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  1. Ron, sorry for dragging up an old quote. I am curious about the film left behind on wood. One of the things I like about OPC is how easy it is to remove, what is it about wood where something is left behind?
  2. New Member from NorCal

    Welcome to the forum. In some ways it is nice to start off with dull paint, it makes polishing even more satisfying and dramatic
  3. Power Clean on Wheels with Gloss-Coat

    I would try OPC at a higher dilution ratio on coated wheels. I have found ONR is great at cleaning coated wheels but there are times when something a little stronger is required. Make up a small amount at say 5:1 or 10:1 and see if that works. No point using a stronger product if it is not needed.
  4. New Black F150

    RonW. Don't overthink Optiseal and OCW, just use either or both, when ever you want. They do not interfere with each other and work well together or on their own.
  5. OPC as a Microfiber Washing Detergent

    I have used OPC to clean MF cloths and it works very well. Most of the time I just use a normal fabric cleaner with some some white vinegar.
  6. Wait time before driving after application?

    My car lived outside all the time, after using Optiseal I never noticed any problems with rain, heat etc and it would never have stop me from driving. Once you have applied it, stop thinking about it
  7. Opti seal as topper

    As A&J suggests, no problem using Optiseal over a coating, I used it over a CarPro coating for several years along with ONR.
  8. New Opti Product Suggestion

    ExGunner, let us know how you get on
  9. Rick318, welcome to the forum. One of the nice things about the OPT range is they are designed to be safe for the vehicle and the person using them
  10. New Opti Product Suggestion

    Could you wash with a pressure washer, move the car and then use something like ONR or even Opti-Clean?
  11. Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    Not noticed any dust attraction with either product. On tyres I would say both are about 4 weeks but I guess a lot depend on where you live.
  12. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    A low mess alternative could be to use Opti-Clean, works well for moderate dirt especially if the wheels are coated
  13. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    Cultural change is impressively hard to do but it can be done. I guess a lot depends on your status/power/influence within the organisation. If you are the CEO then it is much easier but if you are a departmental manager then it is very hard to influence the entire organisation but you can make sure your department is running as effectively as possible and become customer focused. Whilst I rambled on about waste in the podcast it is only one of the techniques and I made no mention of the strategic and leadership elements of Lean. I know many purists will quite rightly say the overall strategy is the critical starting point but in some organisations simply reducing waste, using A3 problem solving and Value Stream Mapping will have a big impact. In small organisations like a detail shop then 8 wastes and 5S can give huge improvements especially if continuous improvement is used. Of course, the context and size of the company will also have a huge impact on implementing Lean. Try counting how many steps you take or how long it takes to walk around the car when foaming and do you need to foam every time. I have not tried the BH foam but I do like the company and in some ways are similar to OPT in that they design, develop and make their own products and don't tend to follow trends. I would suggest that the simple acting of the awareness of waste and looking to reduce it, is at least half the battle. BRS is too expensive for me as well, I tend to use a noodle mitt and occasionally use this http://www.seriousperformance.co.uk/Products,70,toView_999.html I think A&J has greater experience of using different mitts to me and he is also somewhere in Europe but I cannot remember what he currently uses. Glad you enjoyed the podcast, it was my first and Dann was very easy to talk to.
  14. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    To listen to some British guy talking about detailing efficiency on the Synergy Podcast. Or perhaps I should say 'to listen to me talking about detailing efficiency'. https://optimumsynergypodcast.libsyn.com/lean-processing-next-level-efficiency
  15. New member from MN

    Welcome to the OPT forum