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  1. Ok! I just talked about my own experience but good to find others experiences also, thanks for that!
  2. Too much fluid will get you in trouble removing the dirt from the surface?
  3. I do a two bucket one with ONR in both and grit guards and a washboard in the rinse bucket.
  4. My favourite is the Chemical Guys Big Chubby(?) microfiber sponge which I use several for one wash.
  5. Hyper spray on spot pads

    Remember that tiny pads get full of clearcoat fast so work on very small areas and change pads/clean often. I think you know this better than I but to be sure.
  6. ONR Drying

    It is A&J in the video, isn’t it?
  7. ONR Drying

    Going twice over the surface sure helps here! I turn the wash medium around for the second pass.
  8. Apex Detail testing

    That is exactly what I was also thinking.
  9. Apex Detail testing

    Sadly not that scientific test, or what do you think? Wolfgang Concours Series Deep Gloss Sealant VERSUS Optimum Opti_Seal !!!!
  10. Pre Soak

    No it isn't, it is a different version but not better unless you have a coating.
  11. duffer5, what car? If it is one with Bosch "Silence technology" (can't remember the term) wiper blades, it sadly means the opposite in the real world (my experience). They have a "bite" that seems to last forever and that means they studder when not wet enough. Could be a totally another issue but...
  12. Yes, but the look of the paint will slightly change to "glass" look.
  13. Live and learn! Not all waxes are created equally. Those with cleaners at least leaves white residue.
  14. I use clay only when needed and that is probably twice a year but we've got real winters here? I think it is importatn to use iron and tar removers before claying to get the most of the stuff away and remember to be super gentle with the clay!
  15. I put the same wash level dilution in both buckets. I've got plenty of ONR and still loving it! Of course one has to remember that ONR is a safe way to wash and clean almost anything so it cannot have the "bite" to clean everything. If the situation demand, you have to use other cleaners (like power clean etc.). I steal this thread a little bit, do Optimum have a relatively safe tar-remover like Auto Finesse Citrus Power, which I find is the best product against the "salt" (read tar from the road surface lifted by the wintertires) in the winter? There are many tar-removers that work, but few of them are safe in any way if you try to keep the maintaine the LSP as long as you can. Of course with Opti-Seal (it so simple!) you don't have to care about LSP longevity in the winter, but it is nice to learn about different processes.