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  1. Swanicyouth

    Opti-Coat 2.0 straight after Hyper Polish?

    If this the same procedure for the non-sprayable Optimum polishes? Or is IPA required with those ? Also, can you polish a car with Optimum Finish Polish, wipe it down with ONR, then go right to OC? Or, will ONR polymers affect OC?
  2. Swanicyouth

    OC Prep: Please Clarify

    Thanks for your input. Only reason I'm so picky about this is because my first round of OC failed. Only thing I could really think to blame it on is the Wolfgang polishes, and IPA didn't remove all the "remnants". I have now seen how WG polishes leaves something behind very durable. If people say Eraser is OK, then its likely OK. So far, so good. My OC'ed roof and bumpers are still beading like crazy.
  3. Swanicyouth

    OC Prep: Please Clarify

    Here is a thread: http://optimumforums.org/index.php?showtopic=1772
  4. Swanicyouth

    OC Prep: Please Clarify

    I understand that the surface has to be clean. But, I seem to remember Chris T saying if you use Optimum polishes, an IPA wipedown isn't even necessary, you can just wipe with water. Not that I would do that, but part of my choice of Optimum polishes was a little extra "insurance" its compatible with OC. The reason in so concerned about this is because I coated a vehicle in OC and in 6 mos it was gone. I used Wolfgang Polishes which I now know leave a lot behind that is not easy to remove. I wish Optimum would just take the mystery out of it and make a prep product like Eraser. Also, Eraser leaves something behind for "anti-static", so who knows if that is even appropriate??? So, basically what is being said is, Optimum polishes are no different than anyone else's polishes?
  5. Swanicyouth

    OC Prep: Please Clarify

    So, its been said that if you use Optimum Polishes prior to OC, your good. I still do an IPA wipedown. The question is, for some reason people always seem to recommend polishes from the Hyper Line. Is there some benefit to using the "Hyper" polishes over the regular polishes for OC prep? Or, doesn't it matter? Do they both leave equally friendly remnants behind that are OC friendly? Another question is, I've been seeing people saying you can do an ONR wipedown prior to OC. Wouldn't the slick polymers in ONR remain on the surface and interfere with the OC? Same question with Optimum Finish Polish. The label states it contains polymers to avoid dusting/ dry buff. Can't these polymers interfere with OC? I always do an IPA wipedown. But its been said you can just wipe with water. Wouldn't any polymers left from ONR or Optimum Finish Polish interfere with OC? Or, don't the polymers matter? TIA!
  6. Swanicyouth

    How Long til OC is Chemical Resistant?

    Thanks that sounds right.
  7. How long does OC need to cure until its resistant to acid/base cleaners, strong APCs, and IPA?
  8. Swanicyouth

    tried opti-coat 2.0 for the 1st time

    That's the thing that "bugs me" about coatings in general. You never really if they are there. If you were to miss an area waxing, or it gets removed from an area for some reason - its not a big deal, you will just get it on you next coat. But, say for some reason (residue, over buffing, etc...) the OC didn't "take" on your trunk. How would you know? Most rinseless and waterless washes have polymers that will bead after washing. A lot of regular soaps seem to have things in them that make water bead and sheet as well. You don't really know if the coating is intact. All you have to go by is beading, and sometimes even a clean surface can bead. I've seen people say with OC (and other coatings) that the beading has "fallen off". So, how do you know if the coating is even still present? I'm not blaming the coating as being bad, maybe the installer did something wrong. There seems to be no definitive way to tell.
  9. Swanicyouth

    OptiCoat Round II

    I'm curious to see how OC beads compared to the wax on the rest of the vehicle (Dodo Blue Velvet Pro). I have my wheels OC'ed for over a year now. I notice right after you wash them with wheel cleaner, they won't bead - no matter how much you rinse. Then I IPA them and they bead. I may OC the whole vehicle if Im happy with the roof. Don't know. At any rate, I plan to do the bumpers, as these are the areas I hate waxing (roof & bumpers).
  10. Swanicyouth

    OptiCoat Round II

    So, a few years ago I OC'ed my SUV. For whatever reason I came to the conclusion about a year ago it "failed". The beads were dead. Looking back, I made several mis-steps during the whole process, because I didn't know any better at the time: 1. I didn't use Optimum Polishes to polish prior. I used Wolfgang (Menzerna) polishes. However, I did DP several IPA wipe downs. 2. When the beading "died" I didn't IPA the vehicle. Since I have found some "stuff" can leave residue on a surface and cause the beading to fail. An IPA wipe-down brings it back. ... So, I decided to OC the roof (only)f of my SUV to see how it works out, because I hate waxing the roof. I used Optimum Finish to polish, then did many 20% IPA wipe downs. I then applied two coats of OC to the roof using the Opti Pro Dual Applicator (brand new). I decided to use this thread to document the success or failure of this endeavor. Here are some pics of the roof 12 hours after OC application. It drizzled out after I applied it, but it was several hours later. .. Here are the beads from the slight rain this morning: You can imagine after spending days polishing out the whole vehicle (was a swirled vehicle at the time) and doing all the prep on my initial application, I'm a little "skittish" on OC. The issue for me is, how do you know for sure the OC is still there? As, sometimes a clean naked surface will bead - but not as tightly as the beads from OC in the pictures above. I plan on seeing how I feel about the roof and possibly doing the whole vehicle. Here is the SUV all done with OC on the roof: L update this thread with beading / sheeting pics and videos if the roof.
  11. Swanicyouth


    What about GPS?
  12. Swanicyouth

    So I tried Menzerna......

    I with you. I don't think Menzerna is that great either from what I tried. I do like the Wolfgang polishes and they are made by Menz though.
  13. I got some Solution Finish on BOGO to take care of the rubber bits on my roof rack on my 01 Pathfinder. The attachment points and a center strip on each rack is plastic, the center strip itself metal. I was ready to give up on improving the metal part when I decided to try something. I took every thing apart and cleaned it from the roof rack in preparation for treating with Solution Finish on another day. I decided to try to improve the center metal rails with my 7424, a 3" Hydrotech cyan pad, an Optimum Compund. Couldn't believe the results after compound only. I made a tape line prior to compare my progress. In a few days I'll will be finishing them with the same setup using GPS. this is 11 years of sun an oxidation Before I cleaned and took it apart. Doesn't show a lot After compounding half using a tape line. Keep in mind surface is 100% dry and cleaned with Eraser. No wax or protection on surface Optimum Polishes Rule!
  14. Swanicyouth


    Yes? As in GPS has more cut than Finish Polish?
  15. Swanicyouth


    2 Questions about GPS 1. Is it more or less aggressive than Finishing Polish? 2. Do you use a polish or finish pad?