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  1. jmschnur

    Clearing car after snow storm

    After 24" of snow and some 5' drifts, clearing the car was daunting. I did use the Snow Broom carefully. It seems that the Opticoat Plus coating has done its job. Now the roads are clear and world is starting up again. Now of course the daily commute will deliver some salt to the car. I will do a clean with Optimum non rinse product once it warms up a bit.. Joel
  2. jmschnur

    Clearing car after snow storm

    SnowBrum it is thanks. With temps far below freezing pressure wash will not be feasible in the short term. Later on I will do this.
  3. What is the best process tp clear a car coated with Opticoat Plus after a snow storm? Joel
  4. jmschnur

    curing time for opticoat pro plus

    Sorry- I meant after curing is over what is the protection from defects--bugs, general driving etc. Thanks! Joel
  5. How long does it take for the coating to cure in the winter with highs in the low 40's and lows in the teens? After curing what is the defects? Joel
  6. jmschnur

    opticoat plus in VA

    My new bimmer just got coated yeaterday in norten va. It looks very very nice and I hope tl learn in this forum how to keep it that way. Joel
  7. jmschnur

    curing time and warranty process

    My new BMW was just coated with opticoat pro plus. It will be below 40 degress (and down to 20) in the next few days. What isthe curing time for the coating and how many days before can I drive at highway speeds? Also Premier Detaling did the work. How do I process the warranty registration?