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  1. TIM521

    Amazing Product!

    Both cars are clean so why not try a few oz. in a bucket and mop the kitchen floor.XLNT results! Tim
  2. I am trying to use the last of my Blackfire paste wax before ordering Optimum Spray Wax. My ? is, will OID be compatible with this paste wax or will OID break down this finish ? Any thoughts are appreciated! TIM
  3. TIM521

    Seasons Greetings from PA.

    Try cleaning your computer with Power Clean @ 20:1! (LOL)
  4. TIM521

    Seasons Greetings from PA.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I currently have several Optimum products on the shelf,(leather protectant,hyper polish,onr,car wash,instant detailer,power clean)I have used all with great success. I do have one question....is power clean magical? Love the products and will continue to use them all!! TIM521
  5. New member from south central PA., married with (2) teenage boys!! I have been a car enthusiast for over 30 years and I love the look of a well detailed car! Would like to turn this sickness into $$$....I am a former forum member of Truth in detailing as well as a former customer of Proper Auto Care....Tim