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  1. My ONR Maintenance Procedure

    You leave ONR on the wheels after spraying?
  2. Why I Keep Coming Back to Optimum

    Yeah! I use Opti-Seal on our car with lighter colour and Car Wax on our red coloured car. Looks amazing and best of all is so easy to use!!!
  3. Big red sponge with the soap

    Why would one ever use soap again when ONR is invented? Even if you rinse the car with water, ONR is much safer IMO.
  4. ONR = Optimum No Rinse. The new one is too new but could be OCNR (sounds bad in your mouth!?).
  5. Try MDR first on the water spots?
  6. OCW application and streaking

    Depending how fast the washed panels dry but yes, always with drying aid.
  7. OCW application and streaking

    I also do rinseless but always use either Opti-Seal or Car-Wax as drying aid. Our red car gets OCW and the one with the lighter color gets Opti-Seal.
  8. OCW application and streaking

    Well, if you miss a spot, what does it mean? Next time you wash the car you again use Optimum Car-Wax as a drying aid and probably you go over the spot you missed last time?
  9. OCW application and streaking

    I would say not to overthink it! Just one (good) spray and spread on one section at a time (the hood is 2-3 sections, depending on car size), it is such a thin layer that is needed.
  10. OCW application and streaking

    I would say paranoia?
  11. Apex Detail testing

    Thanks! Same procedure when drying here also!
  12. Apex Detail testing

    My local dealer is not selling the Hyper-Seal to others than professional detailers, is it really so? I'm located in somewhere in Europe.
  13. Apex Detail testing

    Ok, thanks for the answers! Any news about the longevity vs old (and golden) Opti-Seal (guesstimates)?
  14. Apex Detail testing

    With what chemicals can I remove it, if I want to?
  15. Apex Detail testing

    Ok, so not for me then.