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  1. Thanks for your advice Anthony. It's good that we can tune our work according to pad usage using just OP. On horizontal panels, do you apply pressure on the rotary? I am using a Hitachi SP18VA and I don't apply pressure on it. How do I know if the polish has broken down completely? So far for me, the indication is that the polish will start to be transparent, with slight 'glycerin' residue left. Would that mean that the polish has broken down completely? Should I use lower RPMs and lower movement speeds, or use higher RPMs and higher movement speeds to control heat production and break down the polish properly? Thanks again Anthony . I apologize if I asked too many questions. I want to learn and improve my skills with the rotary and optimum products. Everyone else, please chime in. I appreciate any feedbacks on this matter.
  2. Hello, I have been trying to fine tune my methods of using OC and OHC. I want to make sure that the products are breaking down well before I dry buff, which can happen around here . Addendum: I forgot to specify that I use Lake Country yellow cutting pad for OHC and Meg's W8006 polishing pad for OC. To clear up the terminology, let's use a square of an area. I start from the top left and using side by side motion, I reach the bottom right of the area. I consider this as 1 pass. 2 passes means after the frst pass, I reverse my steps and return to top left of the area. With this cleared up I have thought of 3 methods to try out: 1) 2 passes @ 600RPM to spread the product evenly, 2 passes @ 1100RPM, 4x @ 1400RPM, 2x @ 1100RPM (drying up), 2x @ 600RPM. 2) 2x @ 600RPM, 2x @ 1100RPM, 2x @ 1700RPM (dries up rather quickly but also breaks down the abrasives quickly), 2x @ 1100RPM (drying up), 2x @ 600RPM 3) 2x @ 600RPM, 6x @ 1100RPM (drying up), 2x @ 600RPM. As you can see, when it starts drying, I will revert to lower RPMs to finish. I also noticed that when the abrasives are breaking down nicely (hazy->clear), the lubricants will start drying also. Is that suppose to happen? Thank for anyone that can help me on this matter.
  3. vx55

    Comments on AutoGlym

    Nice to see a fellow Malaysian! I have used the Autoglym Twins (Super Resin Polish & Extra Gloss Protection) and so far they are good. Durability has been a good 2 1/2 months with no loss of beading properties. Both were applied by hand, 3 rounds for each product. The SRP is a decent AIO, and I will use that sometimes if I need a filler product. EGP glows more than shine, which is probably good for warmer or darker colors. I have used their polish/light compund 02B and it has only about 1/5 of work time of Optimum Compound. It dusts more than OC also. I agree with SVR that they seem to have fallen behind times now.