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  1. Can the carpet/upholstery cleaner be used on alacangara/suade? i have Honda type R to detail and the front seats is some type of imitation suede.
  2. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    Unfortunate I have moved on from Opti seal. At least once I’m done with the bottle I have. I am in the turtle wax ice seal and shine crowd now after viewing how good it is. it is the next best thing to actual coating. i am however continuing use of optimum car wax for now because of claimed UV protection which is needed for cars that haven’t been Opti coated
  3. Kiddetailer

    VOC free ?

    I understand that the Optimum product line is promoted to be VOC free. I was looking through various SDS of the optimum products. In example, for Opti Seal it states "Grams VOC less water: 14". Optimum No Rinse it states "Grams VOC less water: 6 g". Ferrex it states " Lbs VOC/Gallon Less Water 0.00". What does that mean?
  4. was wondering what was used to wipe it off?
  5. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal, Wax, and Detailer Question

    I would follow instructions on the bottle for Opti seal + instant detailer. Wait 30 minutes. ive been told and am understanding that optimum car wax can be put on top of Opti seal or even before Opti seal immediately, no wait time. How instant detailer falls in this, I would probably wait till next wash or at least 24 hrs to do Instant detailer
  6. Was reading if coatings were good for track day wheels. I came across this post about Opti coat pro from “rika-San” “I frequently use Iron X to remove stubborn melted on brake pads from my track car's rims. I can say with confidence that opticoating wheels does make washing/cleaning them easier. I would have done the track car too but apparently opticoat will fail under the extreme heat of automotive sport, the temps from the rotors, pads and callipers will destroy it. So yes, it works.” Does Opti coat pro not work on track use brake calipers or wheels since it is exposed to extreme heat?
  7. I love optimum car wax as I think it is the only product of its kind due to UV patent. currently thought Turtle wax has come out with its Ice Seal and Shine which is their new standalone sealant product with mention that it is a cross between a ceramic coating and a spray wax. It’s been showing on YouTube to withstand heat and repel chemicals in ways I have not seen before. Was wondering if the Doc will be updating the spray wax to keep up with detailing trends?
  8. Kiddetailer

    ONR Wash and Wax with Opti-Seal

    Currently I am doing ONR wash with big red sponge. While panel is still wet with ONR, I spray Optimum Car wax on the panel. I take a damp ONR microfiber towel that is wringed out so it isn’t going to dilute the optimum car wax, I use the towel to pick up any smudges/dirt on the paint that I may of missed with the big red sponge. Then I take a dry microfiber towel and I wipe the panel dry. i got this idea from how Ivan has been using the Clay towel to spread the wax. The only difference is I’m not using the clay towel but a regular microfiber towel damp with ONR. once it is wiped dry, I apply a spray wax like Turtle wax Ice or the Meguiars D156 Cote’s spray wax. However I don’t really know if adding the spray wax would interfere with optimum car wax as I didn’t let the wax “cure” before putting on another spray wax.
  9. Looking for Opti coat installer in the Las Vegas area. What doesn’t it mean when it says Optimum Ceramic Certified:No ? None of the listed on the search engine for opti coat are Optimum Ceramic Certified.
  10. Kiddetailer


    Will it be available to my local opti coat installer? Or I have to find a painter that has signed up for this? i am located in Las Vegas
  11. I am wondering what the PH scale is on this product.
  12. Kiddetailer

    Optimum TAR remover

    I heard there was the new TAR/Adhesive remover coming out. When is the estimated time of arrival. Could really use a product like that soon.
  13. Kiddetailer

    Hyper Polish on Rubber Trim

    I never heard anybody say to tape up trim/rubber for Optimum Hyper Compound or Hyper polish
  14. I finally see the new clay towel and mitt on opticoat website. What aggressiveness are these towel and mitt?
  15. Where do you buy the Opti-Coat No Wash Sign?