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  1. No Soap

    Safely Remove Swirls

    Just let it be? Do you know how they were introduced and is it over the whole car? How old is the coating?
  2. Often a good rinse under water is enough. I use APC if there are stains and they usually go quite easily away. I’m not 100% sure but did Yvan or someone else use dish soap now and then?
  3. No Soap

    What *can't* you use ONR for?

    Same here! Just love it!
  4. I would say coatings are selected for more easy maintenance, and also some sealants. Opti-Seal is still a great product.
  5. No Soap

    Yvan Retiring?

    Nobody can replace a guy like Yvan but I’m hoping the one that do, does it in his/her own style. The products are still as good as ever!
  6. No Soap

    Drying Aids and Dilution

    Yes, but why are you concerned about that? You probably have applied some protection on the dry surface (coating, sealant, wax) at one point and after that it is all about maintenance and a little is enough.
  7. No Soap

    Storage of ONR

    I would say it is almost the same as with water? I meant the diluted 1:16.
  8. No Soap

    Why use ONR vs ONR with the wax

    Say for example you want to use another product for protection? In that case you don't want to mix different products that you have no idea of how they work together? I also don't like the idea to have wax (even if it is not much) on my steering wheel when cleaning it with ONR. The "blue stuff" is more versatile but I have both.
  9. No Soap

    New member

    Hello from Finland Jon! 😊
  10. No Soap

    BRS - Rinse with a hose.

    I also enjoy working in my air-conditioned garage and thanks to ONR I can wash our cars there. I can't use a lot of water because there is no proper drainage (the one in the floor goes straight outside). There is still one problem with both ONR and soap, if you have leaves, other stuff from trees, on your car, they will leave sitting on the top of the ONR/soap-solution and are a mess to work with if you are washing using microfiber towels, much easier with the BRS but still I don't like it, but what can you do about nature?
  11. No Soap

    BRS - Rinse with a hose.

    Just be careful not to dilute the ONR-solution more, if you think about only having water in the rinse-bucket. I have our 2 cars corrected since 2 years ago and I'm only used one bucket ONR wash with the BRS since a year without any problems. I rinse the car (often foam) when the cars are really dirty.
  12. No Soap

    Minimalist Approach

    I’m with Ron on this thing but what makes Opti-Seal great is how it works as a drying aid. Not all sealants works nearly as good and it seems to get the water to attach to the microfibre towel much better. Don’t overthink it! ONR with wax + Opti-Seal will give you a bit of that carnauba glow but which look do you really like? Many people like the plain sealant look (more mirror-like) but it is up to you.
  13. No Soap

    Winter Ice and snow :-(

    Avoid at all cost but Wheel Woolies Snow Duster is among the safest but you will get some marring but maybe you are already used to that?
  14. No Soap

    The Line between Opticlean and ONR

    True! No soap should ever be used again! I do use Opti-Clean as a ONR wash pre-spray in the winter.
  15. No Soap


    Just to let you know, I live more up north here in Europe but ONR is enough to clean my wheels here so they are looking black and new.