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  1. VGA 1

    Porsche Turbo S

  2. Thanks for looking. I know I only posted few photos but on this one but I went totally crazy.... Lets start on rear spoiler photo. I actually removed the whole rear spoiler then strip everything one by one and piece by piece then gave it a full cleaning on a 4 feet pool / tub with Optimum Power Clean took those yellow top air vents off, then the black inner rubber vent underneath, rubber drains, rubber alignment, screws, bolts & washer was detailed too then soaked into an antirust oil for a week until everything was finished. Also the turbo badge was removed spotless with zero trace on it so I can paint correct evenly then Opti_Coat piece by piece.. now on this one I went really crazy. Also on a short description, Too make long story short. I had the engine removed for total detail / restoration then airbrushed applied Opti_Coat on inner painted areas that is not even visible on eyes just to preserve its finish. Now, Isn't that full on optimized insane? Will post more photos soon. Thanks again for looking
  3. Fully Customized, Restored and Optimized. The next level in pristine Auto detailing
  4. VGA 1

    Opti-Coat + OCW (after an hour)

    great that would be alot easier thanks chris
  5. Yes chris I did a prep on OS and did cover up the spot to 80-85% then I applied OC. Its actually a 1/2 inch circular light spot and also realized lot of small spots are coming out ill try to take photo's later on. Sorry for the term I used ''single stage paint'' actually its not. I thought it was anyway, The paints history: 1. Original black (jet black) 1996 with clear coat 2. Car had a head on collusion on 2000 3, Re-paired then re-sprayed to black metallic over its original jet black. - in the Philippines we call it ''wash over'' its a process of getting your car a new color by just removing or sanding a clear coat away then applying new paint without primer to your car with clear coat by just a light process to save cost. This is happening due to insufficient light while paint correcting a paint indoor on a day time which is called stupidity lol
  6. VGA 1

    Opti-Coat + OCW (after an hour)

    I actually did the same thing with OCW after an hour when I saw a high spot from Opti-Coat application which I missed during light wipe off after the application Chris should I reapply Opti_Coat or should I remove it then re apply?
  7. Hi Dr.G just need your solution. Ok I was paint correcting then jeweling a black metallic repainted single stage paint using rotary which came out really great. After checking a panel with a spot light I realized some of the clear coat were actually faded by just a coin sized spot due to too much polishing and finishing. I Tried to finish and applied Opti Seal and it did cover up 80 % of the faded spot. Next thing I did was applied Opti_Coat to the panel thinking I will be sealing the spot once and for all. Few days later when I checked again... the spot was still there and very obvious. Hope there's a solution with out repainting I am just worried.Dr. G pls help
  8. VGA 1

    Jeweled Paint Finish with Opti-Seal

    sorry results are stunning you just have to go super slow speed on Opti-Seal. Im just using a rotary. Still waiting for Flex and GG
  9. VGA 1

    Jeweled Paint Finish with Opti-Seal

    Poli-Seal works really good. I have tried Poli-Seal follow up with Opti-Seal on same procedure.
  10. Has anyone tried the jeweling paint using the least abrasive products from Optimum?
  11. VGA 1

    Optimum Tire Bond Gel

    Chris I found best results for Opti-Bond. Here are my steps: 1. Clean tires properly with diluted OPC using the right tire brush will remove all grime, dirt on tyre wall and one inch going thru the spikes just on the sides will look really sleek after cleaning (remember to brush properly on areas where Opti-Bond will be applied on) 2. Rotate tires and clean underneath (on lower floor portions where tire normally sits must rotate for even cleaning) 3. Dry Tires properly 4. Shake then spray Opti-Bond in circular angle on tire wall and one inch going thru the spikes and areas where you want them shine. Must adjust sprayer for fine & even application (Opti-Bond diluted 1:1 ratio) 5. Rotate Tires again and spray for even circular application (See no.2 instructions) 6. Clean affected areas like the edge of the rims / wheels or lip and on paint if over sprayed. I Prefer wipe down with Opti-Clean or ONR Always remember to clean, rotate, clean then apply, rotate, apply...... and for best dilutions water to apply is distilled water. For best sprayer for those who wants to save from buying a sprayer. The best one to use is the sprayer for Optimum Hyper Polish and Compound. Make sure you clean sprayer properly before the use of Opti-Bond and just find an empty clean container for sprayer to fit on. Hope this helps
  12. VGA 1

    Opti Coat 2.0 is HERE!

    All you'll ever need for perfect paint
  13. Cheers chris Im trying a layering method of OC 2.0 application on a panel
  14. Hello Dr. David and Chris, Hi, I just need your help. Im detailing a super hard jet black paint. Took me long hours buffing a panel. Using as first step with OPT Compound II on wool cutting all scratch deep & minor including small deep water spots and lite chips, then switch to medium using OPT Hyper polish, switch pads to soft polish using OPT finish, switch pads same pads with OPT poli seal, switch pads doing OPT Opti Seal and lastly OPT car wax. Doing all 6 section pass after the first step. Beautiful results but Im not really sure if Im doing the right thing though or maybe using and also wasting too many products. Car also need OC 2.0 after all OPT Steps. Question is do I still have to go through OPC and IPA wipe down before OC 2.0 application?