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  1. Good day, I heard Chris mention on another forum that Opti-Clean could possibly be used at a 2oz/1qt ratio (1:16, same as ONR at QD strength) as a spray and wipe product. I was just wondering if I read that correctly and what other ratios members here have tried? My own experiences with the 1:3 ratio were that it got a little too streaky and didnt wipe down that cleanly (probably due to the waxes/sealants on my paint). I was thinking of trying a 1:7 ratio (half strength) and see how that works out... any thoughts?
  2. Niebelung

    Optimum GPS doesn't atomize

    Thanks Chris! I'm going to try those tips out... and squeeze it like I mean it!
  3. Posted this in AGO today and wanted to give a shout out here as well... hoping for some assistance =) ------------------- Tried using GPS today by hand, has a thick oily feel to it but it worked well in covering up very fine marring. The only problem I had was that my GPS didn't atomize the way it did in Corey's (CEE DOG) video. It came out as a stream and splatted on the paint. This happened no matter which setting on the nozzle I turned it to =( So it's a great AIO, just not sprayable for me unfortunately. If it helps, the ambient temp I was working at is approx 92F and 60% humidity in the shade. The consistency of the product is more like a cream rather than a liquid like OCW.
  4. A student learns the rules; An expert knows the rules; A master breaks the rules

  5. Motherhood is to women as National Service is to men; sooner or later it becomes the conversation topic of choice and trading of war stories as to who had it worse.

  6. If there's one thing good about the ostrich head-in-the-sand mode of policy making, it's that when disaster eventually strikes, you can honestly say that you didn't see it coming