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  1. ONR in a steamer

    Just found this bit of information https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=757481000991956&id=194159360657459which says ONR can be used in a steamer. Before I consider trying this, just want to make sure this is an approved process and not likely to cause any damage to me or anything else
  2. In my experience, spraying with Opticlean does work well, give it a minute or two to dwell. ONR at a stronger dilution than the normal 256:1 also works well, not quite as good as Opticlean but is the cheaper option. ONR at 256:1 works nearly as well and is easier as you can just take some ONR from the bucket and spray it on the panels
  3. Forum was down a long time?

    Ron, there might possibly be another problem. I posted something on the 7th at 8.44pm (whatever the local time of this server is) and checked in several times until the site said the account was suspended. What is strange is my post was the only post until today but suddenly other peoples threads became visible. Not sure why I could not see them but from Friday night, the system said no one had posted anything.
  4. This is the thread I was thinking about http://optimumforums.org/index.php?/topic/61738-uv-protection-and-opticoat-pro/& Some parts are missing as one of the contributors deleted his comments
  5. This was discussed a year or so ago and answer seemed to be Optiseal does not have similar UV filters but it was said Optiseal was UV resistant. There is probably a technical difference, however, it seems OCW has better UV protection but Optiseal lasts longer
  6. Forum was down a long time?

    Site went down again today. Just goes to show you cannot trust the hackers and their ransom fees
  7. Hyper Seal

    Is this a real thing, if so what is it?
  8. Hyper Seal

    This weeks podcast spends about 30 minutes talking about this new range. No significant details, some of the products appear to be the same as the consumer range but others have been changed eg Opticoat ONR, unfortunately the Hyper Seal was not really discussed as the conversation changed direction when it was about to be explained. It is a shame these products will not be accessible for me, I don't really have an interest in fancy pro coatings but an updated version of ONR or Optiseal is of interest to me
  9. 2010 Camaro Coated with Gloss Coat

    The Guz, meant to ask you your opinions on the Gtech C6 dressing. This has been my favourite interior dressing for several years, plus it seems to be very durable.
  10. Hyper Seal

    Products now listed on Opticoat site, these products do seem to have a price premium compared to the main range, for example Protectant Plus 17oz ($11.99), Opticoat version 16oz ($19.99), Power Clean 17oz ($11.99) Opticoat version 16 oz ($19.99), ONR 32oz ($15.99), Opticoat version 16oz ($19.99) Carpet & Fabric Cleaner 32oz ($24.99) Opticoat version 16oz ($19.99) Hyper seal 16oz ($29.99), Optiseal 8oz ($24.99)
  11. OPT Detailing Training Seminar

    Nice find A&J. Enjoyed watching the videos. Been quite a while since I have seen a razor blade used on paint. One of the interesting evolutions with Hyper sprays was spraying on a moving pad.
  12. ONR And Stubborn Water Spots

    I normally just use warm water but it is an interesting idea. Many people do not use hot water as it can lead to water stops and dried shampoo, which should not be a problem for ONR so it would be interesting to hear if other people try it.
  13. OCW durability issues

    It would be nice if OCW and Optiseal could have better durability and I do agree with you, the competition is very strong both in terms of ease of application and durability. I appreciate OPT is focusing on the professional market with lots of nice stuff but the consumer products are the only ones I can buy
  14. Power Cleaning staining asphalt driveway

    Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to remove the commercial link
  15. Hyper Seal

    Interesting.......care to share more information?
  16. MDR Mineral Deposit Remover

    As an aside, when an American says he is pissed, it means he is angry. In the UK it means he is very drunk!
  17. Acrylics vs. Polymer

    Nice work with the Carlack and a perfect example of 'old' but good products can still do a great job, not forgetting the skill of the person using them. A gallon of OCW and OID would probably outlast me
  18. MDR Mineral Deposit Remover

    Sounds like some MDR is exactly what you want.
  19. Acrylics vs. Polymer

    Yes, there has been a lot of changes and improvements but some things remain the same
  20. Official Curing Time Chart?

    Ron has spoken a few times about using Optiseal after Gloss Coat so I would take this as officially safe. As for OCW after Optiseal, you can do this anytime you like.
  21. Acrylics vs. Polymer

    Bence, wow. Nice to see you posting again here
  22. Optimized My New Ride

    Very glossy
  23. What foam pad to use with GPS

    As A&J says above, start with the softest pad
  24. Hello to all. newbie for NJ here

    Welcome Marcelo
  25. Poli-seal as a primer for OC 2.0

    Thanks for the clarification Ron