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  1. Pre Soak

    That's why I was wondering what specifically is different about Opticoat NR? Is this a residue free and boosted version of onr?
  2. OS is my favorite interior protectant product. Very easy to apply and dust resistant. I think sealing plastic components is important to reduce off gasing. Makes cleaning with ONR or Opticlean easy.
  3. Pre Soak

    What is the difference between ONR and Opti Coat no rinse? And I also use ONR as a pre spray with ONRWW with the BRS.
  4. OCW is holding up very well on my dad's beater that is always outside in the Las Vegas sun.
  5. UV protection?

    Was wondering if OC included UV protection? Also the detail spray? Thanks
  6. Interior cleaning.

    Opticlean is my favorite as an interior detailer.
  7. Try ONRWW at 16:1 as a drying aid. Loving it so far.
  8. Thanks, Ron. I'll keep playing with this on various surfaces.
  9. If worried about dirt get a $6 pump sprayer and presoak a panel before hitting it with the BRS. This increases lubricity greatly. Could use ONRWW at the standard dilution as a drying aid if needed, but ONR is it's own drying aid.
  10. I've started using OPC for washing microfiber and am so far very impressed!
  11. The product I have phase separates very quickly. Is this normal? Also seems to be hard on sprayers if not used for a while. This product cleans plastic very well. Would the protective properties stick to hard surfaces?
  12. Does Optiseal contain UV inhibitor similar to OCW?
  13. Hey Dr. G!

    Surfactants that won't attack minerals in hard water, but still attach to dirt. Should be very useful.
  14. Gloss Enhancers?

    I like to know what I'm dealing with. One guy on AG posted about a coating not behaving like it should and it was because a soap left behind residue. A cleaning with D114 took care of this and restored the coating behavior. It's nice to know what to expect from a product.
  15. Gloss Enhancers?

    I've used Meg's Gold Class soap in the past for various things and it will alter water behavior on the surface of a panel. Tends to sheet and make the water go "flat". Supposed to help with rinsing and water spots. Not sure if that is the same chemical as a "gloss enhancer" or not. I'm not a chemist, but I've researched lubricants fairly heavily. I'm used to technical jargon.