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  1. Thanks for the response. Didn't think it could or would. Maybe UV/sunlight makes scratches disappear too. It does get a lot of sun during the day at work. Whatever the reason, glad they're gone.
  2. Curious if indeed it is self-healing. I had some self inflicted scratches when filling my rear tires at a gas station, the hose slipped and retracted rubbing against the front shoulder of my hood when the car was fairly dusty. I immediately went home and ordered an air compressor, but damage done. In the sun I could see many fine scratches after the next two washes. I was planning on taking it to my detailer to have him repair the damage. But to my suprisr they are now completely gone. My detailer even put it under his lights to find imperfections and nothing. I do use ONRWW, not sure if the wax part could be filling them in. Needless to say I'm pleased, but tought I'd ask the experts.
  3. Just wanted to share. Already posted in Porsche Macan forum Went on a road trip to Lake Tahoe, and final night in hotel was parked under a tree. Woke up to tree sap which looked like it had been sprayed (like paint overspray) all over the hood, windshield and roof. It was sticky on the windshield (didn't want to "touch" the paint to see how it felt). Was really worried about marring the Opticodat when trying to remove it this morning while washing it. Most if not all of the sap came off with just a hose spray, as did all of the many bug splats. The sap did not come off the windshield with the hose, but a few wipes with a ONRWW soaked microfiber removed that as well Suffice to say very happy with Opticoat and that I was able to spend 30 minutes on a really dirty car and have it looking showroom new) Before and after pics (might have to zoom in on before to see the sap Before After Great product guys!!
  4. Opticoat pro plus - swirls

    Thanks Ron. Yes, my heart sank when I noticed they washed it, then hoped that maybe I'd get lucky, but not so much. Swirls are everywhere, although not that visible in the past two days with overcast conditions (maybe I will move to Seattle ). You mention not compromising OCP with the primer, but what about the "plus" layer?
  5. My original opticoat pro plus application was done immediately after delivery of new car. I just took it in for service for a recall, and didn't dawn on me that it would be washed, or to tell them not to (they never asked, just did it). Anyway, the car ended up with swirls all over. I took it to my detailer and he said that it would likely need to be completely re-done (correction and re-apply). I'd like to ask the experts what other options I may have if the dealer doesn't cover the cost, as I can't afford to do it over again. Of course I'll ask my detailer as well, but the more input the better. Thanks
  6. Orange Peel

    Thanks, appreciate the response. Looks like "living" with it is the best option for me, as I really can't afford and don't want to risk damaging, as it is a daily driver. Seems like it is luck of the draw, as I've seen other Macans with some but not nearly as much peel as I got, but hey what are you going to do,
  7. Orange Peel

    Thanks guys I suspected as much. Found one other guy on another forum asking the same thing. Maybe the Opticoat Pro is so glossy it just reveals the factory imperfections more. Other question remains though. Do detailers normally do some amount of polishing to reduce the factory orange peel OR is the only way to do that with wet sanding which I've seen detailers recommend against for factory finishes.
  8. Orange Peel

    Hi all. I drove my brand new Porsche Macan (Agate Grey) directly from the dealer, to a highly recommended detailer for Opticoat Pro Plus application . I asked the dealer to not wash or polish the vehicle and all they did was remove the plastic for inspection. So the car was dirty and of course I was very excited to take delivery and did not notice orange peel on paint at the time. After I picked up from detailer (after Opticoat application) and seeing car in bright sun light I have notice a lot of orange peel all over the car. Based on my research I think I already know the answer, but want to confirm with the experts here (especially since the Porsche dealer basically said the detailer must have caused this). So I ask you here, is there any circumstance where improper application or rush job/not enough time between coats, etc. on an Opticoat pro plus application could cause an orange peel effect on the finish? (NOTE: I notice no high spots, clouding or streaks as described elsewhere on the forum, just a lot of orange peel) Assuming the answer above is NO, then a question for the detailers. Would/should prep for Opticoat Pro Plus include some polishing to reduce orange peel? I've read both polishing OR wet sanding can be used, with the latter being risky for factory finishes (and not recommended for daily drivers - which mine is). Does normal dealer prep (which I explicitly declined) do some orange peel correction?? My car looks good, don't get me wrong, I just know it would look freaking awesome without the orange peel. I find myself looking at paint as I'm walking through parking lots. I've seen plenty of BMWs and Mercedes with as bad or worse orange peel, but a Boxster (also Agate) with some, but much less than mine. However bummed that I've seen a couple of Ford Edge cars with perfect paint and no orange peel. My detailer says 97% of Porsches have orange peel and they can remove it for $3500, but not what I was hoping to hear. Thanks in advance. Steve
  9. New to forum

    Hi my name is Steve. Just had Opticoat Pro Plus applied to my new 2016 Porsche Macan S (Agate Grey) and have some questions on the application and am interested in learning how to best care for it.