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  1. Dann

    New member from NJ

    Awesome!!! Please make sure to post pictures for us! Use #opticoat.
  2. Dann

    Long time user, first time member

    Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions, and check your mail.
  3. Dann

    New From Ohio

    Pics or it did not happen!!!
  4. Dann

    After Paint Guard....

    I am loving the new Opti Coat Maintenance line! Go with this Opti Coat No Rinse and the Hyper Seal!
  5. Indeed, the only way to move Opti Coat is via abrasion. Your best bet is to go to your installer and have him polish and reapply Opti Coat to the area.
  6. Dann

    First wash

    Hi Vince, You should wait a minimum of 1 week to wash your freshly Opti Coated Car. Your installer should also offer you an inspection wash within the first month. At this time they can show you proper wash methods, and likely supply you with the Opti Coat maintenance line of products, which Yvan mentioned.
  7. Dann

    Why I Keep Coming Back to Optimum

    Welcome Nick and thank you! You have to try Hyper Seal after your Opti Seal os expired.
  8. Dann

    Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    Hi Glen, Opti Coat pro is resistant to marring and scratching. This can best be seen on a panel that is 1/2 coated. If you were to see the difference over time, the side with only paint would show significant more marring than the side with Opti Coat. Polishing your car is the only way that Opti Coat is removed. I am working with your installer on a resolution. Dr Ghodoussi, our CEO and Chemist, developed paint for DuPont for several years and can answer technical questions but he is on sick leave right now.
  9. Hi, Dann here, Regional Manager for Opti Coat. Please do contact me at 619-952-4814, or email dann@opticoat.com and I will help resolve this issue with your installer.
  10. Dann

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Hi guys! Thanks for listening to the Podcast. It is a really fun project. I have the sound really dialed in on my side and Yvans is good also. Sometimes the people we are interviewing don't have great mics. I definitely do my best to make the sound as good as possible. I don't know what this setec guy thing is? I am not yet a millionaire, but I am diligently working towards it! We have a lot of great shows lined up. I love to get your ideas as well. You can also leave questions to be answered during the podcast on the Optimum Synergy Podcast Facebook page, or call them in to me at 619-952-4814 and I can actually play them on the podcast!!