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  1. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Bump...still interested to know if gloss coat can be used for weathertech mats??
  2. Optimum Gloss-Coat

    Had anyone ever tried to use gloss coat on WeatherTech floor mats? It's a similar product to trim and could greatly increase the life of the mats without adding a slick surface.
  3. Gloss coat fail?

    Presently, I don't have the best water beading on the bare coating. Really think the coating has failed. It is bare coating and I have spotty beading and minimal sheeting.
  4. Gloss coat fail?

    Presently, I don't have the best water beading on the bare coating. Thinking I need to add some optimum car wax or Opti seal. I likely just stick to the synergy of Optimum for topping the coating.
  5. Gloss coat fail?

    Found the video, and I believe I remember your thread on the Adam's forum. The truth hurts but I truely believe you. I used Adam's 1:1 wheel cleaner for decon, let it dwell 3-5 minutes then used the pressure washer to remove it. After a thorough rinsing I washed with ONR. Car looks great and most importantly the water behavior is much improved. It sheeted well now. Will check beading in the next day or so when it rains. Unfortunately, I found some swirls when inspecting the paint/coating with the light after drying. winter snow removal instilled some swirl marks in the finish. May give carpro essence plus a try as mentioned in the other thread.
  6. Gloss coat fail?

    Car was wiped down twice with OPT coating prep prior to application. It's been about two weeks since the decon with strip wash and Opti-seal. I'm out of Ferrex but I have Adam's wheel cleaner that I'll dilute 1:1 for paint decon. After that, I'll give the car a wash with ONR tonight. What is your YouTube channel Guz? The Adam's car shampoo is the best shampoo I have used. Interested to see your results with the strip wash.
  7. Gloss coat fail?

    Hello, I have been waiting on a response from Levi Gates at The Rag Company who said he was going to pass my issue on to Yvan. Here is my issue. OPT gloss coat bought from AutoGeek in September. New formula sticker was on the box. Applied to the car after two step polish in October 2016. Earlier this month I did a post winter decontamination using Ferrex and Adam's Strip Wash. After the process, I noticed water was laying flat, with little beading only on vertical surfaces. I have also noticed some swirl in the coating. It seems like the coating has failed, it is very grabby and not slick. After noticing this I did use Opti seal to seal the surface. Some beading is present but it's not great. Looking for feedback on how to approach this issue. I have pictures but can't attach them due to the size limitation. I'll host them and edit the post.
  8. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Okay. Thanks for the update Ron
  9. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Any ETA on when the updated clay towel will be available? I can't find it anywhere
  10. Scuffs on gloss coat

    Some hand polish did the trick, ended up finding a bunch more door scuffs. Hospital parking lots suck.
  11. Scuffs on gloss coat

    I will definitely try a hand polish first. The scuffs don't look too bad. Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. Am I able to machine polish scuffs off of the surface without having to recoat?
  13. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Will this be a professional product or can the average consumer buy it? Unfortunately I don't have any shops that are installers in my area of upstate ny.
  14. 2016 SEMA Speculation Thread

    Any idea when we will get more info on the ppf?
  15. The temps need to be 60 or above for the first hour only correct?