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  1. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    Found this in the optimum car care facebook group. So unless something has changed, I would stick with opti-seal 1 hour after gloss coat.
  2. I forgot to update this thread as well. But the vette was polished and re-coated back in November of 2017. Gloss Coat did a better job on this one given that it spends most of it's time in the garage. There was marring that needed to be addressed. It was re-coated in another manufacturers coating.
  3. Well last update for this one. After a year and half it was time for a polish and re-coat. Overall gloss coat did a decent job. There was some areas that were having some performance issues before the 1 year mark. There were areas on various parts of the car that were looking like there was nothing on the paint. So I had started to use a silica spray sealant to limp along until I had time to polish and re-coat. It was polished and re-coated with another manufacturer's coating as I move on from Gloss Coat to try something else. My overall thoughts is that Gloss Coat is good for a 1 year coating. After that it starts to have some slight performance issues even after a decontamination based on experience from 3 different vehicles that I applied it to. But at it's price point it's hard to choose based on the price of other coatings who perform a bit better. The ease of use is a plus and is nice for newcomers into the coating market. It has a decent look but tends to look a little more plastic looking compared to some of the other coatings I have used. Like most coatings it has the rubbery/grabby type feeling to it. Overall it did a decent job.
  4. Optimum MDR

    I'd consider ferrex as well and MDR only if you need it. Paint prep would be optional and you can use opti seal or car wax.
  5. Paint Prep should remove opti-seal. I can't comment on the pro coating as that is only available to an authorized installer. From personal experience gloss coat has decent marring resistance compared to other coatings I have used.
  6. You did not do anything wrong. Unfortunately coatings are not scratch proof. But they do help with wash induced marring as they provide a harder surface compared to a wax or sealant. Another thing to note is the coating layer is not that thick in the grand scheme of things. So in a sense a coating seems to take on the behavior of the painted surface.
  7. First attempt at using Gloss Coat

    If you do end up with high spots, paint prep may not be enough to remove them if the coating has cured. If that does not work you will have to polish and re-coat. The advantage is you ensure even coverage. It is up to the user to a second coat. If it looks fine based on washing then leave it as is. Like most modern day products, less is more.
  8. Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    It is not the easiest glass coating to use but it is one of the best performing glass coatings on the market. I would recommend to work in smaller sections or you will be working hard to level out the coating.
  9. Optimum Gloss Coat - High spots

    Polish and re-coat.
  10. Try the optimum carpet cleaner. It works really well.
  11. Hello from South Europe

    Thanks for the update. The key is to keep it clean to keep the coating performing like it should. I would recommend using opti-seal or the new hyper seal every so often to maintain the coating.
  12. OCW on Bilt Hamber Finis-Wax

    Give it a couple days and you can top with OCW. You should have no issues.
  13. Hello from South Europe

    Sure you can use hyper polish by hand. As mentioned don’t expect complete defect removal. CarPro Eraser works. IPA is another option. Just be careful with IPA because it does not have a lot of lubriciry. Do you have access to GTechniq Panel Wipe?
  14. The car wax adds more of a cushion/lubricity to prevent marring from claying. Claying in general cam marr the paint. Meaning if you marr the coating then you have to polish and re-coat. That is why Optimum recommends OCW with the wash , clay, wax method. I would not recommend the claying towel. Bought one and hate it. It does not glide and left sticky residue on my glass when I broke it in and on the paint afterward on. I tried OCW and ONR and it would not glide. I have gone back to another manufacture clay alternative which is much better. Hyper Seal can be purchased through the opti-coat website.
  15. No it won't degrade the coating if using an iron remover. Look into the wash, clay, wax method video on the rag company's channel. Optimum Car Wax will prevent the coating from marring if claying is needed. Optimum claims that it will last 2 years. It is technically a 3 year coating. It should last longer considering your cars spend time in the garage. I personally have only seen 1 year out of it on cars that sit outside 24/7. I would consider using the new Hyper Seal or Opti-Seal after every wash to maintain the coating. Unfortunately coatings are not scratch proof. I have found gloss coat to have decent marring protection. Gloss Coat's ease of use is right up there though.