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  1. The new Hyper Seal maybe? It is at least meant for coatings.
  2. Daily Driver gets some shine

    Looking good!
  3. Daily Driver gets some shine

    Why do you put up pictures of mirrors?
  4. Opti seal over wax ?

    1. Layering actually means "filling the spots you maybe missed". I would do it right the first time and later on add more protecting using the product as a drying aid. There was info about the curing time on this forum in the Opti-Seal thread: 2. You can but it will not last that well. I use it always as a drying aid after the ONR wash. 3. No-one can tell but probably every wax that don't contain cleaners and stuff that remove the sealant? 4. I think Opti-Seal sheets the wax pretty quickly but maybe you would have more of a wet look for a time?
  5. I agree 100% with Ron! The color goes away first I think?
  6. Interior cleaning.

    I use ONR (isn't sticky) or ONRWW (the wax doesn't hurt) and Opti-Seal (should protect from UV in it's own way). Mostly ONR.
  7. Can I apply OCW how soon after applying a T1 carnauba wax (Bilt Hamber Finis-wax)? Can it make the carnauba wax not to cure properly or last worse?
  8. Opti-Seal Q&A

  9. Opti-Seal Q&A

    What's the lowest temperature Opti-Seal can be applied?
  10. Välkommen Anders! Slower is better with the paint we have today (speed about 3-3,5) because then we can have less heat and the cut is still great with these compunds/polishes. Don't be afraid to use microfiber pads but if you don't need them, don't use them (preserve the coating). I also clean the sprayers if I know that I won't be using them for a while. I have the original caps left and use those on the spray-bottles.
  11. What I think he is saying is that if there is already traffic film on the clear coat, the wax and also the UV protection has no way to get to the clearcoat?
  12. Optimum, anything you want to share with us on this subject?
  13. Same with me! No problems! In a spray bottle it lasts at least a year. I'm on the third year on one bottle I recently re-discovered and it is all ok! Maybe it is a problem if you live in regions with high humidity? Thank you for your honesty!
  14. I think there will still be "leftovers" that a drying towel would pick up but I'm only guessing? Even if you make several passes. I use the Chemical Guys Big Chubby wash sponge because I think it has a short enough nap and I can get the dirt off the wash medium by scrubbing agains the Grit Guard Washboard insert. One can't be sure about anything, the most is "in your head"! If you use the Metro master blaster, there might be some "leftovers" on the panel but does it really matter that much? You will get more straight away when you again take the car out for a spin? Test and report?
  15. Which wash medium are you using? If you are using a mitt I would use a towel to be sure to get the little dirt that is left off the panel? Feel free to try and report back?
  16. I'm tired, but please explain air dryer in this case? If it is a leaf blower type of machine, I would never use it in my garage because of the large "unvisible" amount of dirt laying on the floor that will straight away stick to the paint of the car. I would also not leave ONR (even mixed with distilled water, as I use it in my sprayers) to dry on the panel. EDIT: Ok, now I get it, you mean that kind of machine that removes water from air. Yeah, I got one too in my garage when washing with ONR but I always dry with thick enough microfiber towels and use a liquid to keep the drying process more safe (Optimum Wax or Bilt Hamber Auto-QD). Always be very gentle when "onring"!
  17. Car wax and opti seal 24month life?

    Was just watching this video myself and this guy often knows what he is talking about but sometimes not? I think he is right about how you store the products.
  18. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    Yvan really is too cheap!
  19. Gloss coat marking

    Allready asked in another thread but seems to fit here even better? Can you fill those marks by applying some more coating on the affected areas?
  20. Hello from South Europe

    Sorry to hijack the thread but could you "fill" minor scratches/swirls in the Gloss-coat by applying a new layer?
  21. Applying opti seal with microfiber towel

    Does it still have some squeak noise? At least in Yvans videos it can be heard.
  22. Gloss coat marking

    No, it was a very good investment but you didn't really understand what you bought! No coatings are scratch proof but they are way better than wax or sealants and last for a long time.
  23. ONR in a steamer

    It was on YouTube so it must be true? (Dallas Paint Correction & Auto Detailing)
  24. ONR in a steamer

    Old thread but someone told ONR could cause clogging but it was then used in a low pressure pressure washer which sucked ONR wash-level diluted water. He told the seals had somewhat sticky gummy residue on them. Is ONR pure enough or could this clogging thing be true?
  25. OCW layering and cure time

    It is so easy so using the buffer would be more than overkill!