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  1. Al.

    Can ONR be reused?

    Exactly the way to go. I use a 3 gallon pail from Lowes with a cut down grit guard and filling to the 1 1/2 gallons mark. I can barely carry anything around and the less weight the better. Sometimes doing only a couple of car sections at a time. ONR stays good for a long time.
  2. Al.

    New Guy from Chicago

    Todd I lived in Naperville and Glen Ellyn before my bride and I just plain got tired of the cold and snow and headed to Georgia. Now living in a suburb of Atlanta. Stay warm my friend.
  3. Al.

    New Guy from Chicago

    Welcome Bears rule Live in the city or subs?
  4. Blues go right ahead and try it out. We have applied OPP on - leather jackets, leather sports and dress shoes, belts, hats, boots, gloves, wallets, purses, business bags, golf bags, backpacks, blah,blah,blah… always do a test area to be safe. We like this stuff a lot. Pleasant scent too.
  5. Al.

    Forum Appearance

    I like the changes to the introduction mast and front page. Easy on my eyes.
  6. Al.

    Opti-Coat Application

    Lookin very sharp
  7. Al.

    Hellow from MN

    Great to see you here Rasky!
  8. Al.

    New to this forum

    Great to see you over here CEE DOG
  9. Al.

    Hello from N.J.

    Welcome aboard and if you have any questions their are members here who will be able to answer your Optimum questions just post up the questions.
  10. Al.

    Hello From S. Florida

    Hi David glad to see you over here.
  11. Al.


    Welcome aboard Brad! It was great fun working with you a couple of weeks back and I am glad you joined this forum.
  12. I had some free time so I started on the brass candle holder’s tall type and the shorty ones. Moved onto the fireplace tools, and then finished up cleaning various display items that are brass around the house. Using a drop and spreading around the surface using my fingertip, waiting a minute or so then following up with a MF cloth for my process. Metal Polish was much easier to use then other products I have used in the past with no harsh smells, and my fingertip cleaned right up with soap and water. No stained fingers. Best part is my bride is happy and so am I. This cleaning and polishing was a pain before but no more!
  13. Al.


    Welcome aboard. I drop by every day to increase my knowledge it's just that I do not talk much on forums maybe others are also like me. Get me on the phone and I can say more in two minutes than I can by typing. For instance yesterday I did a detailer coaching session with a guy that drove five hours one way to learn all he could in the time span we had available to us 8am to 3pm. I had already sent him my outline of what we would be covering during the session. We only did the exterior of his car. ONR wash entire car, clayed the trunk lid surface and we only really worked on half of the trunk lid section because it was nasty with swirls and such. This area makes a great before and after for him. He now has the shiniest half truck lid in southern Georgia and mega skills to finish the rest of the car at his facility. I love teaching or coaching others and this is the first time I think that I have ever written about this aspect of my business. I did convert him to the OPT line up and Megs #105 he will be sending me an order shortly plus I will give him 12% off all OPT products. If you live in Georgia you are welcome to stop over and we will help you out. See I am just not an exciting writer and you can’t hear the laughing nor see the excitement in him learning pads, process and products.
  14. Al.

    New Car Care

    Clay after ONR and don't forget to take before and after pictures.
  15. Al.

    Forum question

    Here is what I have been researching the last three months during my down time from detailing. I have been working on a set of documents that may help some of us out concerning how to get new business using Cold Calling which most of us are not good at. You can convert this information into your own style for telelphone sales, in person one on one meetings or at events with your potential new clients. So far I have completed these topic headings: Cold Calling a Process, Technique & Strategy - 7 pages Mindset of Today’s Telephone Sales Professional - 5 pages Script Preparations - 3 pages I still have one or two more headings that are unfinished even as rough drafts. Steve a detailer in Clearwater, Florida is helping me out by checking my work. If these are of interest to you please let me know. I am always looking for another proof editor if you are interested. More eyes make a better presentation.