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  1. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge

    Just an update, the Big Red Sponge is holding up very well! No tearing etc. that I was afraid of in the beginning and it is soft to use when it stays 2-3 weeks in the same ONR-solution in a bucket before I change the water. Love it! This is the best wash media of them all!? Apex Detail - WASH MITTS!! Which Are The BEST? Let's Find Out!!
  2. Rinseless: ONR and Opti-Seal is the most effective combo (Opti-Seal takes care of the UV) but I use ONR wash & wax to get the look to change a bit even if I always use Opti-Seal as a drying aid. PS. Less is more when we are talking about Optimum products so really try to understand this! Do not buff the Opti-Seal high spots, think rather in terms of leveling (very gentle). Waterless: Look at Optimum Opti-Clean. This is what I use as a pre-spray befor ONR washes in the wintertime. Has a bit more of cleaning power. To start with, I would clean the car very thoroughly and maybe even use Optimum Paint prep before applying Opti-Seal to get the maximum bonding possible.
  3. Optimum doesn't test compability with other products but what we weekend-warriors have found out is that ONR doesn't affect the bonding of other brand sealants or waxes. I'm not saying there couldn't be issues but haven't heard or had issues. We treat ONR like a product that "doesn't leave anything behind" even if there technically could be some polymers left behind but if I've understood that right, the polymers haven't got the power to interfere. Hmm, I usually always wash the car after claying with a claybar, if that is what you used (clay)? I'm worried that there could be some leftovers from the clay but as I have always washed afterwards, I can't tell.
  4. No Soap

    Safety on household vinyl products.

    I use Opti-Clean mainly as a pre-spray in the wintertime on the car, inside the car and various use inside our house.
  5. No Soap

    Safety on household vinyl products.

    Yes, ONR is safe.
  6. No Soap

    How can I clean pump sprayer?

    Same here, never happened (knock-knock) for me either.
  7. Optimum Opti-Seal is still a killer product! Highly recommended! I think the "ceramic" spray products are mostly marketing, at least if user tests are something to believe in. No single component makes a product a miracle and way too many of those "ceramic" ones are not any good.
  8. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge

    Was this video already linked here? If not, he is showing under the microscope how the dirt is clinging inside the sponge and how clean it is after rinsing it in his rinse bucket (Note: I use only one bucket because that is really enough!).
  9. Yes, but change the water often enough. For me, cool and dry inside house, it is often 5-6 weeks. Because of possible bacteria growth Optimum is more careful with what they dare to recommend.
  10. I want sheeting! What is the best way to get that from Optimum? Opti-Coat Pro Plus?
  11. No Soap

    ONR Wash and Wax with Opti-Seal

    Btw, you really will notice the wax-look when using that combo, ONR Wash & Wax and Opti-Seal as a drying aid. I was sceptic at first and though there is not enough wax to change the glass/glossy-look of Opti-Seal but our red car proved I was wrong! 😁
  12. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge Care

    Best would be to have it sitting in the bucket with ONR (I do this) but maybe a zip lock bag would hold it moistured also? Before the first use it would be good to have the BRS sitting in the ONR solution for a day or two and after that keep it sitting in (fresh enough) ONR solution.
  13. No Soap

    Gloss coat shelf life

    ”On another note what do you recommend for non ceramic coated cars. Optimum Car Wax or Opti seal?” If you mean without Gloss coat the choice is about looks (“warm” vs “glossy/glas” look) and durability where Opti seal “wins”. But does durability count when applying the products are that easy?
  14. No Soap

    New member from Ireland

    Opti-Seal gives you beading so I think Hyper-Seal will also? You won't get any more beading with Car-Wax, in my experience.
  15. No Soap

    Gloss Coat re-invented?

    @Setec Astronomy That is true! When the product is still wet it hides the swirls, try with plain water.