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    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome to the forum buddy. Greetings from Europe 🖖
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    SEMA 2018

    Could this be applied outside considering temperatures are above 15 deg C. Would dust be an issue?
  4. A&J

    SEMA 2018

    Whats the prep work for Clearcoat restorer?
  5. A&J

    SEMA 2018

    I kinda got the feeling that clear coat restorer is a kinda paint filler (it can mimic clear coat) that can fill light to deep scratches but can not restore fading clear coat. This is just my guess...Im not trying to be to smart here. Other OPT representatives will have to fully explain and showcase these products so we can get a clearer picture about them. But I must say...they all are very interesting. P.S. Kudos to OPT for creating a paint safe and somewhat health safe tar remover?
  6. A&J

    SEMA 2018

    I just bought a full bottle of Opti-bond so I'm not sure if I want the Tyre coating ? The Clay mitt and Paint restorer sure looks interesting. I would love to see it in action.
  7. A&J

    Big red sponge with the soap

  8. A&J

    Stripping sealants

    A thorough rinse... I would really just hand polish the car with something like poli-seal and seal it with opti-seal if it was me. You would get much more gloss and bonding with that rather than with using power clean and wash & seal.
  9. I would consider Protectant plus as a protectant and not a cleaner. I see it similar to 303 Aerospace protectant. You can use an ONR damp towel to wipe over the interior plastics and leather once every month or so and protect it with Protectant plus.
  10. A&J

    Stripping sealants

    Then use any pre-wax cleanser or simply apply opti-seal over your existing sealant. Nothing wrong with adding extra protection to your car.
  11. A&J

    Stripping sealants

    Polish it off
  12. In short its a new and better version of an old product (added gloss enhancers, more lubrication, higher price, smaller bottles) ?
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    From an old video from the Rag company
  14. A&J

    How to remove Opti Seal?

    IMO the shampoo had some surfactants (wax, color, scent, foaming agent, gloss enhancer...) that covered both sealants and made them appear dead. IPA removed whatever was left on that surface from the shampoo. Its not easy to make a shampoo that will not affect the LSP in some way.
  15. A&J

    Mixing Power Clean with Ferrex

    Im thinking that PC might affect Ferrex as its also diluting it. Just a thought.
  16. A&J

    Hyper Polish on Rubber Trim

    You dont have to (and I ussually dont) but rubber trim is dirty and youll end up with a dirty pad if you dont tape it up. On the flip side it will clean the rubber trim quite nicely without staining it. So its up to you.
  17. A&J

    Using Hyper Compound and Hyper Polish together

    NO....you can just change pads & continue with hyper polish.
  18. Yes ONR is Optimum No-Rinse wash & shine. Opti coat no rinse is a similar product to ONR w&s but supercharged...its more lubricated and ads more shine. The Opti coat line was designed to maintain opti-coated cars. OPT products will still work just fine but Opti coat line was designed to just work better.
  19. A&J


    Welcome... Is the OPT line what you mostly use or is it just something you just started using?
  20. A&J

    Opti-Clean dilution ratios?

    Well you got the concentrated version and you got the ready-to-use version which is basically diluted 1:3 compared to the concentrate. I dont think it makes a difference if you use it neat. I also wouldnt use it to clean MF towels.
  21. The Big Red Sponge and not a cloth or microfiber. You dont clean it in a washing machine and you dont clean it with microfiber or cloth detergents... As Ron said use APC or dish detergent (we all have dish detergents at home dont we?).
  22. A&J

    New Optimum user questions

    You can use ONR at 1:256 for interior cleaning and window cleaning.
  23. Wash as normal use Ferrex al let dwell for 2-5min and rinse off clay the car using a fine clay bar or clay towel (use onr as clay lube) dry and use opti seal.
  24. A&J

    Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    Say what now???