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  1. I want sheeting! What is the best way to get that from Optimum? Opti-Coat Pro Plus?
  2. No Soap

    ONR Wash and Wax with Opti-Seal

    Btw, you really will notice the wax-look when using that combo, ONR Wash & Wax and Opti-Seal as a drying aid. I was sceptic at first and though there is not enough wax to change the glass/glossy-look of Opti-Seal but our red car proved I was wrong! 😁
  3. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge Care

    Best would be to have it sitting in the bucket with ONR (I do this) but maybe a zip lock bag would hold it moistured also? Before the first use it would be good to have the BRS sitting in the ONR solution for a day or two and after that keep it sitting in (fresh enough) ONR solution.
  4. No Soap

    Gloss coat shelf life

    ”On another note what do you recommend for non ceramic coated cars. Optimum Car Wax or Opti seal?” If you mean without Gloss coat the choice is about looks (“warm” vs “glossy/glas” look) and durability where Opti seal “wins”. But does durability count when applying the products are that easy?
  5. No Soap

    New member from Ireland

    Opti-Seal gives you beading so I think Hyper-Seal will also? You won't get any more beading with Car-Wax, in my experience.
  6. No Soap

    Gloss Coat re-invented?

    @Setec Astronomy That is true! When the product is still wet it hides the swirls, try with plain water.
  7. No Soap

    Gloss Coat re-invented?

    Thanks for the answer! I will use Gloss Coat on my car probably already this summer!?
  8. Dallas Paint Correction has something that is really like Gloss Coat (it might even be the same product)? Easiest Ceramic Coating To Apply - Amazing Results!!
  9. No Soap

    Gelcoat Restorer Off-Label Uses

    I think Yvan(?) answered it is ok but preferably on older cars because you have to wet sand & use compound to get rid of the factory coating (and UV protection). On top of that you add Opti-Lens for UV protection.
  10. They can’t answer things they don’t test.
  11. No Soap

    MSDS for new Optimum products

    Any updates on this one?
  12. No Soap


    True! Nice work but you can make your wash routine still a bit more Optimum! 😉
  13. No Soap

    Clear Coat Restorer

    One option is that we will come and get it from you ourselves (collecting the troops at the moment). 🤩 We want it, and we want it now!
  14. No Soap

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Just ship it by boat to Europe! We need this, pretty please with sugar on top!
  15. No Soap

    Not removing Hyper Compound Residue

    Been there, done that, works very good!