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  1. New Member from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Ed. You have probably seen them but just in case https://www.optimumcarcare.com.au/ is worth a look and Joel, who runs it is a very knowledgable guy and has appeared on the Synergy Podcasts. The podcasts are worth a listen if you get the chance, lots of useful tips on the products and processes https://optimumsynergypodcast.libsyn.com/ only 119 podcasts to listen to and then you are up to date
  2. Are there "refresher" sprays for opticoat pro+

    One example of using Power Clean I don't have a pressure washer so just spray, agitate if necessary and rinse
  3. Water Spots on Top of Opti-Coat

    Kristian, one place you could buy some MDR is http://www.optimumcarcare.nl/wassen-drogen?product_id=103 The postage is not cheap so might be worth shopping around or getting a quote first
  4. Alternative methods

    It is amazing how much the world has changed in the last 20-30 years. Good luck with the new premises, hope it is very successful for you.
  5. Alternative methods

    ONR should be enough if using OPT polishes, IPA may be too much. I guess by not using a primer (does this come with the Pro Plus kit?) or the Paint Prep what you are loosing is the catalyst. I am not familiar enough with OPT coatings to say if this is significant or not. Out of interest, what part of the world are you in. For me America is overseas.
  6. Alternative methods

    As A&J suggests, it depend on what polish etc you are using. Not a big problem using OPT polishes but with other brands something like Power Clean should do the trick. IPA is always an option and is cheap but does not have good lubrication, alternative could be some bodyshop panel wipe. Or just take some primer or hyper polish or some paint prep with you
  7. Detailing Newbie

    Welcome to the OPT forum
  8. Onr in washer fluid

    I think there has been a few attempts at this, the consensus seemed to be that the ONR on its own will turn horrible in a few weeks as there is not a lot to stops bugs and smells from generating.
  9. New member from NJ

    Welcome to the forum. Order a couple of gallons of ONR and you are half way to keeping the car looking great
  10. Finally finished 14 hour exterior detail-06 GTO

    As The Guz says, just ask the bodyshop. That is a very shiny car!
  11. Long time user, first time member

    Welcome to the forum
  12. HPCS without ONR

    Interesting, I guess the colder climate here in the UK means less smearing. I too prefer Opti-clean on the interior but this is because of simple laziness, ONR takes less effort to wash the exterior. The only times I used it on the exterior was when the car was quite dirty and I sprayed it rather than ONR before washing with ONR
  13. HPCS without ONR

    There is a sealant in Opti-clean? I don't recall any streaking with Opti-clean or are we talking about OID?
  14. HPCS without ONR

    I wondered if the glossing agents would interfere with the polish
  15. HPCS without ONR

    I wonder about using Opti-Clean as an alternative to ONR. It would be more expensive but ignoring the cost, would it do a similar or better job?