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  1. Hi, Dann here, Regional Manager for Opti Coat. Please do contact me at 619-952-4814, or email dann@opticoat.com and I will help resolve this issue with your installer.
  2. Optimum Synergy Podcast

    Hi guys! Thanks for listening to the Podcast. It is a really fun project. I have the sound really dialed in on my side and Yvans is good also. Sometimes the people we are interviewing don't have great mics. I definitely do my best to make the sound as good as possible. I don't know what this setec guy thing is? I am not yet a millionaire, but I am diligently working towards it! We have a lot of great shows lined up. I love to get your ideas as well. You can also leave questions to be answered during the podcast on the Optimum Synergy Podcast Facebook page, or call them in to me at 619-952-4814 and I can actually play them on the podcast!!