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  1. Temjinck

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Thanks Chris. I've managed to remove a majority of the traces via spot hand polishing with blue pad. It takes a bit to do it but at least I feel more comfortable with it than using a machine which could remove a bigger area and deeper of the coat than necessary. Just coated my chrome accessories with the coat as well. Unfortunately, small traces are still visible despite it was done inside the house (no sun) and with light buffs off MF pad. I am still not sure how it is possible to apply to a surface with perfect clear result without the need to do very light polish to get rid of those traces later.
  2. Temjinck

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Doh, I saw someone demonstrated the application in the sun before. Thought it would be ok. The traces are still removable with the blue pad and the finishing foam. I need to ask why do I need to reapply the whole thing again? Most of the panels are perfectly fine. I thought the coating is so tough (after 24 hours) than you need to use compounding and cutting pad via machine to really remove it. The blue pad and the finishing polish shouldn't removed the entire coating at all. As I said, when I did a light hand polish on those traces, it requires several tries to get it. There were some really isolated high spots that weren't obvious at all (in a fairly hideous spot). I could not remove them with this combo at all. This give me the impression the coating is quite tough already. And again, when I did remove those traces, and compare to the area right next to it with a perfect coat, there was no differences at all from naked eye in the best light source. I'm going to leave it and use water to test for beading. If the "polished" area don't bead at all, then I will know the coating was completely removed. Just don't feel like polishing the whole car again because ... - My RA polisher broke done. - It was faulty and killed my two orange pads, purchased from oversea. - The whole polishing process took me a whole week, 10+ hours (spread across every night), taken an extra leave, plus I hurt my arms because I wasn't holding the machine correctly. You can say I'm not so keen to do a compound cutting on the whole car again. heh
  3. Temjinck

    Lots of streaking after application. :(

    Sorry, I probably got the terminology wrong then. I've just went back to the car and used the blue pad/finishing polish and cleared those traces by hand. Did not used the machine at all. This was around 6 hours after the application. Would the coat be completely removed by this action after this time? As the traces were all over the place, I would have no idea where to reapply the coat. An observation I've made was when I lightly polished the traces away (clearly visible under fluro night at a particular angle), I could not tell the differences between the area I just removed and the "coated area" which had no such traces. I would have thought the coat would be faintly visible when compared side by side with the area that I removed. So I hope the coat is still on. The methylated spirit is actually clear colour and does not seem to leave any residual. (I did check under bright sunlight as a test before I use it) I avoided using the coloured one. I see regarding the heat. Funny enough, it's winter here and the arvo was fairly "cool". I did indeed applied it under the sun because I needed adequate lighting. Regardless, I might have panicked for a bit there. I hope the coat is still on after I finish removing those traces with the blue pad. Thanks guys.
  4. I've just opti-coated my car (white Hyundai i30) and was very disappointed to see a lot of "streaking" / hazing type pattern in various part of the vehicle. I thought I had done all the necessary research. However, I did not realise other users were having trouble as well (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/auto-detailing-101/36227-my-opti-coat-2-0-impressions-questions.html) and the application seem to be more difficult than I originally anticipated. Feeling very frustrated because I've spent the last whole week polishing my car every night to get the desired correction and now, just one application and I messed up the whole car. Here is what I've done. - Washed the car first. - Cleaned the surface with a solvent. (Methylated Spirit in Australia, it's not exactly IPA but I know it works just as fine) - Condition the pad first with X, and start with the bonnet, going forward and backward and then side by side. - The application was done in partial sunlight, so finding high spots was relatively easy enough. - However, streaking appears very shortly and I tried to correct them by using the pad again. (not via MF cloth as recommended officially here) Unfortunately, the streaking appears everywhere else randomly and by the time I tried to correct them, the coat flashed already and it's already too late. I really have on idea why some areas are crystal clear and some areas have these streaking. Now it's already dried and partially cured, what can I do to remove those streaks but not removing the coat completely? Can I use a LS blue pad with a final finish type polish (very fine cute) to smooth those surface? Should I do it as soon as possible? Do I need to reapply the coat? And how to prevent such streaking in the future? I thought I had done everything right. The OP from that autogeek post noted that the only way to solve this is to lightly buff the surface with a MF pad. I knew this was a method but it wasn't recommended here! And now an user found this to be a very important step. Please advise! Thanks P.S: VERY FRUSTRATED, my poor white car.
  5. Hello, I want to ask how effect is Opti-Coat is in covering these swirl marks & haziness likely caused by the polishing stage. I'm trying to get my WHITE car surface polished to perfection, but at this stage, it seem impossible with my current equipment and skill level. I can get rid most of the very obvious swirls, but these really tiny swirls left over by the polishing seem very very difficult to get rid of. My understanding is that most people get rid of them via filling using glaze. And I know we shouldn't use fillings at all! Because it's a white car, and I have never polished another car of another colour before, I don't know if the paint surface is "good" enough to apply the coat. And if Opti-coat can also act as a bit of filling and make the car a bit more grosser, then I might just leave it there instead of paying a professional to finish the job. Please advise! Thanks Temjin