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  1. The Guz

    Swirls prevention

    It is not a bad idea to pre spray the surface. It will give you more lubrication. It is also a good idea to clean the BRS every now and then with some APC.
  2. The Guz

    Cleaning a foam pad of Gloss Coat

    Yvan used to mention to just dunk it in a bucket of ONR to clean it out. Seemed to work fine when I tried it. Gloss Coat doesn’t harden like other coatings.
  3. The Guz

    Yvan Retiring?

    Retirement didn't last long. Yvan has been announced as a global ambassador for Lake Country.
  4. Depends on what the warranty says. Warranties as mentioned don't mean that much. But at times like this you are going to have to take it up with your installer or contact someone at Optimum.
  5. In that time has a decontamination wash been performed? Contaminants still stick on the paint and will mask the hydrophobic properties of any coating. It may be worth to do a decontamination wash and see if that helps. The first thing is that coatings are not impervious to scratching or swirling. In the big picture the layer of coating is just to thin when applied to the paint. After a year you will more than likely need a polish for this exact reason you mentioned about micro-marring. Most come from the washing and drying process. Have you thought about polishing and re-coating yourself? Most of these multi year claims are just that, claims. Lab claims are different than real world performance.
  6. How long has the coating been on the paint?
  7. The Guz

    Clear Coat Restorer

    I gave this a go today and it is in an interesting product to work with. The prep is the time consuming part as the actual application part is 15-20 mins. I applied it to an entire car. I went right for it and did not practice on any spare panels. If the application is good on the first coat then there is no need for a second coat. If there is some streaking, then wait and apply a second coat. That will resolve the issue. The reason for the streaking is the lack of product on the pearl wave applicator towel. I did apply it to an area where there are signs of clear coat failure knowing it will not restore it. It is more of how long will the clear coat restorer prevent the further failure of the clear coat. I also wet sanded the headlights and applied this right over the 3K grit sanding marks. Turned out well. I used about about 1/2 of the bottle and knocked over the bottle spilling out 1/4 of it. Not a big fan of no control when dispensing the product. Hopefully Optimum resolves that in the future to allow for better product distribution. Time to wait until the 48 hour cure time before polishing and applying a coating.
  8. The Guz

    Opti Glass High Spot??

    Infotainment screens are sensitive. They often have a coating on them. Polishing has certainly removed that coating. It is possible that is what you are seeing.
  9. The Guz

    Opti Glass Coating

    One is all you need. Maintain with opti-glass clean & protect.
  10. The Guz

    New Gloss-Coat not beading!

    What Meguiar's soap are you using? Sounds like it is Gold Class. If it is then it has the potential to mask the properties of an LSP. ONR won't bead on the surface. It tends to sit flat. Use a different soap that has no gloss enhancers or wax such as optimum car shampoo. You should get that water behavior.
  11. The Guz


    Available now
  12. The Guz

    SEMA 2018

    Tire coating
  13. The Guz

    SEMA 2018

  14. The Guz


    Yup I have used it and it does a good job. The video posted shows it really well.
  15. The Guz


    It is microfiber according to the guys from the Rag Company. It sure does feel like it as well.