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  1. gspam1

    New to the product and lots of questions

    I use multiple drying towels. I like the 16" Pluffles by The Rag Company. I will always get a little bit of dirt on the drying towel because it can reach into places the BRS can't. If a drying towel shows dirt, I just grab another one. Just as easy to wash 4 towels as wash 1 towel.
  2. gspam1

    Opti seal as topper

    My experience with the new Opti-Coat sprayers has been all bad. Two Hyper-Seal sprayers broke with a couple of uses, and the same issue with a new bottle of Carpet and Fabric cleaner. The older blue bottles continue to perform great.
  3. I've done a few weeks of a combination of Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer with a few ounces of Opti-Seal mixed in. I use this as a final step on my wheels. Basically, I haven't seen any advantage to adding Opti-Seal to Instant Detailer. Doesn't hurt anything, but I haven't seen any benefit to simply using Instant Detailer by itself. I use Opti-Seal mostly as a drying agent and will continue to do so.
  4. An OID/Opti-Seal mix is a great idea. Going to give that a try.
  5. Hyper-Seal is much gummier to apply. Works great on paint, but I don't like it on windows. Whereas Opti-Seal can go right over the windows without issue. A little Opti-Seal goes a long way, but I think that is doubly true for Hyper-Seal. Seems to have more resin in it. Happy with both products but I now am careful around windows with Hyper-Seal or I have to get a fresh cloth and buff it out.
  6. The only two products I've found that will clean a foam applicator or brush that are used to scrub tires or apply dressing are Optimum Power Clean or Tuff Shine Tire Cleaner.
  7. gspam1

    Detailing Efficiency Experiments

    Put an auto valve stem in your IK-9 Foam sprayer. I have two of the larger ones and pump them up in a few seconds with my air compressor. Saves a lot of arduous pumping and a couple more minutes.
  8. Thanks all. Yes, considering how many anti-Optimum videos he's done, I was surprised he mentioned using ONR again. Scott has put out some great videos, but I don't get the Optimum hatred.
  9. So I'm getting from the replies that Opti-Clean is considered a stronger cleaner than ONR?
  10. I clean my vehicle interiors weekly and use Protectant Plus on the dash and interior vinyl, but a weekly application of Protectant Plus seems like overkill. What would be a better between protection cleanings: Opti-Clean @ 3:1 or ONR @ 256:1?
  11. gspam1

    What psi for Optimum Spray Gun

    Thanks boiler!
  12. What PSI should I set my regulator to spray Opti-Bond Tire Gel 1:1 on tires?
  13. gspam1

    Big Red Sponge

    I'm starting from a fairly clean van normally (garaged at home and work) and still can't get all the dirt off with the BRS. Granted, I'm not scrubbing the van with the sponge, just wiping. My process is to use a pump sprayer and cover the van in ONR at the recommended mixture, and let that sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with a pressure washer. I then recoat one panel at a time with ONR from the pump sprayer and single bucket wash with the BRS in a bucket of ONR. I then dry with a Minx that I dust with Optimum Detail Spray Gloss Enhancer. My van is polished and coated with Gloss-Coat and I don't see any scratches using this process. I don't see how the BRS soaked in ONR is any easier on the paint than a drying towel that's wiping up encapsulated dirt on wet panels that have been wiped with the sponge?