oz. of M wash I dont know whats the point in using M wash. Car wash is a great car shampoo. There is nothing wrong with it.
  12. NO...using other manufacturers products will ban you from this forum Of course you can...use whatever you like if it works for you.
  13. All this talk about ONR drying on the surface and stuff...I avoid it all together by simply washing & drying the car panel by panel (or sometimes after washing 2-3 panels I procede to use OID or Opti seal and dry). I never had any issue that way. I never wash the entire car before I dry it.
  14. Opti-Clean & OCW?

  15. Opti-Clean & OCW?

    It would be interesting if someone tested and compared mixing: - 10% Opti-seal to 90% ONR at QD dilution - 10% OCW to 90% ONR at QD dilution - 10% OCW to 90% OID - 10% Opti-seal to 90% OID - 10% OCW to 90% Opti clean - 10% Opti-seal to 90% Opti clean 10% is just a reference point...it could be more or less. I volunteer for the 3 Opti seal mixes! Anyone else wanna have a go?
  16. New OPT Deatiler in Wyoming

    Welcome Glad to have you aboard
  17. For notice he often says he loves ONR. He is not dissing the OPT line directly but he sees flaws in the product/ wash procedure. In a way you guys should be proud you are using a great product line (OPT of course) because Scott uses it as a benchmark to compare everything else.
  18. Opti lens yellow liquid?

    Then its still good
  19. Opti-Seal Q&A

    Just to share some love for opti-seal...After testing out other products it was time to revive the beading so I after a long time I used opti seal (with a applicator) and boy it delivered. Silky smooth paint with lovely beads. I washed the car today after about a week and it was so easy, the bird poo and bee poo were removed after one pass with the sponge (and a rinseless wash). Of course I used opti seal as a drying aid again. Great product...love it a lot...thats why I have 3 bottles of it
  20. I˙ll join the party. Interiors are usually a clean place and if you clean your car with ONR every week just soak a towel with it and wipe the interior with that. Like everyone else I use one or the other. If I want a quick fix Ill grab my opti clean sprayer and spray and wipe. Both work fine...dont overthink it.
  21. Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    Fabric clean&protect fits the bill here. Standard dilution is 1:3 but you can use it undiluted for any heavier stains although I would recomend power clean at 1:10 for heavy grease&grime. Always do a test spot first.
  22. Opti-clean on tires

    No its not...opti clean is not a degreaser. Power clean is still the way to go.
  23. hyper-polish on windshield?

    yes hyper polish can be used on glass with no issue. I use it before applying a glass coating.
  24. My ONR Maintenance Procedure

    People seem to be afraid of onr like its the plague but in reality its the cure. Great writeup and a nice looking car you have there
  25. Why I Keep Coming Back to Optimum

    You know I was thinking the same thing the other day...After trying a lot of other manufacturers rinseless washes and waxes and sealants and QDs and glazes and so on...I found myself admiring my car after a simple ONR wash and opti-seal application. The car was clean and really reflective from the opti-seal that I started saying to myself "Whats the point in buying anything other than OPT?"...and I really cant find an answer! Im loving every second I use OPT products. And I believe this is a similar feeling for a lot of us here on this forum