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    Optimum for "sticky" plastic trim

    My first suggestion is to try something like Opticlean. Cannot remember where I saw a thread about using Power Clean with various towels and brushes for this kind of problem, might have been Autogeek but it worked out well by removing the old surface. I think there are some threads where some have concluded it just becomes easier to replace them. The issue seems to be UV has caused the surface material to break down and so a cleaning may or may not help. I have a very vague notion about Dr G suggesting Poliseal but my memory is not so good these days and it is possible two memories have simply merged.
  2. Lowejackson

    EU distributors

    A&J, would it be cheaper to order direct from OPT in the USA? I had a look at Motorgeek and assuming the most expensive locations in the EU the cost of products (96 Euro) and shipping (29 Euro) would be 125 Euro ($149). Interestingly Motorgeek have a flat rate from 2Kg to 30kg for European shipping Maybe it would just be cheaper to move to another country!
  3. Lowejackson

    Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Dale, no idea about Xpel PPF but as I understand it, the OPT PPF can be applied over Opticoat. One option could be to use Optiseal until the PPF is ready. Ron has said Power Clean will remove Optiseal so there should not be any problems in removing it before application of the PPF. A cheaper option is not do anything to the paint, 2 months without protection is not going to do very much.
  4. Lowejackson

    General Questions

    Somewhere on here Ron or Yvan has talked about this, from what I can remember Hyperseal is recommended for exterior use only but I cannot remember why. Waiting 90 days might seem a long time but why risk anything, after that cleaning the wheels and tyres will be a quick and easy task.
  5. Lowejackson

    Power clean with onr

    2 buckets? My last bucket cost nearly 1 Euro, do you think I am made of money
  6. Lowejackson

    Power clean with onr

    Thanks Ron, cannot remember who said it caused streaking but it was someone from OPT although it was many years ago. I think the issue was returning the PC soaked pad or cloth to the bucket of ONR created the problem. However, if this is no longer then this is good news.
  7. Lowejackson

    EU distributors

    Very good point about the cost of shipping, liquids are heavy items. Not sure this holds true with the clay cloth, it is about $45 (39 Euro) but sold in Europe for 60 Euro which is just under $69, clay is not heavy.
  8. Lowejackson

    General Questions

    If the painter said wait 90 days then I would wait. I would then suggest coating the wheels and then do the tyres. Agree with A&J about Reload and Optiseal, Reload is a nice product and in my experience has slightly longer durability but Optiseal is more flexible
  9. Lowejackson

    Power clean with onr

    Ron, the advice used to be PC would make ONR streak, is this no longer the case?
  10. Lowejackson

    EU distributors

    The site says their shop is now on a "private web store" and to email them for details. They sell some OPT products via their Rag Company site which is described as a 'daughter' site. I assume they can ship across Europe but prices are not cheap; 60 Euro for the clay cloth and nearly 35 Euro for Hyper Compound excluding shipping. I wonder how much it would cost to order from the USA
  11. Lowejackson


    Indeed but with a global market. Don't take me seriously with this Ron. The British are a confused nation when it comes to metric and imperial, we buy milk and petrol in litres but consider distance/speed in miles except for short distances where we use centimetres . We use Kg for weights except for babies who are still measured in Pounds and ounces To complex for me, I and almost everyone else is not entirely sure if the UK is/will be part of the EU
  12. Lowejackson


    40 Degrees! Wow. Oh, you mean Fahrenheit
  13. Lowejackson

    Optimum Nano Wipes?

    You make a good point about OPT, that is what I would call Optimum but Hyper Polish, Opti-Bond, Gloss Coat etc are called Optimum Car Care. The site shows they sell two different brands http://www.optimumcarcare.eu/index.php?route=product/manufacturer One is CleanLab (which is not a brand I have heard of) and Optimum Car Care. which contains OPT products like Power Clean. Nano Wipes are in the Optimum Car Care listing. You are right about the different packaging however OPT do have very different styles which seems to have built up over the years, for example Opti-seal packaging looks very different to Poli-seal and the regular contributors to this forum have a very good idea of OPT products but this will not be the case for most other people. If someone went to the European distributor (if one exists) for Meguiars and saw a a product called Meguiars Cleaner they could be forgiven for thinking this is a official Megs Cleaner. In fact, I would argue they have a realistic expectation they are buying something made by Meguiars.
  14. Lowejackson

    Optimum Nano Wipes?

    Just seen a new Optimum product on the European site, any more information? Link http://www.optimumcarcare.nl/Optimum-Coatings?product_id=85
  15. Lowejackson

    Optimum Nano Wipes?

    This thread is good evidence my memory is not as good as it used to be. I was looking at the European site to see if the new tyre coating was for sale over here. It is not but I did see a Optimum Nano Coating which caught my attention. Quick search on google and I was taken to this thread. I had completely forgotten asking about this product on here. Ron says it is not a OPT product and of course I accept what he says. However the page does say it is a Optimum product eg "Brand: Optimum Car Care" http://www.optimumcarcare.eu/index.php?route=product/product&path=77&product_id=119 I checked Gloss Coat and the wording is identical "Brand: Optimum Car Care" http://www.optimumcarcare.eu/index.php?route=product/product&path=69&product_id=113 "Brand: Optimum Car Care" is given to all the other OPT products I checked. So, is Optimum Nano Coating a OPT product or not?
  16. Lowejackson

    BRS and hyper-seal review

    I have a sample of Hyper seal and was interested to try it. My initial impression is it is a good product but I think my preference is still for Optiseal. Maybe this is because I don't have a coated surface to try it on. I did however find Hyper is better on the second application.
  17. Lowejackson

    Hyper Polish question

    No memory anyone talking about this, is it new?
  18. Lowejackson

    Opti-Clean safe for houshold use?

    I have been wondering about Opti-Clean for domestic cleaning, at a 3:1 ratio it is not cheap but I do like the cleaning abilities. If I wanted to lubrication for cleaning what would be the best dilution ratio. When cleaning a stainless steel sink or fridge door, lubrication is not quite so critical. As an aside, adding some Opt-Clean with ONR (256:1 'ish) seems to flatten the liquid. No idea if this is good or bad, just an observation.
  19. Lowejackson

    Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?

    Sounds like it is time for another great A&J experiment
  20. Lowejackson

    What is this to?

    Setec is of course right, it is good stuff. Or, just send the bottle to me, I could use some more......
  21. Lowejackson

    First time using Optimum Car Wax

    Loverly jubbly indeed. I had no idea anyone outside of the UK used this expression.
  22. Lowejackson

    Opti-Clean safe for houshold use?

    I like Opti-Clean for domestic cleaning but ONR is vastly cheaper
  23. Lowejackson

    Optimum Products on golf carts

    Detailing a golf cart? This video may (or may not) be useful. It does not have Hollywood production levels but might contain some information or processes which might be helpful
  24. Lowejackson

    Best Applicator for Opti-Bond Tire Gel?

    A&J, do you mean using a heat gun before or after the dressing is applied?
  25. Lowejackson

    New guy from Indiana

    Another welcome from Europe