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  1. Any plans to do a product to protect soft tops? Also a cleaner/protectant for alcantara.
  2. matthew

    UK Visit/Training

    Whilst not about products as such, ever thought (as in Dr G) of coming over to the UK for a weekend and doing a training/product showcase? Sure people would turn up to learn more about the products and how to apply things like opti-coat v2, maybe even do it just for pro's on the sunday so they can be "approved" and use it as a selling point?
  3. matthew

    My Experience with OC on Aluminum

    For water spots I use Duragloss Spot Remover, thats got to be cheaper over their lol I've not used (got) many Optimum products at the moment, but have just bought (yesterday) opti-seal and will test that on polished alloy to see how long I can get out of it.
  4. First up, sorry for my poor pic skills, still learning. Anyway, thought I would do the lights on the car, swirl reduction, leaving the deeper stuff in. Rotary is Metabo, 3m backing plate, pad sonus medium (small). Pic is before refinement. Low dust, low heat, worked a treat. Fingers crossed will be doing paint tomorrow, but weather isnt looking good.
  5. matthew

    Hyper Polish Problems

    What was the lsp as I dont know it. Could it be that having a reaction with the polish? Some LSPs just dont go away and it might be the residue of it that your "fighting" rather than the poor performance of the polish? Having read about this polish, going to try lower speeds than normal, see if that will have a positive effect on the softer paint.
  6. matthew

    Hyper Polish - Tips

    Yeah I read your thread. This honda is the GFs, I never use an unknown product on a customers car, thats asking for trouble. I had a few issues with this honda (paint) with menzerna, that was down to the lsp that refused to be removed no matter what (bilt hamber, rock solid and ignored ipa) which gummed up the pad. However, as you mention the spray, I wont be spraying it on I think, might just change the top to a standard filler top and use the drop (smartie, skittle etc) size as normal. Will have a play and post pics/thoughts as soon as I can.
  7. How much ONR to a litre bottle of water as a clay lube? Few different answers have been given. Just bought a gallon and the people who sold it me didnt have a clue.
  8. matthew

    Hyper Polish sprayer

    My spray head is red and white. Should it be a different spray head?
  9. matthew

    Hyper Polish - Tips

    Bought a bottle today (not cheap over here) for a play, see if it compares to Menzerna which I use alot. So tips for me please. Read alot of the threads on here, difference for me will be pad use, I will be using megs, lake, hexlogic to test. Car will be honda (fingers crossed with the weather) Just to make sure, it contains no fillers does it?
  10. matthew

    Could Menzerna Be Smoke & Mirrors?

    Did a Bently (super soft black paint) with menz and nothing, even after it went to local £5 wash and got hit with heavy TFRs Will give the opti a try, fingers crossed I can buy it today. Pads of choice will be megs, cg hex and lake gold (which is a fav of mine for the final gloss using wolf wp-1n)
  11. matthew

    Opti Coat 2 On PPF

    Final (well probably not) one on the plastic, what is it like on vinyl wraps? Just the same as paint? I gather it cant be used on matt paint/wraps as it will add a shine to it.
  12. Thank you, certainly seems to be a product for us to try out.
  13. matthew

    Could Menzerna Be Smoke & Mirrors?

    I know its a really old post, but any further on this, using the latest menzerna. I use it quite alot, and havnt noticed any marring coming back (so far)
  14. matthew

    Opti Coat 2 On PPF

    I usually add a sealant to paintwork, but having asked the makers of the sealants I use, they all said not to apply due to it "maybe" reacting with the ppf and turning it yellow. If your 100% sure it wont, will certainly look into buying some and testing it out on some ppf.
  15. matthew


    I cant find opti clay over here. But is it a medium clay and what size is it?