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  1. Start off with a small amount, maybe the size of a finger nail. Experiment but a good starting point is Yvans rule of 2 for problem solving. People either use too much product or work too hard
  2. Ideally, changing or cleaning the pad every panel will make life much easier. A dirty pad is not efficient or effective. The Hyper polishes do not seem to mind if they are still slightly damp with ONR
  3. new member

    Welcome Harold, look forward to your tips on carpet cleaning
  4. AKT, not sure any Optimum products need to be worked until clear. There are some older polishes like Meguiars 80 which worked best when worked until clear but most products these days do not. I would suggest apply a dab or two onto your applicator and then see how that works. Don't worry, we have all been given the 'eye' by our wives. I am not brave enough to comment on the number of things she buys
  5. GPS on metal

    I think it was about an hour or so. I clean small things as part of a physio therapy for my hands.
  6. GPS on metal

    Just a quick experiment on a lock which has been outside for many years. Given a quick clean with an APC and then GPS applied by hand whilst watching some TV
  7. Product Suggestions

    I think OPT have a plush MF towel, the Rag Company have a few such as their Eagle Edgeless and Minx towels. Have a look at their site or maybe just phone them. As for applying the sealant, I have found most towels are able to do a good job. The foam pad is probably the best way of applying the sealant. I am sure the Rag Company have suggested their Edgeless 365 in the past
  8. Protectant plus-How often and will ONR remove it?

    Next time I get some PC I will give it a quick try and see what happens. Might be a while as I am tempted by a German APC for my next purchase
  9. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    Sorry Ron, quite right about correcting my suggestion of Power Clean
  10. Protectant plus-How often and will ONR remove it?

    Yvan, nice idea about mixing the two products. On a slightly different area, could I dilute Power Clean with ONR (256:1) to give some more lubrication?
  11. Optimum News on YouTube

    I like the idea, bit too brash for me but I am sure many will like it
  12. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    What I meant to say was placing a ONR soaked towel on the bugs for a few minutes can remove a lot. Power Clean is also good a removing bugs.
  13. Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    In hindsight I should have mapped out how many steps I saved, in an ideal world it would have been nice to compare the set up time against a traditional approach but one of the reasons why I use a rinseless wash is my car is quite some distance from the house so it would not be a representative or realistic time. I have spent a lot of time watching other videos just trying to find one which shows unedited set up times but have failed. Of course it would be very boring to most people watching someone set up equipment
  14. Is there any advantage in washing and drying each panel using a rinseless wash (ONR) rather the more traditional washing the entire car and then dry it using the same products? Experiment Number 1 To test this, a medium sized saloon car was used. Only the painted surfaces and windows were cleaned. The tyres, wheels, exhausts etc were not cleaned. The car at the start of the experiment was clean. There are two reasons for this, firstly it had been washed only a day or two before I thought about this test and secondly a clean car provides a useful and repeatable benchmark. To a degree, the level of dirt can determine how long it takes to clean a vehicle and it is hard to replicate the same level of dirt each time. To give a benchmark time, the car was washed in the traditional way, a drying aid (OCW) was also used. Each session was timed from the wash mitt leaving the bucket to the final wipedown on the last panel. Setup times were not calculated although with a rinseless wash, this tends to be only a few minutes. The aim was to clean the car in a slow and steady manner. This meant it was easy to compare the times. The second clean focused on cleaning and drying each panel before moving onto the next section. The benchmark time was 30 minutes (all times rounded up or down) The second clean (one panel at a time) was 22 minutes. This is roughly a 30% improvement in efficiency. Perhaps the biggest reason for the improvement was a reduction in the time walking around the car, ie less walking and more time spent actually working on the paint. Another benefit was not related to the efficiency but washing and drying each panel forced the brain to remain engaged or at least reduced the tendency to drift off. Moving around the vehicle washing and drying every few minutes meant the need to remain focused during the entire process. Experiment Number 2. This is very similar to the first test except for this time the interior door cards were cleaned (wiped and scrubbed with ONR and then dried). Again, the door cards were clean before this test started The benchmark time for the exterior and interior door cards was 41 minutes. Washing and drying each panel including the interior door cards took 30 minutes. This is roughly a 27% improvement. As with the first experiment, it was the mental engagement which was most notable. Cleaning the interior door cards meant even higher levels of engagement were needed and the process subjectively felt much quicker. In a way, it felt more satisfying to complete one panel before moving onto the next and saving some time is a nice added bonus. Obviously these small experiments have their limitations, the car was clean at the start, not every part of the car was cleaned. Washing and drying each panel is easy with a rinseless or even a waterless wash but not so easy with more traditional products. I did start a third experiment of incorporating polishing but after only a few seconds the polisher died. At some point I would like to test cleaning the door jams and rubber trim. The purpose of these tests was not to say “this is the best way” but rather to show there are efficiency savings to be had. For some, the time taken to wash their cars is irrelevant but for others it is slightly more important. As with all experiments, some may disagree with my approach or findings but the nice thing is this is an easy process for others to reproduce or improve
  15. Apex Detail testing

    Ron, they need to update their Terms and Conditions page. Looks like they have just copied the text from Australia and not checked it. So we get things like " The information is intended for residents of Australia only", "We supply and despatch our products to customers within Australia only" and " All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST". My favourite is "These terms and conditions are to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales and any claim made by either party against the other which in any way arises out of these terms and conditions will be heard in New South Wales and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of those Courts". The Privacy Policy ends with " This online service is bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles. Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email at info@opticoat.com.au"
  16. OCW on a newly applied Gloss Coat

    A towel soaked in ONR can also remove a lot of stubborn bugs
  17. Hi from Boston Massachusetts

    Welcome to the OPT forums Mike. Lots of great information on here and I am sure you have plenty of tips of your own
  18. Dampened ONR cloth can also be used and a soft brush is ideal for removing dust. Try and avoid using a dry cloth on these surfaces, some of them seem to be very easily scratched.
  19. One of the nice things about ONR is just the sheer versatility of the product. Great on the exterior but also great on mild interior dirt, can be used by hand, in a steamer or extraction tool. For example on leather, use with a short nap MF cloth, the kind of thing for remove polish and it will gently remove most dirt from leather. Sometimes something stronger is required but ONR can remove a lot of dirt on its own.
  20. ONR on polisher pad

    Completely agree with Ron, a toothbrush is a very useful tool on pads and more generally on interiors
  21. ONR on polisher pad

    It won't make a significant difference if you clean the pad for the second panel with ONR. The Hyper Polish can be sprayed onto a dry pad and will work well. I think the advantage of using a pad which has been cleaned with ONR is firstly, you are starting with a very clean pad which is always a good idea. Secondly, my guess is the ONR is helping to spread the polish over the pad and maybe helps with lubrication. I have used Hyper Polish with dry and ONR dampened pads, the difference is not night and day, using ONR makes it slightly nicer to work with. One thing I have tried is to wash the pad in a bucket of ONR and then spin the pad on the polisher at the top of the bucket. Care is needed here as water and electricity can create some very unpleasant outcomes. The ONR bucket method is probably not as good as a fancy pad washer but is much cheaper.
  22. The Zaino QD is great in the house and on the car however, ONR works out to be vastly cheaper and requires less effort but the Zaino has a nicer smell.
  23. Brad, just to echo the above points, use whatever products make you comfortable. I like ONR as it is quicker and easier than a traditional shampoo and I only use one bucket (no grit guard) but if the Car Shampoo does everything you want from a shampoo then keep on using it. Pre washing with ONR could also help. ONR is also a great light interior cleaner and I also use it for dusting duties in our home. To quote Beau from many many years ago on Autopia, "...detailing is meant to be enjoyable" so just use whatever products you fancy
  24. "The polymers in ONR can be painted over and will cause no issue". https://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/auto-detailing-101-a/48109-could-you-use-onr-used-paint-prep.html
  25. I use a cheap noodle mitt with ONR. Not tried the fancy sponges i.e. BRS, as there are very very expensive by the time they reach the UK. I have also used a MF cloth which worked well but you need a lot of them. I suspect almost any washing material would do a good job.