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  1. Finally got around to trying both of these. BRS is definitely easier to use, but was glad to have the waffle around for some of the cruddiest areas. Will keep the BRS away from those! Both seems to be very similar material, which is great. Very easy to squeeze compared to some other wash sponges. Good stuff!
  2. Probably right : ) Looking forward to trying it out in my next wash and trying some different techniques!
  3. Thanks. Just to be clear I didn't mean to grind it into the paint or put pressure towards the car, I meant squeeze like just grip the sponge tighter, which in turn spaces out the blocks a bit and creates more space for dirt to flow into. Not sure I'm explaining it well...
  4. Thanks! I've oredered both and was going to try using the waffle for the side rockers / behind the wheels / lower parts of the car and use the BRS for the rest. Wondering whether anyone follows a similar routine? Separate question on the BRS if I may, when using it is it best to apply it totally flat with the surface of the car, or to give the sponge a bit of a squeeze so as to "open" up the channel gaps a bit? I noticed that just looking at it flat the channels aren't very open so not sure how much dirt would get sucked up in there.
  5. Hello, Been using ONR for about two years now and love it! I recently picked up a BRS and also order this blue waffle sponge: http://opti-coat.net/opts/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=148 Was wondering which to use for what, are they replacements for one another, or which is most suitable overall for an ONR wash? Thanks!