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  1. I'm sorry I have been running with my hair on fire at work so I haven't gotten a chance to post back here! A&J I have been adding it to the wash water at various strengths and to the detailer formula at pretty small amounts of 1/2 ounce or so. I like the way it makes the wipe-off really go quicker...just like it does as a pure drying agent. Leaves a great shine. One thing I have been doing once in a while is I will spray down my door jams with my home made concoction detailer and then dry them off using OS as a drying agent to wipe down the jams. Kind of keeps them sparkly clean and leaves behind a little protection at the same time.
  2. I agree totally. I haven't tried dumping in a little bit of opti-seal yet but I may try that this weekend. This stuff brings out my "Mad Scientist" side.
  3. Yes A&J I have been doing the same thing. Shine seems to pop a little more as well with a little OCW in the bucket.
  4. Ron I have become addicted to using Seal as my drying agent. Anything else just doesn't work as well. The shine is amazing. Still I like to use a detailer for small issues that pop up while I'm working (things like birds and bugs etc.). I think these products work so well together through the entire line really that it just begs for some experimentation. The real world product development/testing you do really shows up in the finished products that end up in the customers hands.
  5. Yes you would think so and I have some of the ONRWW to try. But if you get a chance try this...
  6. I have been experimenting for some time to find a way to use ONR as a detailer that I actually liked as much or more than many of the commercial QD products available. I used the typical recommended mixture of 1 OZ onr to 16 oz of distilled water (and various other mixture ratios) but I wasn't happy with the results. Didn't feel slippery and lubricated when I wiped off with a microfiber cloth and not much shine to write home about either. I have to say I have some of the OQD but I don't really like it that much. Here is how I make the stuff now: I use an empty ONR bottle 32 oz size with a sprayer from an old QD bottle. I put in 2 oz of ONR. I put in 1/8 oz of optimum car wax. I fill the rest to the top with distilled water. This little bit of added car wax changes the entire process. Slick to wipe on and just a quick second wipe and its gone. Shine is great and it is smooth to the touch. I'm sure other people have discovered this before, but if you haven't give it a try as it really works for me.
  7. Jim Busch

    Claying after Opti-Seal and OCW.

    Thanks Ron. I'm going to polish, clean and re-seal.
  8. I had to clay this weekend as my car was covered with some kind of sticky residue from a freshly sealed street I live on. My car has been treated with Opti-Seal and OCW. After claying do i need to re-seal with opti-seal? In other words does claying strip opti-seal and OCW? I apologize if this has been asked before!