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  1. Lowejackson

    Swirls prevention

    Chris Thomas used to suggest using OptiClean and then ONR. I have a vague notion Yvan suggested mixing some MDR with ONR but it is entirely possible I dreamt this. The real key is to stop looking for minor paint defects, they cannot be stopped. To quote someone much wiser than me " No one notices those swirls except you, everyone else thinks your car looks great"
  2. I had lots of problems with the spray pattern but none with leaking caps. Maybe I was lucky or perhaps there has been a change in the bottle or cap. Plumbers tape is very cheap so if this works then just replace it as and when required. Plumbers tape should last a bit, as it decreases the friction of the screw, just be careful not to over tighten the cap which will lead to more leaks
  3. Lowejackson

    Cleaning a foam pad of Gloss Coat

    Yvan suggested throwing the pad into some ONR until you are ready to wash it with something like Power Clean
  4. Lowejackson

    power clean vs opti clean

    Yes, Opticlean is a milder product than Power Clean but stronger than ONR. It is always worth experimenting to see what works for you. If brake dust is a problem then it is worth considering using a coating which should help a bit with cleaning
  5. Lowejackson

    Drying Aids and Dilution

    I cannot speak about Hyper Seal but with Optiseal this can be used over OCW as it will sink below the OCW. Traditionally I have used either OCW or Optiseal as drying aids depending on which bottle was closest to me, they both seem to play nicely with each other and after several years of this approach I have not noticed anything strange. OID is a nice product but rarely use it, maybe if I went to shows or perhaps wanted to sell a car, that last bit of gloss would be useful
  6. Lowejackson

    Opti-Seal Q&A

    Yes, no problem using Optiseal on a final wipe down or use OID if you prefer. Optiseal will give greater protection but OID will give higher gloss but less durability than Optiseal
  7. Lowejackson

    Yvan Retiring?

    If Optimum want a Global Ambassador to fly around the world saying nice things about the OPT range then I might be available
  8. Can only buy from authorised installers which means Rag Company etc cannot sell this range. I had a small sample bottle of Hyper Seal and whilst it was a good product I was happy to revert back to Optiseal.
  9. Lowejackson

    SEMA 2019

    Yup, looks like graphene is going to be the new marketing buzzword even if it does nothing. How long before someone comes up with graphene wash mitts, shampoo or even buckets? Little surprised the beauty industry is not leading on this
  10. Lowejackson

    Yvan Retiring?

    A few months ago I pondered on what would happen if someone like Yvan was to retire. As arguably the most visible person at OPT how would this impact a small organisation. Not suggesting good or bad things but it will have an impact. I have worked in HR for long enough to have seen this a few times so it will be interesting to see the changes
  11. Lowejackson

    Hello from England

    Welcome to the forum Stu, Nice to see another Brit here. ONR has been out for about 12 years and I can quite sure if it had been damaging paint, someone would have said something.
  12. Lowejackson

    Drying Aids and Dilution

    With OCW or Hyper Seal it is up to you how you use them, as No Soap says, using them as drying aids will reduce their durability. However, if using them every wash then your car will be protected assuming it is washed on a regular basis. As for having lots of questions, this is the perfect place to ask away.
  13. Optima, you make a very good point about reporting. Without knowing how many are using ONR successfully and unsuccessfully it would be hard to know if ONR is causing a problem. I guess the other dimension is how much ONR is being used in the cases where people have problems. If someone is say pouring in half a bottle then I would not be surprised if this had consequences . The standard dilution of ONR is 256:1, no idea how big the capacity of your steamers are but would assume to keep this ratio then only a small amount of ONR would be required. ONR will soften water and I think Yvan has talked about ONR helping descale in the interior of the steamer and so some caution is required if using ONR in an old steamer. Having said all of this, I do respect the wishes of any manufacturer and so if your view is not to use anything other than clean water then fair enough. I am sure we would all love to see some data on how many are using ONR in a steamer and any issues they are facing. One solution is to test ONR in the lab but I know you are all very busy so just send me two (top of the range) steamers so I can do side by side testing Oh, I do not have a car at the moment so if you could also send me one, it would be very helpful! I know it would not be cheap to send two steamers and a car to the UK but can one put a price on scientific testing?
  14. Optima, welcome to the OPT forum. For your customers using ONR in a steamer who then faced issues, is there a common theme to the problems, for example residue damage? Have you been able to replicate the problems in-house? Sorry if my questions may sound a little argumentative, this is not my attention at all.
  15. Lowejackson

    Not removing Hyper Compound Residue

    The debate about what abrasives are used seems to continue. Ron quoted Dr G who said the compounds & GPS are DAT and the others are SMAT http://optimumforums.org/topic/60048-intensive-polish-new-or-reformulated-hyper-compound/?tab=comments#comment-85623. The ONR spraying is interesting, I know Yvan has talked about using Hyper products on a dampened pad but I was not aware of the spraying Hyper Compound to extend the working time. If ONR allows the abrasives to migrate back to the surface and this would seem to make sense as the abrasives would be heavier than the polishing oils, rather like dirt falls to the bottom of a ONR bucker, presumably the smaller particles of paint swarf would also migrate to the pad surface?