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  1. What psi for Optimum Spray Gun

    Thanks boiler!
  2. What PSI should I set my regulator to spray Opti-Bond Tire Gel 1:1 on tires?
  3. Big Red Sponge

    I'm starting from a fairly clean van normally (garaged at home and work) and still can't get all the dirt off with the BRS. Granted, I'm not scrubbing the van with the sponge, just wiping. My process is to use a pump sprayer and cover the van in ONR at the recommended mixture, and let that sit for 5 minutes and then rinse with a pressure washer. I then recoat one panel at a time with ONR from the pump sprayer and single bucket wash with the BRS in a bucket of ONR. I then dry with a Minx that I dust with Optimum Detail Spray Gloss Enhancer. My van is polished and coated with Gloss-Coat and I don't see any scratches using this process. I don't see how the BRS soaked in ONR is any easier on the paint than a drying towel that's wiping up encapsulated dirt on wet panels that have been wiped with the sponge?
  4. Big Red Sponge

    I use about anywhere from 4 to 7 drying towels (Rag Company Minx) when using the Big Red Sponge with ONR. The drying towels are picking up the encapsulated dirt that the BRS doesn't. I suppose if I went over the same area a few times with the BRS, I could use less drying towels. I fold the drying towels and as soon as I see any dirt on it I use a fresh side and then grab a fresh towel when all the sides show dirt. I'm not shy about grabbing a fresh towel . No harder to wash 10 towels than a couple. If I use microfiber towels to wash rather than the BRS, I use more washing towels and fewer drying towels as the MF wash towels grab most of the dirt. I alternate back and forth between multiple microfiber towels and the BRS as my wash media. Still not sold on the BRS as having any advantage over multiple clean MF towels to wash. Big fan of ONR.
  5. Thank you AJ and EG89!
  6. All the videos show a light spray on the pad which wouldn't come close to covering the entire pad surface like you would with most polishes that you spread around completely when first priming the pad. I did the roof of my van and wet the pad by running it on a clean cloth soaked in ONR before spraying Hyper-Polish. I didn't want to use a dry pad. What bad thing happens if I coat the entire surface of a fresh pad in Hyper-Polish? Thanks!
  7. Agree. Favorite guy to watch for that reason. You can tell he cares and puts a lot of research into this videos.
  8. New member No. California

    Have one on order from the Rag Company. Not a big investment if I destroy it by over cleaning. I use a table top clothes washers just for my micro-fiber so I can wash it in ONR and see how it holds up. I'll report back after I run it through ten cycles or so.
  9. New member No. California

    I'll have to order a BRS and see how clean it gets rinsing it out. I can see it would save a lot of time over 10 microfiber rags. Can you machine wash the sponge?
  10. New member No. California

    Yes, this sounds like the best solution if reusing the same sponge. Maybe one BRS for each panel?
  11. Did my first ONR wash with multiple micro-fiber cloths. Dipping a BRS in a bucket of dirty water is still a bridge too far for me Very happy with ONR!
  12. Will polish with Hyper-Polish and then use Opti-Paint Prep as a wipe down to remove the polish. I think Opti-Gloss is ok on hard plastic trim, but what about RUBBER seals and trim?