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  1. It could be sprinklers but It seems early in the season for them to be on where I live. If I wait to see if they they will fade in time is it possible that the water spots might etch into the clear coat and become more difficult to remove? Or does the opti gloss coat protect that from happening?
  2. It's been 2 weeks after I applied the optimum gloss coat and today I gave it a first wash. It's been sitting outside the whole time and was exposed to several rain storms. Needless to say, it was a bit dirty. However, after I applied the optimum gloss coat, it had a full 24 hours of cure time where it was able to sit outside without any exposure to water. It did rain shortly thereafter though. here's a pic of the spots: http://imgur.com/641fHCb I can't seem to remove it with optimum rinse and shine. It's mostly on the hood of the car if that makes a difference. Any idea what might be going on and how to remove them? Will they disappear by themselves if I leave them alone?
  3. Thanks Chris. One other question. I applied the opti-coat today and noticed a high spot a few hours after it was applied. I tried to rub it off but it was too late. Since it not that noticeable unless you look at it under there right angle, I think I can live with it. If I want to fix it, is it possible to polish it out by hand? If I wanted to leave it as, will it eventually disappear over time as the coating itself wears off over the years?
  4. Thanks for suggestions. A few more questions came to mind if you have the time. If I wanted to add a second coating after the 1st, what's the minimum time to wait? I'd like to avoid any prep work in between coats so I'm wondering if I can just wait 1-2 hours and then add the second coat. Since about 5cc seems to be enough for a car, any problem with a first and second coating being about 5cc each? Also, since the life expectancy of glass coat is around 2 years. Does the coating essentially wear down to where you have the clear coat surface back again? Any issues with recoating with another layer of opt-coat gloss?
  5. A few questions on this product: 1. Can I get by with one 17oz container for a standard car? 2. I'll be applying an opti-coat gloss coating after this. How long do you let it sit on a panel before wiping? Also, can I get by with using one quality microfiber towel to wipe off the product? I think I'll probably be using most of my good towels for the rinseless wash and didn't want to risk using cheap ones for fear of marring the paint. 3. I've used another paint prep product that worked best by working it onto the paint with your hands and then rinsing it off. Was wondering if this could be done the same way. thanks
  6. ok thanks, maybe I'll try both to be safe. I didn't want to create a separate thread for this but is there anything wrong with applying optimum gloss coating outdoors (assuming it's not windy and not going to rain that day)? If it is ok, should it be applied when it is sunny or cloudy outside?
  7. Thanks Lowe, I'm a little new at this but can light polishing be done by hand? I don't have a polisher or orbital to use for this. If I use a polisher, what would the steps be? ONR wash>clay>polisher>paint prep>Opti-gloss coating? thanks for your help
  8. Thanks. So there is no need to polish the new layer of wax off with something like Optimum Hyper polish? I wasn't sure if a paint prep solution would be strong enough to strip all the wax off. I was going to wash it, clay it and use a paint prep as the final step before putting on the optimum gloss coat.
  9. I just had my car recently polished and waxed by a professional detailer. I decided to do the optimum gloss coat myself. I know that most applications with this product usually involve polishing the car, light surface prep, and then opti-coat. Since I didn't want my car's paint to be unprotected until I put the coating on (about 1-2 weeks), I had the detailer apply a coating of wax on it knowing I would have to remove it before doing the optimum gloss coat. What's the best way to remove this layer of wax prior to the optimum gloss coating application? I don't have access to a polisher so I was thinking of using a product like Griot's Garage Paint Prep (http://www.amazon.com/Griots-Garage-11135-Paint-Prep/dp/B004UQQVJY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458007112&sr=8-1&keywords=griot+paint+prep). It is a spray on, leave for about 5 minutes and then wipe off. If I had to wash the car prior to applying the optimum-gloss coat, it would be done using a rinseless wash (Optimum No-Rinse Wash & Shine) since I'll work in a carport area without a hose bib nearby.