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  1. JeffBM

    Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    Yup every time.
  2. JeffBM

    Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    My truck gets covered in mud and dirt from rock quarries ect. All it takes it missing one spot when washing and you have some evidence of marring, and god knows i do miss some spots.
  3. JeffBM

    Glass coating question

    Could be, ill polish it out again this fall.
  4. JeffBM

    Glass coating question

    I use a 4" on my GG6, white pad I think. Couple passes. If you look at where the vehicle is in the pic you can see the little lines, it doesnt look like it, but they are on the whole windshield. Not sure if they are scratches or some sort of something with the glass coating. My jeep has the coating on applied the same way and it looks fine.
  5. JeffBM

    Glass coating question

    I used eraser on it. Ill see if I can get a pic of it this week.
  6. JeffBM

    Glass coating question

    I have an issue im trying to sort out. Is it possible that I applied the glass coating to my windshield in a way that caused it to have like weird crazing or almost like scratching or cracking only visible when on the inside in direct sunlight? I polished with ceriglass with a MF pad quickly and applied the glass coating pretty heavily. Meaning I kept going over the areas until it wasnt so grabby, so maybe 3 applications per section. I may try to spot polish with a foam applicator , problem is time and getting the sun just right to see it.
  7. JeffBM

    Big Red Sponge for ONR?

    Im not a pro, but I am plenty fanatical about my vehicles. My truck was new a year ago and only the big red sponge touches the paint to wash it. Hardly any marring at all, and what there is was probably from drying. The BRS is by far the best wash media I have ever used. Not only that but it is super durable. I dont do anything special to it, actually it gets abuse, and it is exactly the same as the day I bought it a year or so ago.
  8. JeffBM

    2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    The more I use other products the more I really love onr, not that other products are pretty good, but they arnt the "total package" that onr is.
  9. JeffBM

    Question about paint

    I didnt think it may be for the noise. Interesting.
  10. Greetings, I have a question about my paint and while it isnt necessarily related to Dr.G's products im not sure who else I could ask and get an answer, so if it isnt out of bounds could someone ask Dr.G his opinion on this. My truck didnt come with an insulation mat under the hood and after last winter is was repainted. My question is , does the insulation material prevent premature paint failure, esp. to aftermarket paint? From what Ive found out is dodge, (ram) stopped using the mat because of some sort of blow by of oil in their diesels and it was collecting the oil in the material. I think Dodge felt it could be a fire hazard. Thats my best understanding on it. Thanks in advance Jeff
  11. JeffBM

    UV questions from Podcast

    Thanks for the answers! OCW is really a valuable product with repeated use it seems. Plus smells great and produces great results!
  12. I enjoy the podcasts and have some follow up questions im not sure where else to get the answers from :} Does anyone know if A: factory clear coat has better UV protection then a repaint? , B: If dark cars lose their UV protection faster then a light colored car? C: If the UV protection in the spray wax can migrate into vinyl? D: Can the UV protection in the spray wax migrate into Gloss coat? Thanks!
  13. JeffBM

    Gloss coat after metal polish

    Oh thats nice to know as well Thanks
  14. Is gloss coat compatible with the metal polish, without a wipe down?