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  1. I stopped using Gold Class long ago. I ended up just using it a wheel soap. The conditioners in the shampoo is what can mask the properties of an LSP. Optimum Car Shampoo is better at this. Plus Optimum Car Shampoo rinses cleaner and cleans better. I rarely bucket wash these days to begin with. Rinseless is my main go to wash method. Perhaps consider adopting ONR as well.
  2. Just a side note from personal experience with Gold Class. It can mask the properties of a wax, sealant or coating. I’ve experienced this with it and stopped using it. You can always get optimum car wash as well. That is better among some others that I have used.
  3. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Personal preference on which to use.
  4. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    You should not need to use ONR after applying gloss coat. It is recommended to use opti-seal 1 hour after the last coat of gloss coat so that is perfectly fine. It will protect gloss coat during the curing time. It is not recommended to wash prior to at least 7 days.
  5. Gloss coat on wheels barrels?

    It is worth it. The wheels will be easier to clean and stay cleaner longer. Like everything else maintenance is key.
  6. I would not over think it and use either one. I use opti-clean on a weekly/bi weekly wipe down and have no issues. It does not degrade the protection I have on the various areas unless I scrub very hard. But for light dust build up it is just fine.
  7. It works fine with Gloss Coat.
  8. Optimum Gloss coat lacks sheeting beading

    You don't need to go through the whole process and start over. As I mentioned over on your Autogeek thread, your prep is fine. It's all the stuff on that is on the surface that is masking the performance of the coating such as the shampoo, quick detailer and the possibility of road grime. I did not even think about the pollen season as someone mentioned in your Autogeek thread as well. Gold Class is a nice shampoo but it can mask the properties of any LSP. I have experienced this myself and that is why I no longer use it. The effects of the QD and the car wash will be removed after a few washes with a shampoo that leaves nothing behind. Road grime is a little harder to remove and there are shampoos that can do this. Road grime is an outcome of rain and all the crud from the road being flung on the painted surface. You could try paint prep after a wash to see if that helps. The other option is the possibility of trying power clean to clean up the surface during your wash process and see if that restores the hydrophobic properties. Worst case you have to start over. The difference between opti-seal and hyper seal is that hyper seal contains SiO2.
  9. ?'s On 2nd Application Of Gloss Coat

    Road grime can mask and affect the performance of a coating, wax or sealant. All the crud created by the rain is thrown in to the paint The lowest parts of the vehicles are exposed to it more often. Those are the dirtiest part of any vehicle It may need multiple reset washes to revive it. In the end it may just need to be polished and re-coated.
  10. Opti Coat Pro + Care and Maintenance

    Really depends on what you are looking for. Opti Coat has more slickness and gloss enhancers. ONR does not. ONRWW contains wax in it. So it comes down to personal preference. You could always buy a small 8 oz bottle of the other two and see which you like the best.
  11. Opti-Pro Consistent Marring

    No matter the coating used, they are not scratch proof or swirl proof. This is still one of the biggest misconceptions of coatings. I would not buy into the marketing of hardness. The benefit of a coating is that they help with wash induced marring. Soft paint is a pain to keep marr free regardless if it is coated or not. Experienced this on my uncles black corvette (repainted and has soft finicky paint) that at one time had Gloss Coat and now wears another coating. Guess what it still marred with the other coating that claimed to be harder than Gloss Coat. The more the paint is touched, the risk is higher to marr the paint. I can understand your frustration but as mentioned talk to your installed and see what can be done.
  12. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    The blue foam applicator or the suede applicator work great.
  13. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    I made some slight changes to your process. With regards to opti-glass you can use it on all glass. It is up to you on which way to proceed.
  14. Apex Detail testing

    A polish will remove any form of protection.
  15. Apex Detail testing

    It’s not a coating if that is what you are thinking. It’s a maintenance product. Think of it as opti-seal on steroids.