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  1. Thanks for the advise. I tried tried both methods to no avail. Disposed about 100ml of yellow liquid and then shook bottle vigorously, product refused to mix and all I'm getting out from the bottle is yellow liquid. I then added 20ml of paint thinner to bottle and again shook it vigorously, this time round product curdled. Continued shaking for another 5 minutes and things remained status quo. Here are some pics.
  2. Hi guys, My bottle of Optimum Poli-Seal seems to have gone bad (product separation). I shook it vigiously for a good 5 minutes and it simply refuses to mix again. All I'm getting now is a yellow liquid, the rest of the "stuff" is stuck against the walls of the bottle. Bottle is about 6-months old and I have only used it twice, its stored in a cool, dry and dark place. We don't get winters here, average annual temperature is about 28°C . Here are some pics for reference.
  3. CarNut

    Some questions on OC

    Hello everyone, Will be detailing a vehicle over the weekend, plan to allocate one full day for proper paint prep and another for OC application; vehicle will be detailed in a sheltered garage. Used OC on several vehicles before and my personal opinion is that OC gives a very clean look. Owner of above mentioned vehicle has asked me a question which I would like to clarify with the guys at Optimum (do not want to give wrong information based on my observation), 1) Does OC slightly alter the look of the paint like carnaubas and sealants? Or is it a "neutral" coating which just dries clear and protects paint? 2) I understand that Poli-Seal can be used to maintain OC. Will the use of Poli-Seal by hand thin the OC layer or shorten its lifespan since its abrasive? Appreciate your assistance, thanks.