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  1. Dr Oldz

    A Few Opti Seal Questions

    I did mean OS. Thanks Chris. I had a "I forgot my Opti-? Moment!"
  2. Dr Oldz

    A Few Opti Seal Questions

    Chris, should you wait for PS to cure or can you just apply OC immediatey after using PS? Thanks, Jim
  3. Dr Oldz

    Video of MF pads in use

    LOL But free of charge. I will try to post here in the next few days. I do warn u that I am not the most talented with video tho!
  4. Dr Oldz

    Video of MF pads in use

    I'll try to do something with the polishing discs and hyper polish. U prefer rotary or DA?
  5. Dr Oldz

    Video of MF pads in use

    What are you looking for? The whole process?
  6. Dr Oldz

    ONR with OCW??

    So I tried this this morning. It does indeed a bit of slickness to the finish. It was too hard to tell if it actually added protection tho but I am assuming it did add a little due to the slicker surface. Using OCW is still better as a seperate application IMO. This is very cool if you are in a hurry tho. Something to keep in mind if you can't apply OCW in the traditional manner!
  7. Dr Oldz

    ONR with OCW??

    Interesting. Thanks guys!
  8. Does adding some OCW to your ONR solution actually add some protection? IF so how much to add. If this is indeed true would adding OCW to OCWC also work? Thanks Chris
  9. Dr Oldz

    Technique with MF pads?

    I have compressed air available and I found that a nylon pad brush works much better. I clean it every section to keep the fibers fluffed up. Most often 2 or 3 pads are all that is needed if you don't over apply product.
  10. Dr Oldz

    Optimum GPS doesn't atomize

    I would have to agree with the squeeze it like you mean it concept. I use the Spray compound and polish a lot and this was an issue I had till I adjusted myself into really pulling sharply on the trigger. If not, the product will just come out in a stream.
  11. You are everywhere! Good stuff!!!! Soon you will find yourself opoening a bottle of this just to have a sniff! LOL