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  1. Brett

    Layering gloss coat

    Finally going to take the plunge! If I want to apply a second coat, what is the wait time after the first? Thanks.
  2. Brett

    HI from Naperville IL

    Welcome...I'm near Joliet!
  3. I think in the spring I will take the OC plunge. I plan on using Optimum polishes as opposed to my current Meguiars, mainly because I want one line of products. Polish and finish, then a wipedown to ensure I'm good to go. What is the preferred applicator for OC? I've heard the included applicator is grabby. Would I be better off with a MF applicator? Is it layerable? If so, how long should I wait? 12 hours? A day? Lastly, how does OC look on white? Thanks.
  4. Brett

    Opti Coat 2.0 Prep Questions

    Eraser should not require IPA either, correct?
  5. Brett

    A Few Opti Seal Questions

    Chris...any issue laying OCW over OOS after it's flashed and cured about 15 minutes? Thanks. Those applicators look sweet.
  6. I take a lot of road trips and am thinking of moving over to an all Optimum lineup. Currently I keep a spray bottle of ONR at QD strength in the trunk to clean off the large amount of bugs I collect on the way to my lake house. Would Opti Clean be a better choice/solution? Thanks.
  7. Used OS a while back..several years ago. Thinking about going all Optimum, so some questions. What's the best applicator to use? Foam, MF? How long should one wait before topping with OCW? Lastly, any issues with using GPS and immediately topping with OS? Thanks so much!
  8. Brett

    Opti Coat 2.0 Prep Questions

    Thanks so to get over my apprehension of using Opti Coat!
  9. Really considering using Opti Coat 2.0. I've heard conflicting reports on prep, so I thought I would come straight to the source. Now, I've heard that if Optimum Polishes are used, just a damp MF wipe is needed. With other polishes, I have heard using power clean, dawn, or IP alcohol. I've also heard some use Car Pro Eraser. Can anyone confirm the process if optimum polishes are used? Also, in your opinion, what's the best prep method if using other polishes? Thanks!
  10. Brett

    FS: Collinite 845

    Full bottle...make an offer!
  11. I have quite an assortment of products here. -I have a box of 4 ounce samples, maybe about 12 bottles, that contain either Medium Cut Compound or Swirl Mark Remover. Make me an offer on these. Great Products, but I have TOO much! -16 Ounce bottle of both SMR and MCC....make offers. Help me clean my garage!
  12. Would like to package this, but will entertain individual bottle sales. 3 bottles, 2 old formula and one new. Make me a fair offer! Thanks.
  13. Nothing wrong with them, just have extra bottles. all 95% full. Please make me an offer!
  14. I've read and experienced that the Optimum polishes and compounds take a long time to work with a PC/UDM. My question is this....if I mixed, say OP and OC, would this speed up/increase the cut of OP? Interested to hear feedback.