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    ONR QD Ratio

    This is the correct answer 😎 It is not that important, use what works for you! Quick Detailer: ratio 1:16 or 8 oz/1 gallon or 240 ml to 3.84 liters for water (62.5 ml per liter) Clay lube: ratio 1:64 or 2 oz/1 gallon or 60 ml to 3.84 liters of water (15.6 ml per liter)
  2. No Soap

    Best Paint Correction Product

    Wet sanding is not that hard and will probably remove less clear coat. I just don't like the process, but that's just how I am! πŸ˜‚
  3. Hi again! Regarding consumer products (not those from professional installers), in the era of superglossy product like The Beadmaker (TBM), which is the most glossy one in the Optimum line of products? I use Opti-Seal and I think that most certainly that is the one with most gloss or is it Gloss-Coat? Have anyone an opinion how Opti-Seal stacks against for example TBM? One point worth to mention is that not all of us are into superglossy looks but prefer more of the wax-look you get from example Optimum Car Wax.
  4. No Soap

    Optimum product with most gloss?

    I'm in Europe and their shop is still under construction, I think? Their Rag Company Europe site has the basic Optimum products but not the Hype-line. I can of course reach them by email, have been mailing them before...
  5. No Soap

    Optimum product with most gloss?

    ...but that can't be bought from any dealer...
  6. No Soap

    Carpet and Fabric Cleaner and Protectant SDS?

    Just give us all the permissions or tell someone else share it! 😁 "Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."
  7. I think you won't get an answer from here? Try get it from TAC?
  8. No Soap

    ONR with more "bite"?

    Hi! Could it be time for a version of ONR with more cleaning abilities? Quite safe still but with stronger cleaning abilities? I know there is powerclean but anyway? ONR Super-Clean? Just an idea...
  9. No Soap

    ONR with more "bite"?

    I also have a Sun Joe battery driven pressure washer but that’s not the point.
  10. No Soap

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    I prefer moving less (a'la Yvan).
  11. No Soap

    Opti Coat Pro Maintenance

    It is actually faster to fully do one panel at the time.
  12. No Soap

    Optimum No Rinse Frozen!!

    You live way too south in Europe (Poland?). 😁
  13. No Soap

    ONR with more "bite"?

    The Big Red sponge.
  14. No Soap

    ONR with more "bite"?

    Washing in the winter. The Optimum Opti Clean is not enough as a prespray either.
  15. No Soap

    T.A.R. Remover

    Thanks for the info, might try it, but salt is the easiest component to remove in the "solution" on the roads in the winter and I think it is the "tar" from the roads that is the tricky one? Tires with studds are evil! πŸ‘Ώ
  16. No Soap

    T.A.R. Remover

    Could it be effective on the road β€œsalt” solution stuck on your paint in the wintertime and feels like sandpaper?
  17. No Soap

    EU distributors

    That is true!
  18. No Soap

    Power clean with onr

    I'm refering to this new one:
  19. No Soap

    Power clean with onr

    I think a tar remover is a must if you have real winters with road salt and snow. When is Optimum Tar remover ready? 🀩
  20. No Soap

    EU distributors I contacted them by email and they told me that: "The website is under construction. You can visit or just send us an email with the requested products and we will send you an invoice." About the prices, my local dealer has about the same prices so I think it is the cost of transporting that makes the prices to be higher?
  21. No Soap


    Isn't America a part of EU? πŸ˜‡
  22. No Soap

    Optimum Nano Wipes?

    I would think my guess is right, it is definitely not an OPT product. The package is completely different, and the brand is Optimum Care Care not OPT?
  23. No Soap

    Wash n wax

    I would say just use those products and see what happens? I bet nothing really bad will happen. Don't overthink it?
  24. No Soap

    Wash n wax

    If it is a Optimum product we know there will be no problems.
  25. Is it safe to use Opti-Clean (1:3) for example to clean your taps in the kitchen and in the shower e.g. areas you will touch with bare hands? Already did that and loved the shine but how about safety?