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    Almost forgot how good this stuff is

    He loves it. He traded in his VW Passat that he also liked. Come to think of it I don't think he has not liked a car since his Pontiac Sunbird (circa 1984) so he is not really particular. Although he did not like my mothers 2001 BMW 530i, though he never could tell me why but I sure love it, now that it is mine. He got an Limited with all the toys except the navigation. It has a back up camera and what not. He got it in late winter, but did not have any snow after he got it so he has not experienced the awesomeness of SUBARU AWD! (I have had 3 Legacys and love them)I think he likes the height of the car, as it is easy for him to get his 80 year old body in and out of, and especially my mother as she has some health problems.
  2. miatapaul

    Almost forgot how good this stuff is

    Yea, the first car I did was a 2011 White Subaru Outback. My father had it just a few weeks, and he was blown away by my 20 min worth of work. 10 to clean it with ONR and 10 to opti-seal it. The guys at dealership were surprised and wanted to know where he had taken it and how much it cost. (of course the next day I had to back into a truck and scratch the bumper! :-( )
  3. miatapaul

    Opti-Seal removal

    How do you completely remove Opti-Seal? I may be getting a few door dings repainted (actually a lot of door dings) and I am worried about paint adhesion and fish eyes. I have applied 2 coats on a 2001 BMW 530i. LOVE the way it looks, but need to get dings fixed. (they came with the car)