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  1. Kiddetailer

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww
  2. Kiddetailer

    To presoak or not presoak? ONRww

    I have been trying this new way of washing. Now it may seem counter productive to efficiency. I have heard from someone (possibly Ivan) about presoaking with ONR then rinsing the car with water prior to anything. This is my current experimental routine which applies to ALL washes for the sake of consistency everytime I wash a car with a water source. I personally use a hose with garden sprayer attachment on a "flat" spray setting (similar to pressure washer). I also wash my vehicle in NIGHT TIME as I am in the desert heat. The following steps can still be applied without a water source, which would increase efficiency, but I would take POWER Clean out of the routine and also not work in the wheel barrel for wheel cleaning. 1. Presoak the car with ONR and let it dwell. Spray Tires/Wheels with Power Clean. Take the ONR wet wheel/body brush and go over all the wheel faces, tires quickly. Rinse off ONR/PowerClean with hose/pressure washer. *The dirt should be encapsulated and some of the dirt/grime should be rinsed off better this way. 2. ONR wash with BRS. Rinse again with hose/pressure washer. *The contact wash should break off any bonds (static) that some dirt/grime had on the paint which should now be rinsed easily off the car. I noticed that if you pressure wash a dusty car, some dust may still be stuck on paint due to static, which requires contact wash to break this bond. 3. ONR wash with Cyclone wash mitt. *This should be a quick step as most of the dirt/grime is gone from the car. Using this step ensures whatever was not picked up by the BRS/Rinse cycle would be picked up here so that the drying towel would not pick up any unforeseen dirt/grime. 4. Spray down entire car with ONR. Dry the car with Plus Twisted Loop towel 5. Use ONR wet microfiber towel on wheels, tires, brake calipers. If working into the barrel with Wheel Woolies, I would spray the wheel down again with hose after the wash. 6. Dry Wheels with Opti Seal and Microfiber towel . 7. Apply Last Step Product of choice on the paint/windows/soft top/tires
  3. Does optimum have anything in their product line for that?
  4. Kiddetailer

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    Ron, wouldn't Opti Guard Fabric be more appropriate since Alcantara is a textile material?
  5. I am actually amazed optimum power clean didn't effect it. Did you use full strength? What about Ferrex?
  6. Kiddetailer

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    I don't believe there is one product I am aware of that would protect Alcantara, except maybe 303 Fabric protector, and the Optimum fabric coatings. However, since Alcantara is some unusual material, I would consult with the manufacturer of those products before use.
  7. Kiddetailer

    Alcantara Cleaning & Protection

    I use Optimum Fabric cleaner on my shoes...... and i am hesitant to use Optimum Fabric Cleaner on Alcantara. Carpet yes....cloth seats yes.... But I would use Sonax on Alcantara, I have seen sodas spilled on seats and the Alcantara Cleaner mopped it up no issues with the stain in the seat for days. Optimum Fabric cleaner is quite foamy/sudsy, and the material to me only feels right once it is "rinsed" say from an extractor
  8. Ultra Clay towel was discontinued?
  9. Kiddetailer

    Tweaked ONR

    Optimum No rinse and Seal? perhaps Yes, I'm hoping I can identify this new formula with a "gold sticker" like other optimum products. If not, I don't want to feel like I've been tricked to buy an old batch when I want to experiment with new stuff. Now I'm praying for a new Opti Seal formulation, time to kick that TW out of the water.
  10. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    He actually indicated it is also silicon carbide, also with 7 year warranty. doing a bit of research, looks like Dann Williams is their Vice President of business development. so I’m sure they took what they learned from Optimum and carried on with their new brand. I will be sticking with Optimum as it is a complete system, comes in gallons. the only thing I guess I can complain about is the ONR could be better (other rinseless seems to have more cleaning power and/or able to keep wash media clean), Opti seal doesn’t seem to be as durable and seems to have poor protection against things from sticking to the paint
  11. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    He is one of the only ones in town that does the coating. I just did my 30 day check with him, and he took off some high spots. He also indicated though that he may be using a new line of products from Owners Pride.
  12. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    Thank you for responses. Got in touch with my installer, he responded immediately to my text. it was hard water as it came from the garden hose that the water was sprayed unto the garage door as my family was trying to rinse away bird droppings, not knowing that I coated the car as they are ignorant of such things. thankfully I caught it within minutes of it happening, the sun was setting and it was not extremely hot outside was instructed to use plush microfiber ONR wet towel to wipe , followed by plush microfiber towel to dry.
  13. Kiddetailer

    Opti coat pro plus got wet

    I just got my car coated with pro + on 6/6/20. Tonight 6/9/20 my family was rinsing they garage door not knowing I paid for expensive coating and now it has gotten wet. what can I do to save the coating?
  14. Kiddetailer

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    The important part about protection for me is whether something sticks to the paint easier/harder. I want my protection to make it so that grime doesn't stick to it. I don't however have had good experience with Opti seal being able to perform well in this area. On other hand, I am getting my new car i bought recently with Opti Coat pro +. Daily driver has base coat of Turtle Wax Ice Seal/shine, and topped with Optimum car wax during maintenance washes.
  15. Can’t seem to upload the photos, but I tried the carpet fabric cleaner on my Puma driving shoes which has a suede type material on it. Now I see these White residue lines on it. What is that?