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  1. Here is what someone posted on Autogeek the other day. See post #133
  2. One bucket with ONR and a grit guard. The dirt is released by the sponge easily with a quick agitation on the grit guard and ONR takes the dirt to the bottom of the bucket. I trust the science of the product and up to now it has not failed me. I have never done a hose rinse. I wash on a weekly basis and there is no need for me to hose rinse. If the vehicle is too dirty then I just bucket wash. I do use a pre-soak with ONR just to have ONR start breaking the dirt and encapsulating the dirt that is on the surface.
  3. I use the BRS when I use ONR. In the course of 2 years, I have not had a single issue. No scratching or marring with it. I started off with the multiple towel method but switched over to the BRS. Saves me from using so many towels and is much quicker to clean the paint. Never used the blue sponge.
  4. Good questions. For me it's a case by case situation. There are times when the paint will need a bucket wash over a rinseless wash. Rinseless washes are great for those vehicles that are washed on a weekly regiment where little to no dirt is on the surface. Possibly even washing bi-weekly. I have read and heard different things mentioned about the polymers from the facebook group and on the optimum synergy podcast. I have heard that the polymers are there to assist in dirt removal and giving that "cushion" to not marr the surface during the process. I have recently read that ONR does not leave anything behind on the surface thus making it paint safe and ok to use prior to polishing based on what Yvan and the other members have mentioned in the facebook group . Take that for what it's worth. Based on your situation it appears that you prefer to use the bucket wash over ONR. If the bucket washes are working then no sense in breaking what is not broken. If you wish to venture into rinseless washing and be more efficient than ONR is good for that. If you wish to leave some protection behind you have a variety of products that can be used as drying aid such as Opt car wax and opti-seal. You also have the option to use the new Hyper Seal which contains SiO2 in it. I found this post from Chris Thomas. It is from some time ago but it should still pertain to the car wash.
  5. Glass Coating prep and application

    If your glass is in good shape then a clay, prep and coat would work fine. If you have some sort of previous layer of a glass sealant/coating then you would want to polish. No need to mask off any surrounding areas. Spray onto the glass and spread. If some gets onto another surface a simple wipe off will get it off before it starts to flash and cure. I would recommend flushing out the sprayer after using the glass coating to prevent the sprayer from getting clogged.
  6. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    I agree that you are fine. I have used a polish that has less cut than hyper polish on a polishing pad and that was enough to remove Gloss Coat that was over a year old.
  7. ONR Drying

    It is perfectly fine if you see a little dirt on your towel making a pass to dry the paint. Here's a tip when using the BRS or BGS. After you make a pass with ONR and wither sponge, take one towel and remove the residue along with the dirt. Come back with another towel and use your drying aid of choice or just lightly buff the surface. The polymers are there to encapsulate and safely lift away the dirt from the surface.
  8. Opti Coat No Rinse

    I am pretty sure the dilution ratios are the same for as regular ONR. The difference being opti-coat no rinse has gloss enhancers.
  9. ONR Drying

    What was your technique to use it? Wash mitt? Big red sponge?
  10. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    Will you be doing a polish to remove the current layer of gloss coat to start with a clean surface? Also hyper polish can be used to polish plastic as it won’t stain plastic trim. But A&J provided good info.
  11. Dilution of paint prep

    The direction on gloss coat also mention around 15% IPA. So if you run out of paint prep you can use that. Or hold off and get more paint prep.
  12. Dilution of paint prep

    Worst case is you can use IPA.
  13. Optimum doesn't sell a dedicated trim product but you would be fine cleaning it with a waterless wash as you clean the rest of the car. Opti-Seal won't stain trim but it also won't restore faded trim.
  14. OCW is a nice wax. Easy and simple to use. Use it monthly and it will do just fine. If you are looking for something to spot clean those specific things I would look into Opti-Clean (waterless wash), Instant Detailer or on those rare occasions Power Clean. Just be sure to follow up with some protection after power clean as it would degrade the protection on the surface. Optimum No Rinse (ONR) would be good to have as well. As far as claying, clay when you think it is time for that. People often refer to the baggie test. Google if you are not aware of that method. I would probably stick with clay rather than the clay towel as the towel has the potential to marr more than a clay bar.
  15. Hyper seal or opti seal on gloss coat?

    Found this in the optimum car care facebook group. So unless something has changed, I would stick with opti-seal 1 hour after gloss coat.