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  1. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    Thank you for responses. Got in touch with my installer, he responded immediately to my text. it was hard water as it came from the garden hose that the water was sprayed unto the garage door as my family was trying to rinse away bird droppings, not knowing that I coated the car as they are ignorant of such things. thankfully I caught it within minutes of it happening, the sun was setting and it was not extremely hot outside was instructed to use plush microfiber ONR wet towel to wipe , followed by plush microfiber towel to dry.
  2. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    I just got my car coated with pro + on 6/6/20. Tonight 6/9/20 my family was rinsing they garage door not knowing I paid for expensive coating and now it has gotten wet. what can I do to save the coating?
  3. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    The important part about protection for me is whether something sticks to the paint easier/harder. I want my protection to make it so that grime doesn't stick to it. I don't however have had good experience with Opti seal being able to perform well in this area. On other hand, I am getting my new car i bought recently with Opti Coat pro +. Daily driver has base coat of Turtle Wax Ice Seal/shine, and topped with Optimum car wax during maintenance washes.
  4. Can’t seem to upload the photos, but I tried the carpet fabric cleaner on my Puma driving shoes which has a suede type material on it. Now I see these White residue lines on it. What is that?
  5. Kiddetailer

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    You have to be careful with the towel/wash media you use while using Opti Clean as you would accumulate alot of dirt on the towel/media. Flip the towel as it gets dirty with every swipe, and then change towels. As oppose to ONR bucket wash where you apply the Big Red Sponge all over the car
  6. Kiddetailer

    Grit guard with ONR?

    my current method involves x2 buckets Bucket #1: bucket with ONR with 2 gallons of solution and an BRS Bucket #2: bucket with ONR with multiple towels/washmitt I currently am not using any grit guard even though I have x2 grit guards on hand. I wash the car with BRS and dip it in the same bucket to rinse. After I have gone through the whole car with the BRS, I go through the whole car with a fresh clean microfiber towel from bucket #2. Bucket #2 never gets contaminated and continue to perhaps x5 washes. Bucket #1 gets refreshed every wash. However I may start incorporating detail guards just for added security. Yvan in his videos promoted that you shouldn't need a grit guard, and 1 bucket method is fine.
  7. Kiddetailer

    MDR + Ferrex Synergy?

    since MDR is acid based, I think mixing Ferrex into the equation would mess up the chemistry. Just as Mixing Optimum Power clean with Ferrex in the same go would ... as Power clean is suppose to be more Basic. I believe Ferrex is PH neutral
  8. Since using ONR, the need for 2 bucket method is not necessary. If I were to use Optimum car soap or any car soap for that matter, and add ONR to it, is it still safe to do a one bucket method? Like would the dirt still get pulled to the bottom like in ONR wash? How much ONR do you add to a soap bucket?
  9. Can the carpet/upholstery cleaner be used on alacangara/suade? i have Honda type R to detail and the front seats is some type of imitation suede.
  10. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    Unfortunate I have moved on from Opti seal. At least once I’m done with the bottle I have. I am in the turtle wax ice seal and shine crowd now after viewing how good it is. it is the next best thing to actual coating. i am however continuing use of optimum car wax for now because of claimed UV protection which is needed for cars that haven’t been Opti coated
  11. Kiddetailer

    VOC free ?

    I understand that the Optimum product line is promoted to be VOC free. I was looking through various SDS of the optimum products. In example, for Opti Seal it states "Grams VOC less water: 14". Optimum No Rinse it states "Grams VOC less water: 6 g". Ferrex it states " Lbs VOC/Gallon Less Water 0.00". What does that mean?
  12. was wondering what was used to wipe it off?
  13. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal, Wax, and Detailer Question

    I would follow instructions on the bottle for Opti seal + instant detailer. Wait 30 minutes. ive been told and am understanding that optimum car wax can be put on top of Opti seal or even before Opti seal immediately, no wait time. How instant detailer falls in this, I would probably wait till next wash or at least 24 hrs to do Instant detailer
  14. Was reading if coatings were good for track day wheels. I came across this post about Opti coat pro from “rika-San” “I frequently use Iron X to remove stubborn melted on brake pads from my track car's rims. I can say with confidence that opticoating wheels does make washing/cleaning them easier. I would have done the track car too but apparently opticoat will fail under the extreme heat of automotive sport, the temps from the rotors, pads and callipers will destroy it. So yes, it works.” Does Opti coat pro not work on track use brake calipers or wheels since it is exposed to extreme heat?
  15. I love optimum car wax as I think it is the only product of its kind due to UV patent. currently thought Turtle wax has come out with its Ice Seal and Shine which is their new standalone sealant product with mention that it is a cross between a ceramic coating and a spray wax. It’s been showing on YouTube to withstand heat and repel chemicals in ways I have not seen before. Was wondering if the Doc will be updating the spray wax to keep up with detailing trends?