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  1. Apex Detail testing

    Sadly not that scientific test, or what do you think? Wolfgang Concours Series Deep Gloss Sealant VERSUS Optimum Opti_Seal !!!!
  2. OCW application and streaking

    Depending how fast the washed panels dry but yes, always with drying aid.
  3. OCW application and streaking

    I also do rinseless but always use either Opti-Seal or Car-Wax as drying aid. Our red car gets OCW and the one with the lighter color gets Opti-Seal.
  4. OCW application and streaking

    Well, if you miss a spot, what does it mean? Next time you wash the car you again use Optimum Car-Wax as a drying aid and probably you go over the spot you missed last time?
  5. OCW application and streaking

    I would say not to overthink it! Just one (good) spray and spread on one section at a time (the hood is 2-3 sections, depending on car size), it is such a thin layer that is needed.
  6. Apex Detail testing

    Thanks! Same procedure when drying here also!
  7. Apex Detail testing

    My local dealer is not selling the Hyper-Seal to others than professional detailers, is it really so? I'm located in somewhere in Europe.
  8. Apex Detail testing

    Ok, thanks for the answers! Any news about the longevity vs old (and golden) Opti-Seal (guesstimates)?
  9. Apex Detail testing

    With what chemicals can I remove it, if I want to?
  10. Apex Detail testing

    Ok, so not for me then.
  11. Apex Detail testing

    What is the technology behind this product? Is it a sealant or something else? I just want a sealant, I’m not a coating guy.
  12. The releasing of the dirt part is what I’m sceptic about...
  13. I don’t think those kind (the green) are right for rinseless, have one from Gyeon. Not bad but not the best.
  14. Even if products look the same, and smell the same, there can be a huge difference in how they perform (effectiveness and safety) so yes, we would need some opinions from detailers if that is a good enough wash medium? If the foam in that one is such that it doesn't trap the dirt "forever" then it might be a good one!?

    Is this sponge better (read: safer) than the Big Red Sponge for ONR washes or was this meant specially for the ONR version for coatings (can't remember the exact name)?
  16. I use the blue-ONR and also tried the green-ONR on interior and there is so little wax in the green stuff that it doesn't matter and if you look at other detailers many are using spray wax to protect the interior nowadays. I also clean stuff at home with ONR.
  17. Which color of the juice?
  18. Ok! I just talked about my own experience but good to find others experiences also, thanks for that!
  19. Too much fluid will get you in trouble removing the dirt from the surface?
  20. I do a two bucket one with ONR in both and grit guards and a washboard in the rinse bucket.
  21. My favourite is the Chemical Guys Big Chubby(?) microfiber sponge which I use several for one wash.
  22. Hyper spray on spot pads

    Remember that tiny pads get full of clearcoat fast so work on very small areas and change pads/clean often. I think you know this better than I but to be sure.
  23. ONR Drying

    It is A&J in the video, isn’t it?
  24. ONR Drying

    Going twice over the surface sure helps here! I turn the wash medium around for the second pass.