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  1. bcwang

    Gloss-Coat Water contact angle ?

    I think glosscoat has one of the best beading results of anything I’ve used before. I think topping it with something else will make the beading worse. Not sure how crazy the beading is that you’re used to.
  2. bcwang

    Brand new car headlights

    From what I've read, optilens has added acrylic to help it bond to polycarbonate because of more expansion and contraction than paint. Which sounds to me like it bonds better to headlights than opticoat pro would, since it's based on opticoat pro but tailored to headlights. If optilens isn't permanent bonding to headlight uv coating then I doubt opticoat pro would be better. But who knows, you'd need some long term comparison tests to know. I haven't heard much evidence of either lasting permanently on new or refinished headlights. Not saying it won't but no test result has called it out as preventing hazing indefinitely.
  3. bcwang

    Brand new car headlights

    Good to know. This kind of information should be more public as I never found that detail anywhere about optilens not bonding well with clearcoat of headlights. Does opticoat pro stay permanently on new headlights and prevent hazing? Or will it also eventually be worn off?
  4. bcwang

    Brand new car headlights

    Hmm. Reading through this thread it seems Chris Thomas is implying optilens works best on new lenses and doesn't mention anything about choosing opticoat instead for new lenses. https://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/new-car-care-products/61319-optimum-opti-lens-headlight-coating-what-you-should-know-4.html#post855797
  5. bcwang

    Brand new car headlights

    I think there is a lot of conflicting information. Ron also talked about polishing before opticoat or optilens on headlights earlier in this thread. I've seen in many other places the use of opti lens on new headlights including the selling page on autogeek. It would be nice if Dr G. could come and clarify the bonding of optilens to new headlights and whether it is permanent and better than using opticoat pro for that application.
  6. bcwang

    Brand new car headlights

    Can optilens bond with and protect new headlights with the original UV coating permanently like it does to sanded headlights? It seems it would be more beneficial to protect the original coating with optilens than to remove that original coating which without, headlights would start yellowing quickly with UV exposure.
  7. I cannot see the answer to this post but it seems it was somehow answered in here based on the responses. Does anyone know why? Specifically, I'm looking for the post where "Chris puts it all in one place"
  8. bcwang

    No Activity

    I'm not sure if there is or isn't good info here because I'm not sure what's going on. I've read a lot of threads but I feel like there are hidden or missing posts in the threads because it doesn't flow like a conversation. There will be a question, and then a post or so later there will be a "thanks for answering the question" but I see no answer. Anyone know what's going on? It's like someone who has been answering a lot of questions had all their posts removed.