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  1. No Soap

    Winter Ice and snow :-(

    Avoid at all cost but Wheel Woolies Snow Duster is among the safest but you will get some marring but maybe you are already used to that?
  2. No Soap

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    True! No soap should ever be used again! I do use Opti-Clean as a ONR wash pre-spray in the winter.
  3. No Soap


    Just to let you know, I live more up north here in Europe but ONR is enough to clean my wheels here so they are looking black and new.
  4. No Soap

    Clear Coat Restorer

    Do you Ron think the polishing stage must be very gentle to not remove the added clear coat even after waiting 48h?
  5. No Soap

    Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    I use Opti-Seal as a drying aid and every wash I'm using it also on the windshield.
  6. No Soap

    Hyper Polish Sprayer Issue

    Hmm, worked fine for me so is the sprayer head changed to another version?
  7. No Soap

    Hyper Polish Sprayer Issue

    Probably is a brand new head so I'm wondering?
  8. Nice job! Are you sure it was tree sap or the bugs (don’t know what they are called in English) that pee from the trees (you can notice it is wet under the trees)? EDIT: Aah, this was a old post and in the spring so ignore my comment!
  9. No Soap

    Headlight Rejuvination

    Great! You didn’t use hyper polish as a last step?
  10. No Soap

    Using a silicone water blade

    Use a good microfiber towel (I love The Rag Company towels, 70/30 blend absorbs water better) but if the car is dirty, wash it first. There is always a risk using silicone blades that there is a small grain of something and when wiping that small thing will cause scratching. If there is absolutely nothing on the paint (can there ever be such a case?), one could use the blade. It is all about what kind of risk you are willing to take and what condition of your paint is sufficient for you. A tip for using the microfiber: Make it wet and squeeze the water from it and give it a shake before starting drying, that will make the towel absorbing the water much better. Another tip is the use Opti-Seal as a drying aid.
  11. ...and Opti-Seal protect us also from UV, but in a different way.
  12. No Soap

    Optimum Car Wax (OCW) Issue

    I haven't had those issues so someone else has to answer. I have gone through 4 bottles of OCW but I'm now a Opti-Seal guy.
  13. No Soap

    Help with rinse and shine

    Just wash it with 1:256 ONR.
  14. No Soap

    Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    Thanks for the answer! The "marketing department" was just a term for a common disclaimer. 🤗 I'll test and see how they works.
  15. No Soap

    Storage of Hyper Compound sprayer

    Any idea how long the products last in the bottles? I'm not asking for a answer from the "marketing department" (safest answer for the company) rather from what could maybe be realistic? Done 3 cars and kept the caps on the bottles but that is 2 years ago. I've shaken the bottles, now and then.