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  1. The other evening I was washing my car, and it was in the mid 40s outside. I had my bottle of Optimum Car Wash sitting by the edge of the garage while I washed, and when I went to refill my washh bucket with warm water and add more Optimum wash I noticed something strange with it. Instead of the Optimum Car Wash having the liquid like consistency of a typical car wash soap, it was really thick when trying to pour it out. Once it made contact with the warm water and sparayed with the hose, it seemed to sud fine. I was wondering, will colder weatheer have a negative effect on the Optimum Car Wash cleaning or lubricity wise? Even after this exposure, is this bottle of wash still fine to use?
  2. I recently discovered where someone or something brushed up against the front of my car, and its kinda dirty at the moment so as a result I have about a 3" long scuff mark from it. It's not really big enough to justify using the PC7424 on it, 1 1/2" by 3" or so, but its annyoing me to no end to where I want to get rid of it. I'd like to try and take care of this by hand if I can. I have the Optimum Finish Polish and Optimum Polish II, and I was wondering are either of these products designed for hand use at all? Or are they strictly machine use only products? If either of these can be used by hand, do you have any tips and techniques to use to get the best results? I don't want to make a bad looking area look 100x times worse. My car is bright red and the finish is sort of soft if that gives you all an idea on how I should go about doing this. Thanks in advance for any advise you all can give me