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  1. No Rinse and Spray Wax in one shot

    Got it...Thanks
  2. No Rinse and Spray Wax in one shot

    Tried to watch this video from days gone by.Do they go away after so much time?I get this on my screen: 404. That’s an error. The requested URL /videoplay was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  3. OPT.GPS

    Thanks Ron and Chris.
  4. OPT.GPS

    I'm looking for a quick wash, clay, wax. I'm looking for a good All In One product. There are many out there so I just wanted to get some opinions/suggestions.So I'm thinking GPS might be the ticket?I need very little correction,a few micro scratches. Also what pad is normally used with this product?I'm sure Opt.spray wax will do to finish and maintain?I use a PC 7424XP. Thanks
  5. No Activity

    There are a lot of good videos here and autogeek...
  6. No Activity

    Thanks for the info...
  7. No Activity

    Yes,there is a lot of info.. thanks
  8. No Activity

    I see there is no activity here.What a shame for such a great product.Can someone point me the way for a Optimum friendly Forum. Thanks Much, Tony
  9. I've been using some of the Optimum products for awhile and really like them.Does Optimum offer any "All in One" type of products?Like,Wolfgang Uber All in One?I think the Chemical Guys offer one too,can't remember what it is called. Thanks, Tony