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  1. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    This is one of my favourite videos which I try and replicate when I can during training. It is essentially looking at the very simple task of washing dishes. This video does not have Hollywood production levels but it does show how simple tasks can be easily improved and the same principals apply to working on cars. The title of this video is "One Piece Flow......". One piece flow is the simple idea of processing one item at a time so the product/process moves smoothly throughout the business and stops the build up of queues of work which is inefficient as it slows things down. None of this theory is critical to watching the video. There is another video on making toast which I will post if I can find the full length version
  2. Waiting on my Order of ONR

    Welcome to the forum herpesblitzpr
  3. All the way from SINGAPORE!

    Welcome to the Optimum forum. As A&J said, what products are you using?
  4. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    I have used up the last of my Opti-clean and OCW mix. There is some potential but it does need some tweaking. I do not get the hazing when I use ONRWW but I do with the waterless and OCW mix. I cleaned the stainless steel kitchen sink with the mixture and it does a good job however it would be great if the hazing could be reduced. Maybe a lower amount of OCW would help. My gut still says Power Clean diluted with ONR (256:) would work and therefore still looking for a volunteer to try it
  5. Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    Maybe one solution would be to offer a 12 month guarantee against the yellowing returning. I have no concept of the costs or practicalities but perhaps the ideal would be the OPT PPF topped with something like Opti-coat or Gloss-coat I assume other brands make headlight coatings, do we know about their durability?
  6. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    Opti-Clean & OCW. Did not have a lot of Opti-clean so made up a small solution and added a dash of OCW. No separation of products and when sprayed on a surface the OCW did not appear to change the behaviour of the liquid. I was cleaning glass and it was immediately apparent the surface was hazing over. However, with a wipe of a dry cloth this all cleared up. The most noticeable bit was the buffing became much slicker after the first pass or swipe and at the end the surface did feel as if it had been cleaned and protected.
  7. Mixing Opti-seal with various OPT products

    Above and beyond the call of duty A&J! Great work, thanks for taking the time to do all the experiments. I thought I had run out of Opti-Clean but found a small amount. Will mix some up with OCW and see what happens.
  8. New From Ohio

    Welcome to the forum Djp. Time to get working on those pictures.....
  9. I think this could be easily solved if OPT send us one of everything from this range so we can give a considered opinion
  10. Not tried Gold Class but if looking for an OPT alternative to the M wash then as suggested above, if you want foam then try the Optimum Car Wash or if not concerned about foam then spray with ONR. Then maybe use the M wash for the hand wash section. Or just alternate between the products to find which one suits you the most.
  11. Opti-Clean & OCW?

    I am currently without a car but if I can borrow a neighbours car will try with ONR and Optiseal. Ran out of OID a while ago A&J, on a completely unrelated point, I enjoyed your last video showing the Hyper polishes on the door trim. No idea what you were saying but the results speak for themselves. Nice work!
  12. Opti-Clean & OCW?

    OID and OCW, that is a great idea to try
  13. Opti-Clean & OCW?

    Years ago people started to mix ONR with OCW, this led to ONRWW, is there any reason to think Opti-Clean could not be mixed with OCW to give the same results?
  14. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    MeGrimlock, do you live in a particularly warm part of world or work in direct sunlight? ONR drying so quickly does seem strange. Might be worth spraying one panel at a time, give it a few seconds and then wash with the ONR. As others have pointed out, taking an hour or two to wash a car is not a bad thing, in my experiment above, all I did was clean the exterior panels, not the wheels, door jams, wheel arches etc. I would try and find a way of washing the car without ONR drying and then think about getting faster. Is your car quite old or possibly have single stage paint?
  15. Hello from Kentucky

    Welcome to the OPT forum TNUTS