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  1. if so what dillution ratio? wanting to use it as a preclean prior to a protectant.
  2. is the ratio the same as with onr[2 oz per 32 oz of h20] for qd?
  3. John Baker


    depending on what chris says paul there are much better and similiar products out there that are ALOT cheaper with better results ime
  4. John Baker

    glass clean&protect

    ok,sounds good funny guy
  5. John Baker

    glass clean&protect

    can we use distilled water with this product instead of deionized water?
  6. John Baker

    Anyone using this?

    these guns are great,use them for waterless washs also.also for pre treating.good way to use up waterless washs that are not of optimum quality.
  7. hi all was wondering if anyone is useing this in there tornador as a dressing.probably would need to be cut pretty thin to work.tried wolfgang in it but was to thick.just lookin to stay in the optimum family
  8. John Baker

    optiglass clean and protect

    is there a release date yet?
  9. John Baker

    dillution ratio

    is the dillution 1 oz for every gallon correct
  10. i thought the range was from 50 to 90 degrees.just checkin
  11. John Baker

    rotary speeds for finish polish

    ok,cool.was lookin at the blue optimum finish foam pad and was wondering if it is self centering?[bp fits inside]
  12. what speeds are you guys running the rotary with finish polish?i am assuming it has a long working time,so dropin down to jewel the last couple passes at 600rpm would be ok with finish?also does anyone use optimums finishing foam pads?[got the red double sided for hyper but was lookin for a couple new finishing pads. thanks