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  1. A&J

    Does ONR neutralize ph?

    probably yes but you will need a ton of it...its better to use free flowing water
  2. This is an issue from another forum...maybe OPT staff can help. Bit of an issue with this product on first use. Has anyone used it & had an issue like this? Tyres were absolutely spotless, scrubbed thoroughly then aggressively rubbed with a MF towel twice to pull all the dirt out the pores of the rubber. Was ok after the first layer which I allowed to cure around 45 mins. Followed up with a 2nd for more gloss & this happened. Totally ruined the tyres
  3. A&J

    Optimum Tire Coating Problem

    Yeah he did say later he remembers he used that applicator before so it was contaminated. Thanks Ron.
  4. A&J

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    I think Yvan once showed to leave ONR on the surface before you hit it with MDR. That will make it spread easier.
  5. A&J

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    I doubt that is true solely because you would dilute MDR way too much for it to be effective.
  6. guz I think thats the case with any LSP if you mix and match manufacturers...OPT are just saying it loud because they can not guarantee durability if you use other polishes which may or may not contain fillers. OPT is certain their polishes do not contain fillers thats why whey recommend to stick within the manufacturer line. I always suggest that too...for instance some people polish with Menzerna but use Gyeon prep afterwards. Who is to say that all the polish has been removed. You cant be 100% sure!!!
  7. Intensive polish is a great combination of cut and finish...of course that doesnt come to affect if you are using it by hand but still...its a very nice polish.
  8. It might be a good idea to ask around at Griots on how well their Paint Prep works and if it really does remove all of the BOSS Fast Correcting Cream . In all likelihood they will just say yes πŸ˜„ but ask them if the paint prep is specially formulated to remove their polishes and if its been tested and proven.
  9. A&J

    Car cover while it’s curing?

    I think its ok... Unless it holds a lot of moisture then I think youll be fine
  10. A&J

    Optimum Car Wash

    You are welcome. I use I can regarding OPT...Soap is used mainly for wheels and maybe once a year on the car just to remind myself that ONR is easier and faster to use 😁
  11. A&J

    Optimum Car Wash

    Car wash can get sort of weird and yes yello like if it sits for too long or gets exposed to low temperatures...once the temps get back to normal the soap will get back to normal as well...Also shake it up before use. And yes the soap foams a lot and the foam can stay on the ground for hours...sometimes for a day. Its still a very nice soap to use.
  12. A&J


    Its looking nice Habs πŸ‘
  13. I just wanted to post my headlight rejuvenation using OPT Hyper Compound and a DA with a 3inch pad... The headlights are not perfect as I just removed the yellowing (plastic oxidation) but the compound saved me a lot of time that I would spend sanding. It did however create a lot more clarity in the headlights. Great stuff!
  14. Opti seal can be also used to remove finger smudges off the info screen & protect at the same time. Its also good to protect plastics. You can cleand them with onr, opti clean or what Ron said
  15. A&J

    Opti-clean on tires

    If you pre-cleaned it with Ferrex that would probably be sufficient enough...but no harm in using Opti-clean as a drying aid on wheels... Your method would probably work just fine.
  16. I bought a gallon of ONR from TRC EU via a local trader recently and its different then what Im used to...It doesnt color the water as much and its also more green-ish (cyan) then I remember it to be which was blue. The performance of it is about the same. Did the formula formula change recently or am I tripping or what?
  17. Chemical guys and carpro echo I just disliked....ONR just works...enough said
  18. And as for rinseless washes I did try out a lot a few years back and did a review about them on detail world. There is certanly a few I liked and a few i disliked but I keep coming back to ONR and I am done with others. I did however like surf city garage rinse free water saver a lot...not the pro version but the other one...the blue/greenish one in the bigger bottle.
  19. It was weird to say the least when I watched Yvan presenting the new 5in1 polisher at Mike Phillips and using standard paste polishes...he used a few dots (very small) when the entire emphasys at OPT was how the spray version coveres the entire pad to not create hot spots. I know it was just a commercial but still. Like Setec said...he will soon lose all credibility.
  20. A&J


    got any pictures?
  21. remember when I talked about ONR not being blue anymore and the water mix not being colored anymore...well I found a video where this guy gets the same results So it must be new version of ONR that I got.
  22. A&J

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    You are getting old Steven πŸ˜‰it was poli - seal...as of yet I have not gotten my hands on GPS. With hyper compound, hyper intensive polish, hyper polish and 2 bottles of poli seal I just dont find the need for it
  23. A&J

    Discontinued Optimum Products

    Im sorry Ill never get to use Finish polish but I do get it...the Hyper line is the future and Hyper polish is a good enough finishing polish and for whatever reason its not then there is still Poli-seal available that finishes brilliantly on whatever finicky paint! My wifes car has soft finicky paint and Ive found poli-seal to be the go-for polish for it!
  24. A&J

    New kid on the block

    Welcome to the forum
  25. A&J

    Anybody still alive?

    I am one of the lucky or smart or just dont-give-a-crap people who dont use facebook so I wouldnt know...but truth be told...OPT forum has always been quiet...probably due to only discussing one brand and most one brand forums are quiet.