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  1. Optima, you make a very good point about reporting. Without knowing how many are using ONR successfully and unsuccessfully it would be hard to know if ONR is causing a problem. I guess the other dimension is how much ONR is being used in the cases where people have problems. If someone is say pouring in half a bottle then I would not be surprised if this had consequences . The standard dilution of ONR is 256:1, no idea how big the capacity of your steamers are but would assume to keep this ratio then only a small amount of ONR would be required. ONR will soften water and I think Yvan has talked about ONR helping descale in the interior of the steamer and so some caution is required if using ONR in an old steamer. Having said all of this, I do respect the wishes of any manufacturer and so if your view is not to use anything other than clean water then fair enough. I am sure we would all love to see some data on how many are using ONR in a steamer and any issues they are facing. One solution is to test ONR in the lab but I know you are all very busy so just send me two (top of the range) steamers so I can do side by side testing Oh, I do not have a car at the moment so if you could also send me one, it would be very helpful! I know it would not be cheap to send two steamers and a car to the UK but can one put a price on scientific testing?
  2. Optima, welcome to the OPT forum. For your customers using ONR in a steamer who then faced issues, is there a common theme to the problems, for example residue damage? Have you been able to replicate the problems in-house? Sorry if my questions may sound a little argumentative, this is not my attention at all.
  3. Lowejackson

    Not removing Hyper Compound Residue

    The debate about what abrasives are used seems to continue. Ron quoted Dr G who said the compounds & GPS are DAT and the others are SMAT http://optimumforums.org/topic/60048-intensive-polish-new-or-reformulated-hyper-compound/?tab=comments#comment-85623. The ONR spraying is interesting, I know Yvan has talked about using Hyper products on a dampened pad but I was not aware of the spraying Hyper Compound to extend the working time. If ONR allows the abrasives to migrate back to the surface and this would seem to make sense as the abrasives would be heavier than the polishing oils, rather like dirt falls to the bottom of a ONR bucker, presumably the smaller particles of paint swarf would also migrate to the pad surface?
  4. Lowejackson


    Thanks Ron. It was just a wild idea but at least I now know it was not a great idea
  5. Lowejackson

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Thanks Ron
  6. Lowejackson


    Ron, could this be applied to a prepared surface without paint. If it can be applied to a unpainted surface and I appreciate there is a lot a variables here but would OSPP be lighter or heavier than a normal amount of paint?
  7. Meant to ask this ages ago. On this video, around 1:20 it says there is no need to wipe off the Hyper Compound residue if using Hyper Polish https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyE1ELDkwm4 Whilst this looks like a great time saver, what happens to all the paint swarf from the compounding stage as well as left over compound abrasives? Do the fractured abrasives end up roughly the same size as the polish abrasives?
  8. Lowejackson

    New member from Tulsa, OK

    Welcome to the OPT forum
  9. The Sonax is a good wheel cleaner but you may find Power Clean to be a much more versatile product
  10. Lowejackson

    Clear Coat Restorer

    It is suggested that the surface should be cleaned with Paint Prep before using CCR. Is this simply to clean the surface or does it assist in other ways like the primer before Opti-coat
  11. Perhaps I should add a reason why everyone should buy the CFCP. There is no shortage of good cleaners out there, to my mind what makes this product stand out from all of them is the residue control. Most cleaners clean well but removing the residue is the hard part, if you don't get everything out then you can end up with sticky fabric or residue which reactivates when more water is applied. Somehow CFCP avoids this, cleaning the residue is much easier than most other products for sale.
  12. A while ago I was sent a sample of the Carpet & Fabric Cleaner & Protectant and aside from a quick test have not really had a chance to use this as I am currently without a car. However, I recently spilt some coffee on our carpet and had a chance to test it. Our carpet is about 10 years old and light grey in colour, the coffee was quickly soaked up with some MF towels and that is when I sprayed the CFCP on the carpet. Left it for a minute and then agitated with a soft brush. Residue was quickly removed and the carpet was left to dry overnight. The following morning my wife was up before me, when I spoke to her I knew as was in trouble and she showed me the spot I had cleaned. It was not good. The spot was clean but much cleaner than the rest of the carpet and now we have a very clean spot which shows up the rest of the carpet. This was easily fixed by moving a chair slightly so the spot is hidden from view. So, be warned, if you intend to use this product on a light coloured carpet, do the entire carpet and not just one bit or face the wrath of your loved ones.
  13. Lowejackson


    Ron, have I missed something or has this product changed its name? Could not find it on the Opticoat site.
  14. Lowejackson

    Clear Coat Restorer

    I think what Ron is saying is CCR does have the same level of UV filters as clearcoat does but a coating eg Opticoat would have more. The headlight area could be very interesting, ability to polish the plastic, add some CCR and then top with a coating could make a very durable combination. The downside would be buying a bottle just for headlights would not make a lot of sense unless they were doing volume work or were going to do everything on the car in one stage, excluding the coating. The other obvious disadvantage is the clear need for personal protective equipment and cloth disposal, no such concerns with Opti-lens. If CCR worked with Opti-lens then it might offer the best version for UV protection Perhaps this product would make a great discussion on the Synergy Podcast. I assume Dann will start recording again soon.
  15. Lowejackson

    Optimum product with most gloss?

    Ron, if someone had said this was done with OPTs permission I would not have rambled on about it. I was not worried about conflict, I was worried about misleading consumers!