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  1. meGrimlock

    Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    I live on the east coast of the US. Humid summers, mild to blizzardy winters (depends on the day of the week). Even with a 2 bucket soap and water wash, I'm constantly rewetting the surface because the soap dries before I can move on to the next panel. This is in the shade, in the evening, all four seasons. I know this is part of the bottleneck as I'm constantly rewetting the panels with ONR. It's not that I don't enjoy the experience, I just have better things to do with my 2 hours, especially when i'm washing my car in the winter. I'm trying to minimize my time in the cold. And especially if i'm offering a free wash for donations. I might try the sponge next time, and time each individual task for a better idea what is taking the longest.
  2. meGrimlock

    Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    i've never been able to wash a car in under 1 hour with ONR. If i clean the wheels, including set up and tear down of my wash equipment (coming from my apartment) it's easily 2 hours. Here is my method and maybe you can make suggestions: 1 bucket, 4 gallons ONR standard dilution multiple microfiber method (creature edgeless from TRC) large platinum pluffle towel from TRC to dry 48 oz. garden pump sprayer After trying the 2 bucket method with 1 wash media, I decided to test the multiple microfiber (aka "Garry Dean" on the web) method and I've been using this method in all 4 seasons this past year. I spray down the whole car with ONR using the pump sprayer. If it's really dirty, i'll add half a cap more ONR from the 32 oz. cap into the sprayer. I don't know how they do it in the videos, but no matter the temperature, in the sun, or in the shade, the panel dries up within seconds. So I take a damp microfiber, wash 1 panel at a time and quickly dry it. Most times the ONR dries on the panel before I get to dry it and I find myself rewetting the surface just to dry it. I also like using OCW as the drying aid for the smooth and glossy feel. The gloss is becoming a little lost due to all the micromarring and swirls over the year but that's a separate issue. I move to the next panel, flipping the towel to a fresh side as needed. By the end I have a pile of dirty towels, about a gallon or more left of ONR in the bucket. I'll use the remaining to clean the windows or time permitting the wheels. I've not tried the BRS as the price point is a hard pill to swallow, but are there any tips/tricks for using a sponge? I watched the Forensic Detail video and there's no way I could do that with how fast water evaporates off the panels. A separate query: to raise money for a cancer walk I offered a free "wash and wax" to donors who gave $30 or more. I would go to their house and use the above technique to clean the body and the wheels. Maybe it was because I would chat with the friend/donors while I was doing it, but the method took me a good 2 hours. Would switching to ONR Wash and Wash and using Opti Seal as a drying aid provide any speed benefits? Or would that mostly have the added benefit of a sealant? I want to do the wash and fast and cheap as possible. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. meGrimlock

    Opti-Lens Headlight Restoration Longevity

    at the 17:16 mark he states that he applies Opti-seal after an hour to protect the Opti-lens while it cures to the polished surface of the headlight.
  4. meGrimlock

    Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    Hi thanks for the replies. Yes it's a coating on the outside of the windshield. I believe the installer got careless and left the prints on the inside of the windshield. I've had those fingerprints since I bought the car, I only figured it out after my last visit to the dealership. They left a sticker that said the coating will need to be re-applied after 15,000 miles. The "quality" or brand is unknown, but I did try several all-purpose cleaners and one of those "magic" eraser sponges. I will try a 50/50 IPA mix next time. Very annoying because the prints show up when the windows get foggy, so it's hard to show the dealership anything is there at all.
  5. meGrimlock

    Optimum Glass Coat Troubles

    Don't mean to thread-jack. Is the best way to remove a glass coating through polishing? The dealership left fingerprints on the inside of the windshield. No APC or glass cleaner will get it out so I think it's a glass coating like Opti-glass or something. Is there a glass polish I can use on the inside of a windshield? Thanks.
  6. meGrimlock

    Difference between GPS and poli-seal

    as far as which to use, would GPS be completely excluded from hand application? I've never used a machine polisher, and I have a car with sporty lips and dips and all kinds of contours which I fear a polisher would have a tough time (with my abilities). To remove swirls on a black daily driver, my plan of attack was to apply it by hand on tough-to-reach corners of the car. is GPS just not as effective as a paste like Poli-Seal? not my car, but great examples of where I think i'd use a hand application: rear valance front lip
  7. meGrimlock

    The new Optimum opti-grind

    this is actually their new aggressive clay product.
  8. meGrimlock

    quiet website redesign

    just wanted to compliment the redesign! modern, responsive, and easier to read (white body copy on black background deserves its own circle in hell).
  9. meGrimlock

    Opti Eraser

    rinse, as in dunk it in a bucket of water? or ONR? is it enough to spritz a clay lube dilution of ONR and wiping it with MF towel?
  10. thanks for that pic. its a good visual guide! the condition of my car was at the gas cap ahead of the rear wheel, so not too dirty for a rinseless. plus it sat on my paint for about a week. Sounds like Power Clean might be on my shopping list soon.
  11. sorry for the thread revival! I just did my first ONR winter wash and i'm kicking myself. I bought a ton of Creature Edgeless towels from TRC but completely forgot them and was using a brand new MF sponge instead. I pre-rinsed with a hose, used the standard wash dilution, 2 bucket wash/rinse method, and pre-sprayed quick detailer solution on the heavier encrusted panels. The MF sponge became harder to wipe as the road salt became heavier. I too was making the scraping "gritty" sound as it dragged across. I had to wash each panel 3-4 times before the sound and the dirt went away. overall there are no visible swirls or scratches added to the surface, but I am weary of its condition now (there are other issues I have to address--maybe in another thread). so next wash I am going to adjust my method: actually use the dang MF towels this time (that's why I bought them!!). "Garry Dean method" seems sound and I should have attacked it this way to begin with. coin-op car wash w/ pressure spray first change ONR pre-soak dilution? i used 1:16 QD ratio. should I go stronger or weaker? how dirty is too dirty to clean with ONR? Maybe I should use a traditional car wash soap for heavier soils? any other suggestions?
  12. meGrimlock

    Hello! reuse old spray bottle question

    Thanks for the tips. My biggest concern was the bleach/APC on the paint. Purple Power says to avoid paint. I've been running low so got a citrus degreaser to replace it when the last drop of PP is gone. It sounds like I should keep like things with like things in this case. Spray bottles are cheap enough, but I was trying to avoid more waste on my part. I also hold on to old spray bottles because I don't like spending money on new sprayers when the triggers always seem to fail after a few months. I think i'll clean some of the bottles really well and just replace the triggers.
  13. Hello, just got my first bottle of ONR and Optimum Car Wax for christmas to do some winter washing. There's a cold snap right now so my timing might be a little off. Anyway, I have a ton of aging spray bottles that I reuse for whatever purposes come up. they were used for wheel & tire cleaners, bleach/household cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners/degreasers like Purple Power. One or two bottles served as staging/overspill for brake fluid, denatured alcohol, and almost any other auto fluid you can imagine. I'd like to reuse these for ONR in quick detailer and clay lube dilutions but the Purple Power has stained the spray triggers and I wonder if the bleach/auto fluids leaves something behind too. Do you all have a surefire way to clean out these bottles and spray triggers? I wonder if I should play it safe with some fresh, clean, spray bottles from the store? Thanks, -meGrimlock