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  1. Jaddie


    When will the Big Gold Sponge and Bedliner be available?
  2. Jaddie

    SEMA 2014 Predictions

    Der Nutbread & Friends That's funny. I use Opti-Clean on our interiors mainly for the fresh, clean scent. We love it and use it as a regular household cleaner, too. —Jaddie
  3. Jaddie

    Anyone using this?

    Dear Chris What specs do you recommend for an air compressor to run this accessory, or which compressors might you recommend? --Jaddie
  4. Jaddie

    Howdy from Buford, Georgia

    Dear Paul & Chris Thank you for welcoming me. I look forward to exploring other Optimum products. I can't imagine that anything else could impress me as much as the car wash has, though. That stuff put a shine on my van that looks unreal. The paint is whiter and shinier than when I bought the van nearly five months ago. --Jaddie
  5. Dear Optimum Friends Autogeek and Autopia forum member mjlinane spoke very highly of Optimum Car Wash in a recent review of other washes, so I bought a gallon and tried it today. My white 2012 Honda Odyssey has never shined so viciously. Brightly doesn't accurately describe my van's new shine. The van's shine is vicious. Plus, it foams better than the only other foaming soap I've tried--Detailer's Pro Series Xtreme Foam Formula. I washed at 11:00 am and at 4:55 pm it still looks like it snowed on my driveway here in Georgia. (I used three ounces of wash in a one-liter MTM Hydro foamer attached to my Cleanforce 1800psi, 1.6gpm pressure washer.) I also have a gallon of Optimum No Rinse but haven't tried it yet. I appreciate Optimum Car Wash. Obviously, this company is serious about shine. --Jaddie