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  1. Good to know Ron, thank you. I will try that next time. I realized that the coating is quite easy to remove so I am thinking that it might not suit the clients that do things to their cars all the time as it will likely come off as soon something is applied to the paint, polish or etc... In my head I had this picture of coating being very hard to remove once they were on the paint but this is not the case, my conception of a coating was a bit twisted by my short experience with them. This was a good experience. For my personal car, since I will be doing touch ups, and maintenance here and there, Opti seal + Opti wax seems to be the way to go. I will offer Opti gloss to clients that do not do anything to the cars except the odd wash/touchless wash here and there...
  2. Drama queen reporting back. lol. Well, to my surprise, removing opti gloss with hyper polish and a blue pad with the flex in speed 5 (DA polisher) was very easy and required less than 4 passes. I removed opti gloss from hood and driver's side C panel which were the worst. I have applied Opti seal to the C panel to give it protection again, and will apply opti detailer + opti wax to the hood (I think).
  3. I am not sure if opti seal was there, I assumed that 6 section passes per panel with hyper polish and a black pad would do the trick? Not sure. could the streaking be caused by the panels being hot? Would this be possible assuming opti seal was removed? I also found the applicator that came with opti gloss not very good. I am thinking that next time I will use a block plus swede applicator... Other than the streaks, the coating is very nice, the car looks very nice if it was not for the streaking (which is hardly visible unless you are ocd like I am). In certain light it is totally unnoticeable, which is how I missed it in the first place. Tomorrow morning the flex comes out, I am hoping that I can level it out by poling while preserving the coating.... We will see
  4. Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Sorry for the resurrection but I am in the same boat as the op and I thought of using this thread instead of starting a new thread. My situation is the exact same. I have some streaking on the paint. Part of it due to applying in the sun (my guess). Now I have not had a chance to repolish my car, so the coating has been on the car for over 24 hours now. The reason I am resurrecting this is to get some feedback on how to polish the streaks. I do not want to over polish the paint and I am trying to keep my polishing hours to the minimum while achieving an excellent job. Weather here has been really mild and it has rained (it was not supposed to), so I am hoping to remove/level the opti gloss (mine is opti gloss and not opti coat) with a blue pad and hyper polish. Should I polish the car as soon as possible to avoid the finish hardening much? I won't be available to do this until tomorrow morning, at that point the coating has been on the paint for 48 hours.
  5. Update, so I ended up doing some extra polishing and the paint came out very awesome. There is a big problem though. Unfortunately, my application of opti gloss back fired and ended up with lots of steaks in certain areas. Now the coating is cured and looks like I will have to polish the car again. I am not a happy camper because I put a lot of hours on this car. I checked and checked the car for high spots in many ways, in bright sun, flashlights, different angles, you name it. I found that High spots are easy to find when they are obvious and missed a few hidden spots, big ones. The streaking is obvious in certain light (overcast sky). Now I need to polish the car again. I am feeling very frustrated. Is it possible to polish opti gloss? Does it take long to remove? And would you recommend hyper compound or hyper polish? Looking for the best strategic approach as this job needs to turn out excellent.
  6. I was detailing a car yesterday and run out of daylight (detailing on location). The light was not appropriate to apply opti gloss ( I would not have been available to see the high spots) and the owner wanted to protect the paint until the layer of opti gloss. My best bet at th time was to put a coat of opti seal, which I did due to how easy it is to apply. Now, tomorrow ( Sunday Sept 27th) I have to apply opti gloss and I am wondering was is the best approach for this considering the paint has a layer of opti seal on. I certainly do not want to polish again (this car has 7 hours of polishing) and I am wondering if the seal and gloss are compatible chemically in a way that you could apply one after the other. If not, what would be the easiest way to remove the seal whithout polishing? I have eraser and power clean that I could use so I am hoping one of those will do the trick. Please advise as I want to spend th less time possible while being highly effective on this project tomorrow. Thank you
  7. Power Clean to Strip LSP

    Hi Ron, how about Opti Gloss, I am about to detail another car, decor and then apply Opti Gloss. Should I be careful with OPC?
  8. thank you for the response!
  9. I posted this elsewhere, and did not get a reply because I assume it was in another post and got lost there so I decided to make a new post with my question. I have to detail a car that has CQUARTZ FINEST and the owner is worried that if I use POWER CLEAN to remove bugs I might strip off the sealant. My guess is that 'it might' used in pure form but I am not completely sure and maybe someone who has encounter this same scenario before can shed some light on this. I am going to detail this car this FRIDAY, and although I can use TAR-X on quartz, just want to clear this out in case I encounter other problematic areas that might need the muscle of power clean. Cheers
  10. Power Clean to Strip LSP

    Sorry for the resurrection. I am about to detail a car that has Quartz finest and the owner wants an clean/decon/re application of reset and reload. I am thinking of using OPC as one of the decontaminants, along with Iron-X. I know that that Iron X should work fine and make no harm on cquartz but I am intending to use OPC to remove bugs from fenders and lights, etc so I am wondering if I am going to strip off cquartz finest (not sure if this is possible). Thanks
  11. OPC to clean carpets?

    Thanks for the response. I bought a shop vac and to my surprise it suck all the water out, the vac is a ridgid 5hp, the carpets looks very clean. I used vinegar to remove salt stains and then o carpet cleaner, it worked like a charm. Carpet are stain free now and I am talking serious caked on salt. Anyway, very happy with the optimum products, they help me simplify my steps. I really like opc on plastics.
  12. OPC to clean carpets?

    How do you remove opc from the carpets?
  13. G-p-s before opti gloss?

    thanks for the feedback, I will start with the polish and go from there. What is the ideal scenario to use GPS with? would it be something to apply a few months after the application of OPTI GLOSS? will the GPS remove the Opti Gloss?