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  1. Try the optimum carpet cleaner. It works really well.
  2. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks for the update. The key is to keep it clean to keep the coating performing like it should. I would recommend using opti-seal or the new hyper seal every so often to maintain the coating.
  3. OCW on Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

    Give it a couple days and you can top with OCW. You should have no issues.
  4. Hello from South Europe

    Sure you can use hyper polish by hand. As mentioned don’t expect complete defect removal. CarPro Eraser works. IPA is another option. Just be careful with IPA because it does not have a lot of lubriciry. Do you have access to GTechniq Panel Wipe?
  5. The car wax adds more of a cushion/lubricity to prevent marring from claying. Claying in general cam marr the paint. Meaning if you marr the coating then you have to polish and re-coat. That is why Optimum recommends OCW with the wash , clay, wax method. I would not recommend the claying towel. Bought one and hate it. It does not glide and left sticky residue on my glass when I broke it in and on the paint afterward on. I tried OCW and ONR and it would not glide. I have gone back to another manufacture clay alternative which is much better. Hyper Seal can be purchased through the opti-coat website.
  6. No it won't degrade the coating if using an iron remover. Look into the wash, clay, wax method video on the rag company's channel. Optimum Car Wax will prevent the coating from marring if claying is needed. Optimum claims that it will last 2 years. It is technically a 3 year coating. It should last longer considering your cars spend time in the garage. I personally have only seen 1 year out of it on cars that sit outside 24/7. I would consider using the new Hyper Seal or Opti-Seal after every wash to maintain the coating. Unfortunately coatings are not scratch proof. I have found gloss coat to have decent marring protection. Gloss Coat's ease of use is right up there though.
  7. F/S Optimum Gloss Coat - 2 Kits

    Still looking to move these. Need them gone. PM me if interested. Could possibly go lower on kit#2.
  8. I have two kits up for sale. Each kit includes one syringe containing Optimum Gloss Coat. These are unused that I do not need or intend to use. They were purchased earlier in the year. Dwindling my supplies. I take payment via paypal. Asking to have paypal fees included. PM me if interested. Buyer must purchase all products as I am not separating them. Kit #1 - $90 shipped within the 48 states Optimum Gloss Coat - 10cc (unused) Optimum Paint Prep - Unused Opti Seal - Unused Optimum Hyper compound (4 oz) - Unused Optimum Tire Shine (4 oz) - Used once Optimum Instant Gloss Detailer Concentrate - 70-75% remaining Dried up coating on the tip is from another syringe that I had in the package that leaked a little. Kit #2 - $135 shipped within the 48 states Optimum Gloss Coat - 20cc (unused) Optimum Paint Prep - Unused Opti Seal - 90-95% (Used a few times). Sprayer is damaged as I dropped the bottle on the floor. Opt-Bond Tire Shine - 98% (Used once) Opti Clean Concentrate - 75-80% remaining
  9. Sure you can do what you posted. As much as I like the BRS, it will not pick up everything from the surface. Also ONR tends to leave a little residue behind in the form of polymers. So you may be left with polymer spots on the paint.
  10. Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    I would take what he says with a grain of salt. I could not even make it through the video.
  11. Brand new car headlights

    Levi mentions the same thing in this video. Starting around the 16 minute mark.
  12. Hyper Polish

    It's optional with opti-seal.
  13. Hyper Polish

    Sure you can follow up hyper polish with opti-seal.
  14. Hello from South Europe

    I would recommend to polish after compounding. It will remove any haze or marring that may occur during the compounding stage. It will impart gloss and refine the finish. You can actually wash the entire car and then follow up by claying the entire car rather than working panel by panel. Both versions of ONR can be used as clay lube as well. You may want to do 2 coats of Gloss Coat one hour apart before topping it with car wax. It will ensure even coverage.
  15. Hello from South Europe

    No optimum paint prep is not required. IPA is listed right on the directions of the syringe. So that works just fine. Top gloss coat with opti-seal to protect it during the curing time. It will protect gloss coat from water spots. Common thing to do. I can't help you with sand spots as I am in California so I don't deal with that phenomenon.