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  1. Pearl nap towel?

    I watched a recent highlight of the OPT training and it was mentioned that the best way to remove opticoat/gloss coat is with a pearl nap microfiber? I am not familiar with that term but its obviously meaning a tight low nap towel. Does this towel sold by Optimum qualify as a pearl nap for gloss coat removal?
  2. Hyper Seal

    Does Hyper Seal have greater hydrophobic properties than opti seal?
  3. Opti Eraser

    When will the light or fine version be available again for purchase?I have really have enjoyed using mine for close to a year now. Its finally starting to show its age a bit.
  4. How scratch resistant is gloss coat?

    Hey A&J, of course, are you on the Optimum Car Care Facebook group? Essentially what I have read there is that Gloss Coat is harder the factory clear although its unclear if its as hard as opticoat pro. Also the coating improves the hardness of your clearcoat, however you are limited by how much due to the softness of the substrate that its added to. Also quoting from Facebook: "Gloss Coat reduces friction. Combined with the increase in hardness the 2 phenomena conspire to make the vehicle easier to wash, and less likely to mar or scratch" Please correct me if anything I stated is not accurate I am just reporting what I read.
  5. How scratch resistant is gloss coat?

    *Disregard found some great info on facebook group.
  6. How scratch resistant is gloss coat?

    Just wanted to bump this question if possible was curious what data is available on this topic.
  7. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Anything announced other than the bedliner?
  8. Question on opti-glass application.

    I wanted to follow up on the OP question: In the description of Opti-Glass it states to polish or use the Opti clay Eraser. I assume using the clay eraser would substitute having to polish? This will be on a new car that is untouched from the dealer. Also in regards to the application temperature if I apply on a cool day will I simply allow more time or where do I stand there with application temps of 60+ degrees, Should I wait for spring time to apply? Is the application process similar to opti-seal and gloss coat?
  9. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Will we hear anything else before Sema?
  10. Does anyone use Opti-Clean for interior wipe downs? Is the product safe on all interior surfaces, anything to avoid? Would like to hear some feedback if possible. TIA
  11. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    I think the a tire coating is likely as well based on hints from the past few months, and I would personally like to see a more hydrophobic opti-seal, and an interior coating product.
  12. Question on opti-glass application.

    Few questions about Opti-Glass. I am about to use Opti-Glass for the first time. I see in the directions it states to wipe down with 15% IPA. Since Paint Prep was released after Opti-Glass was introduced, what are your thoughts on a possible use of Paint Prep in place of the IPA? Secondly should I use the Opti-Glass on the side mirrors? or would Gloss-Coat be the better pick for that task? Thanks.
  13. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Sorry Ron for not being more clear. I was picking up a few items and noticed you have several types of microfiber towels on Multi surface, Xtra plush, Edgeless premium plush, premium xtra plush etc. The prices seem very good for these towels and as I was going to gloss coat another vehicle I figured I should try out some of your towels. Which of them are best to level a coating?
  14. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    I was looking over Optimums microfiber towels on and was wondering what microfiber towel or towels would be most beneficial to use to remove gloss coat?