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    SEMA 2018

    If you go through the clear when compounding, this is then nothing that could save you?
  2. No Soap

    SEMA 2018

    What about new clear coat that is way too often nowadays thin as hell?
  3. No Soap

    SEMA 2018

    Yeah, it will be nice to learn if they made the Zentool less needed now. ? The tar remover sounds impressive indeed!
  4. No Soap

    SEMA 2018

    What is the difference between a coating and Clear Coat Restorer? Longevity?
  5. No Soap

    Stripping sealants

    I would spray it on neat.
  6. No Soap

    Stripping sealants

    Talking about Jimbos tests on YouTube? I immediately noticed that there were a couple of "dangers" in the way he tested durability.
  7. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge

    Doing many more washes on my own cars and I'm now also impressed! This is about efficiency and at the same time it seems to be a safe way to wash your car (been checking for marring).
  8. No Soap

    How to remove Opti Seal?

    Did the IPA-wipe remove any protection on boths sides and cause the paint to sheet? Should have used ONR instead a soap (yak!)...
  9. No Soap

    Optimum Opti-Bond vs CarPro PERL

    A Homer is one who really is on the home team side (in sports). Dr.G is Optimum, so it is his "home team".
  10. No Soap

    Paint Prep

    One chemical question about the Paint Prep product. What is the science behind the product? We all know that there is no miracle product that could in one step make the paint squeeky clean? What is it exactly Pain Prep helps us with after a decon wash using APC, Iron remover, Tar remover and claying? I always use Paint Prep as the last step but I am now curious for more information about the subject! If this has already been discussed, please help me find the thread, thanks!
  11. No Soap

    Opti-Clean dilution ratios?

    Would you ever use it neat if you also got Power Clean, or another APC? The OOC spray bottle contains neat solution, doesn't it?
  12. No Soap

    Paint Prep

    Yeah, but a more in depth description is what I’m after.
  13. No Soap

    Opti-Clean dilution ratios?

    Hi! Old thread I thought I could hijack. Which task would you recommend using which dilution ratios? Pre-spray for ONR wash. OOC wash with microfiber towles. Interior cleaning. Please add more to the list!
  14. No Soap

    Opti-clean on tires

    Yeah, for me just ONR wash has been enough to keep my tires nice looking.
  15. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge

    My first experience was promising. The car, a 4 year Honda Civic Tourer with 30 thousand km on the clock, was dirty from the first road salt on the roads this "winter" (came from up north to visit us in the "south") but no sand etc. on the paint. I did only pre-spray (didn't really soak them) the lower panels. The sponge feels more like of a groute sponge than a traditional car wash sponge, or a mixture of those? I started with the roof, and without pre-spray, and it felt weirdly ok and because this car was not a neglected car, no sound of friction could be heard. Felt good, in fact! The car has been used in automatic car washes so swirls can be seen. The car has minimal roof bars and the sponge handled them really well. Always turned the sponge and went one more time over ever panel. Did not catch all dirt because the drying towels (The rag company Minx) did get a bit dirty (not on the roof section but when washing windows where there is parts where dirt can hide, window trims are pure evil!). I'm used to use a CG Big Chubby microfiber sponge but I think I have never tried to wash a car this dirty without rinsing it off so I can't compare them yet. I was *very* gentle with the sponge, didn't use any force. The sponge did get a bit of beating when washing parts that had a hard edge like the register plate etc. so one have to be aware of that aspect, it is still a sponge. I still think this could be the best rinseless wash media (after using a lot of towels or pre-rinsing) if you want to wash a quite dirty car without rinsing it off before a wash! Next wash I will start with pre-sparying every panel as I go through them, one by one (all steps, also drying). The bad thing is that the Big Red Spong costs 35€ from where I ordered one ( and now they out of stock. My order was first to be cancelled because they did not have any BRS in their inventory but then they eventually found one for me. Did order other Optimum products at the same time and the price was on par with what I get in my own country, and we don't even have Opti-Clean available, so then I could justify the high price of the BRS, at least in a way. Still to be continued....
  16. What I think he is saying is that if there is already traffic film on the clear coat, the wax and also the UV protection has no way to get to the clearcoat?
  17. Here is a new 3 months later video: He was not that impressed either. We don’t know how he really prepped the paint?
  18. No Soap

    How to clean Big Red Sponge

    Could microfiber wash solution be a good product to use? What about liquid detergent that doesn't contain zeolite?
  19. No Soap

    Big Red Sponge

    Guess what guys? It arrived today, and now it is waiting for the first wash in the ONR-solution. Expensive here in Europe but I just had to get it to be able to tell you my thoughts about it. To be continued...
  20. No Soap

    Big Gold Sponge vs Big Red Sponge

    Hey! What is that Big God Sponge!? Sounds interesting!
  21. Laminated floors usually don't like anything else than water (or need!) or special laminated floor cleaners, almost all others leave a film.
  22. Some good examples I found. In the first, he forgot the pre-spray.
  23. No Soap

    2 week old Black F-150

    But if you use good iron and tar removers claying might be not necessary.
  24. No Soap

    Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    Yes, nowadays (for a year?) Optimum has products that work even better with coatings, so those would be the best choice for you. Before those products were available, everyone used plain ONR etc. and was very happy with that also.
  25. No Soap

    Figuring out Opti-coat Maintenance

    There is no pre-rinse, it is a pre-spray to get ONR start doing its job breaking down the dirt. So you spray (ONR at the ratio Ron told you or at wash-level if not that dirty) some of the panels and start washing with ONR. After you washed some of the panels, use Opti-Seal as a drying aid, one spray per panel.