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  1. No Soap

    Add MDR to ONR Solution

    Some detailers has misunderstood ONR and waterspots. It was all about ONR-spots and how easy they could be removed by reintroducing ONR-solution on them, not at all about regular waterspots.
  2. No Soap

    Optimum Car Wash

    Wheels get cleaned with a soft brush and ONR and Wheel cleaner, now and then. I don't understand why people get crazy over new stuff when ONR still performs like a beast!?
  3. No Soap

    Well good evening . . .

    Welcome! I’ll try lot’s of products but every time I get back to Optimum products I’m in love over and over again!
  4. No Soap

    New Sponge incoming?

    The current one is more than good enough so don’t believe in miracles (marketing).
  5. No Soap

    New Sponge incoming?

    No, Lake Country.
  6. No Soap

    ONR, BRS And AutoGlym Instadry?

    Don’t know what that is but if it has the capability to get the dirt deep into the cloth so that the wiping won’t drag the dirt on the surface, it could be ok?
  7. No Soap

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    Opti-Seal at least has better looks than Turtle (which I also used this winter) but is not as chemical resistant.
  8. No Soap

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    Same here, nothing beats it as a drying aid.
  9. No Soap

    Opti-Seal V2.0

    If I understood things correctly there is a "constant" tweek done to the products without any bigger marketing efforts involved? Don't know about Opti-Seal but other surely have seen updates. F11 🤣.
  10. No Soap

    Optimum Synergy Podcast

    I can't hear anything!? Anyone else? 😉
  11. That is true that the drying towel has to be wet (damp doesn't do it if it is an older one) before it again knows how to really attract water. I use The Rag Company old Minxes (16x16) for drying.
  12. Happy new year everyone! Thanks Ron for your great work!
  13. I think A&J knows this very well! I read somewhere that someone noticed something similar that the product was a bit different?
  14. No Soap

    Safely Remove Swirls

    Just let it be? Do you know how they were introduced and is it over the whole car? How old is the coating?
  15. Often a good rinse under water is enough. I use APC if there are stains and they usually go quite easily away. I’m not 100% sure but did Yvan or someone else use dish soap now and then?